Su takes the jug and goes back to the room.. Yuv’s phone rings.. Its Bhawana..
She asks for su.. Yuv says shez normal and happy now.. Bh thanks him and says she wants to talk to su..
Yuv goes to the room and gives the phone to her..
The two sisters talk to each other..
Yuv- u sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the sofa.. Su nods..

Next morning:
YuvAni leave for home..

Shaurya and karan come to meet sambhav..
Karan- hi sambhav..
They shake hands..
Sh opens a briefcase full of cash.. He hands it over to Sam..
Sam- now u tell me, y r u doing this with su?
Sh and karan tell everything..
Sam- quite interesting..
Sh- u could have asked this over the phone too.. Anyways, make sure she becomes famous coz of the news..
They smile..

YuvAni reach home..
Su- yuv.. I don’t know how will I face everyone..
Yuv tells her to wait and calls shawana to the lawn..
They come..
Yuv- how did everyone react when they got to know about the incident?
Sh- nobody knows about it except us..
Yuv- r u sure nobody else saw the news..
Bh- news? What r u saying? Which news?
Yuv- about that incident.. It was being shown in the news, right?
Bh- no..
YuvAni gave a sigh of relief..
Su- then how did u get to know about it?

Just then shaurya comes and takes them inside..
He messages Sam to get ready and turns on the TV.. He plays the news channel..
All are shocked..
Shaurya and karan’s convo with sambhav has become the breaking news..
Yuv fumes and starts beating him badly.. RajShi and tarun are ashamed..
Suhani comes to shaurya, recalls the incident and slaps him..
Sh fumes and says- how dare u?
Su gives him another tight slap..
Sh hold her neck and says- I won’t leave u..
Just then, police arrive there..

All look at each other thinking who called them..
Then Sam enters..
Su- sambhav.. U here?
Yuv asks her whoz he..
Bh tells hez their childhood friend and hez the one who told her about the incident..
Shaurya asks Sam what’s this..
Sam- this is tit for tat.. Ur plan was amazing, but u made a mistake.. U chose our channel.. U may not be knowing but we don’t show any news which defames a woman.. I had burnt the original copy along with the duplicate copies.. I immediately talked to bh di about it.. Everything was planned by me to show ur true colours to the world.. And yes, neither did I ever propose her nor did she reject me..

Shaurya is shocked..
Then some constables arrive with karan, soumya and krishna..
Su slaps karan too..
Police take them away..
They keep screaming- we won’t leave u.. We will come back soon..

Su- thanks Sam..
Sam holds her hands and says- no sorry and no thank u in friendship.. Right soumya?
Sou- yes sam..
Su and sou hug each other..
Just then su notices sou’s vermilion and mangalsutra and asks her about it..
Sou- actually suhani, we had to marry as it was my mom’s last wish to see me as a bride..
Su- last wish??
Sou- yes.. She had cancer.. Shez no more..
Sou cries.. Su and kri console her..

Dadi looks angrily at rajshi and asks them to leave BH immediately with tarun.. They leave..
Prat- I can digest that so much happened and we had no hint about it..
She apologises to su..
Su- no aunty.. Infact I should thank u for giving me yuv..
They look at each other.. Su praises him and he smiles..

Kri- so when r u both getting married?
Rags- tomorrow.. Today we can do mehendi rituals..
Menka- wow.. It will be fun..
She jumps like a kid.. All laugh..

YuvAni’s mehendi ceremony..

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