Preparations are on speed for mehendi..

After a few hours, suhani is brought down the stairs by Bhawana, rags and gauri.. Shez wearing a designer royal blue saree.. Yuv can’t get his eyes off her.. He smiles seeing her.. Su notices him and blushes..
All notice this and silently laugh looking at each other..
Menka teases him by asking- yuvraj bhaiya, how am I looking?
Yuv (still staring at suhani)- beautiful..
Menka- who is beautiful?
Yuv- suhani..
All laugh.. Prat shakes him and he smiles shyly..

Mehendi ceremony begins.. Bha, soumya, rags, menka and gauri dance on the song ‘mehendi hai rachne wali…..’ with a few ladies..
Su is very happy.. Mehendi is being applied on her hands..

Lady- mam, what’s his name?
Su blushes..
Yuv- answer her suhani..
Su thinks what to say and she finally says- sadu kumar..
Ladies laugh and yuv frowns..
Lady- r u sure?
Su- yes..
She whispers something to the lady.. Yuv understands and smiles..

Anuj- menka, do some work..
Menka- which work anuj ji?
Anuj- the best work u can do is to entertain others..
All laugh including anuj.. Menka frowns and beats him..
Soumya forces lata and prat also to dance.. After mehendi is applied, su too joins them along with dadi.. Su takes care of her mehendi as well..
All the ladies are dancing happily..

I was standing with my bros.. And she was busy showing her dancing talent with others.. I wanted to have some private moments with her.. But my family.. Huge family..
I called her through gestures.. She widened her eyebrows and then ignored me.. I frowned and didn’t look at her..

After sometime, a servant came and told that there was a call for me.. I went to attend it.. As I said ‘hello’, somebody whispered the same into my ears.. I recognized her voice and turned back..

She was smiling..
I said- go.. Go and dance with ur ladies gang..
Su- offo.. don’t become sadu now..
Me- achha? Show me ur mehendi..
She showed it to me..
I said- what’s this suhani?
Su (nervously)- what happened?
I went and brought a cone of mehendi..
She asked me y did I bring it..
I asked for her hand..
She said- r u planning to kiss…..
I interrupted frowning- plz suhani.. U know I hate mehendi..
Su- then?
I took her hand and wrote S beside Y..
She laughed and said- Yuvraj Sadu.. Nice..
I said- no madam.. Its Yuvraj Suhani..
She looked on..
I said- I’m incomplete without u suhani.. Similarly my name is incomplete without urs..
She smiled with tears of joy in her eyes.. She tried to hug me..
I said- shoo shoo.. Shoo away.. Don’t touch me with mehendi..
She pouted and said- wait.. I will tell u later..
I said- ok u kiss me on my cheek..
She said firmly- no..
I said- just wait for a day more.. Tomorrow I will make u pay for this refusal with interest..
She raised her eyebrows and said- challenge accepted..

Just then we heard some footsteps coming towards us.. She tried to see if somebody is coming.. I took advantage of the situation and gently kissed her on her cheek..
She blushed and left from there..

After the ceremony, all go to their respective rooms and su goes to the outhouse…

Yuv has just changed when sambhav comes to his room..
Yuv- arey sambhav.. Come..
Sam- actually yuvraj.. I want to say something..
Yuv- ya say..
Sam- suhani is my bestie since childhood.. I always wanted her to be happy in life.. She has suffered a lot due to karan.. Today she loves u a lot.. And now both of u r going to get married.. So shez ur responsibility.. Plz take care of her.. And if u ever need any help from me, just let me know..
Yuv smiles and nods..
As Sam turns to leave, yuv says- can I ask u something? Will u answer honestly?
Sam turns towards him and says- yes..
Yuv- do u too love suhani?
Sam turns away and closes his eyes.. He sees suhani’s happy face and recalls some moments spent with her..
Then he opens his eyes and replies- it doesnt matter now.. Shez going to be all yours.. Congratz yuvraj..
Sam smiles and steps out of the room..
Yuv says in mind- suhani u’r very lucky to have a friend like sambhav!!

PRECAP: YuvAni’s marriage..

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

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    1. NAPSHa J

      Yuvi can read eyes well.. Sam said that neither he proposed suhani nor she rejected him.. But he didn’t say that he never loved her..

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    The entire episode was so sweet…. i loved it so much!

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