Yuv talks to shawana.. Their conversation is muted..
Yuv thanks them and says that he will marry suhani after two days as decided..

In the afternoon:
Bh calls su and asks her if shez fine.. Sharad comes to bh and panics.. Bh gets tensed and asks what happened.. He tells that yuv had a serious accident.. Su hears this and is shocked.. She asks bh to give the phone to sh..
Sh- guru was going to sell our farmhouse at suhagi, and he had an accident..
Su- wherez he now? Howz he?
Sh- in the farmhouse.. The docs have left.. We are also leaving..
Su- I will also go with u..
Sh smiles..

Shawana come to shrivastavs and suhani leaves with them.. Suhani keeps crying throughout the journey.. She blames herself for the accident.. Bhawana consoles her..

They reach suhagi in 2 hours..
Sharad stops the car outside the farmhouse..
Sh- I will park and come..
Bh- suhani I will tell maa that we are here.. U go inside, we are coming..

Shaurya comes to the office of NCC with full attitude.. He enters the boss’ cabin by slamming the door angrily.. Boss turns around..
Sh- how dare u order the shaurya goenka?
Boss calls the security guard..
They come..
Boss- throw this man out..
They hold him.. Sh fumes and gets rid of their hold..
Sh- I will make u pay for this..
Boss- u’r standing in my office and threatening me.. But I’m not scared of u.. The reporter had few copies of the news and I have already destroyed them.. So don’t force me to destroy the original copy too..
Sh fumes..
Boss sends the security guard out and asks sh to go out and knock at the cabin..
Sh gets furious..
Boss- do as I say..
Sh (in mind)- right now I don’t have an option but I’m gonna teach u a lesson very soon..
Sh does as the boss says.. Boss asks him to sit.. Sh sits down..
Boss- I got to know that u wana get that news broadcasted when u want.. So for this news, u will be charged extra..
Sh- what do u mean?
Boss- we will add more spice in the news, but u will have to pay me 20 lakhs and that too in cash..
Sh agrees and says that he will come next morning..
They smile and sh leaves..

Su runs inside the farmhouse.. Shez in tears.. As she enters, she calls out yuv’s name but there was absolute silence.. She runs towards the staircase.. Shez about to climb the stairs when she hears something.. She turns around to see.. Somebody is playing the piano.. She tries to see.. The person starts singing.. She recognizes his voice.. Its none other than yuv..

((Bebasi Dard Ka Aalam,
Tum Mujhe De Do Apne Gham) x2
Khaamoshiyaan Bhi Do, Tanhaaiyaan Bhi Do, Bechainiyaan Bhi De Do, De Do Naa) x2

They keep looking at each other.. Su runs towards yuv and he gets up from the chair.. She cups his face and hugs him and cries.. Yuv breaks the hug and wipes her tears..

(Bheegi Palkon Se Chura Loonga Nami,
Rehne Doonga Naa, Kahin Koi Kami) x2
Tumko Daaman Naa Bhigone Doonga,
Ab Kabhi Tumko Naa Rone Doonga..
Uljhane Gham Ki Parchhai,
De Do Mujhe Apni Tanhaai,
Gumnamiyaan Bhi Do,
Naakaamiyaan Bhi Do,
Viraaniyaan Bhi De Do, De Do Naa

Su- yuv…………
Yuv puts his finger in her lips and intertwines his fingers with hers.. He takes her upstairs towards a room and asks her to open the door.. As she opens it, flower petals are showered on her.. The room is decorated with flowers, balloons, teddies and chocolates.. She smiles and looks at him..

(Tere Hothon Pe Sajaa Doonga Hansi,
Teri Raahon Mein Bichha Dungaa Khushi) x2
Tum Mujhe Apna Maanti Ho Agar,
Yun Khafa Hoke Naa Jhukao Nazar..
Mushkilen Apni Majboori,
De Do Mujhe Saari Benoori, Pareshaniyaan Bhi Do,
Hairaaniyaan Bhi Do,
Nigebaaniyaan Bhi De Do, De Do Naa

Yuv walks in and goes towards the window.. He moves the curtains to the side and there are many pics of their lovely moments.. Su sees them..

Bebasi Dard Ka Aalam,
Tum Mujhe De Do Apne Gham,
Khamoshiyaan Bhi Do,
Tanhaaiyaan Bhi Do,
Bechainiyaan Bhi De Do, De Do Naa.. De Do Naa………

Su walks towards the pics.. She touches them one by one, recalls the moment and smiles..
Yuv points towards a pic and asks- do u remember.. We had taken this selfie when…..
Su interrupts smiling- when we confessed our love.. And promised to be there with and for each other no matter what happens..
She stops and her smile disappears..
Yuv- then y suhani? U were smiling recalling our golden days.. Can’t u move on and create many more memorable moments with me?
Su looks on and nods smiling..
Yuv smiles and picks a dairy milk silk.. He unwraps it and feeds her.. She turns it and feeds him first..
Yuv (raising his eyebrows)- thank u.. I thought girls don’t share chocolates coz they love them..
Su- yes.. But not more than the chocolate boy..
Yuv smiles and remembers what she just called him.. He looks at her.. She messes his hair..
Yuv- what did u just call me?
Su- chocolate boy.. And ur various nicknames are written on the wrappers.. See.. KitKat, 5 star, etc..
Yuv frowns..
Su laughs..
Yuv moves forwards unbuttoning his shirt.. Su steps backward..
Su gets emotional seeing her name tattooed on his heart..
Yuv- and ur name is writteb here..
She smiles with teary eyes and runs her fingers over her name..
They look at each other..
Yuv says like a girl in a scared tone (crossing his arms around his chest with his palms on his shoulders)- suhani.. Tum.. Tum meri izzat……
Su- what???????
Yuv laughs seeing her expression.. She beats him on his stomach.. He runs and she chases him..

At BH:
Shaurya recalls the way the boss behaved with him.. He fumes and starts throwing everything.. Karan calls him and asks why the news hasn’t been broadcasted yet.. Shaurya tells everything.. Karan asks the name of the boss.. Shaurya says he doesnt know..
Shaurya calls the reporter and asks him the name of the boss..
Rep- Sambhav Mitral!!

YuvAni cute scenes..
Shaurya asks sam why does he want to help him.. Sam replies- to take revenge from suhani..

Shaurya turns on the TV and plays the news channel.. All get shocked..

Guys plzz do comment.. R u enjoying the ff? Give ur reviews.. 🙂

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  1. Amazing epi napsha….. surprised to know that the boss is sambhav

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