In the office of the news channel company:
The employees stand up as their boss is back after 2 months..
The reporters go to their boss..
Rep- sir we have a news that has to be broadcasted tomorrow..
Boss (his face is not shown)- is it a r*pe case or something like that?
Rep- sir, not exactly but if u will see once and give ur consent, we can show it in our channel in the morning..
Boss sees it and says- fantastic.. I will do it.. Do u have any other copy of it?
Rep nods..
Boss asks for it and the rep gives it..
Boss- by the way, who is so eager to make it a breaking news?
Rep- sir, I don’t know his name.. I have his num..
Boss- Fix my meeting with him.. I have a deal for him..
Rep nods..
Rep- sir plz sign the consent papers..
Boss- u keep it here and go..
Reporters leave..

It was 10.15.. I took her to the bedroom and asked her to sleep.. I sat beside her, holding her hand..
Su- yuv u too go and sleep.. I’m fine now..
I didn’t answer..
Su- don’t u trust me?
I snapped a ‘NO’ at her face.. She apologised to me.. I smiled and she went off to sleep..

She was sleeping peacefully in my presence, as if she felt secured.. I caressed her hair and recalled our lovely moments.. And then her present state.. What has she done to herself.. The Suhani I knew was so bubbly, chirping, strong, alive….. And now shez full of fear and so lifeless.. I promised to end the fear in her mind and then punish the wrongdoers..

At BH:
Bhawana’s phone rings..
Bh- what??
Bh- ok.. Plz let me know..
Sharad- what happened? R u ok?

Next morning:
As su wakes up, she finds yuv asleep in sitting position beside her holding her hand.. She keeps her hand on his, and his eyes open..
Yuv- do u need something?
Su- yuvraj y r u……..
Therez a knock on the door.. Yuv opens the door.. Its shaurya.. Hez stunned to see yuv there..
Sh (in mind)- oh.. So they were having fun all night..
Yuv- why are u here at this time?
Sh- I should ask u that..
Yuv- that’s none of ur business.. Say fast else leave..
Sh- actually one of my friends told me about the incident that happened yesterday..
Yuv looks on..
Sh- I’m scared yuv.. If it becomes the breaking newz for the day…….
Yuv interrupts- get lost from here..
Yuv slams the door on shaurya’s face..
As he turns back, he finds su standing there.. Shez kinda upset..
Therez another knock on the door..
Yuv opens the door shouting- shaurya what the hell is………
He stops seeing shawana there..
Bh comes and hugs suhani.. Yuv asks what happened..
Sh- we should ask u that.. We know what happened yesterday..
YuvAni look at each other.. They think the news is on air..
Suhani who is now teary-eyed goes inside and packs her bag.. Shawana and yuv try to stop her but she doesn’t.. Her bag is ready.. She leaves..
Yuv tells shawana to wait, he will talk to her..

Yuv runs and blocks suhani’s way.. They look at each other..
Su- yuvraj.. leave my way.. Let me go..
Yuv- I won’t stop u.. I just need an answer.. When I told u to leave me and go away, u said that I have no right to say that.. Then who gave u that right?
Su looks away..
Yuv- just tell me one thing suhani.. Dont u trust me?
Su interrupts- no yuvraj.. Its not like that..
Yuv cups her face and asks- then why??
Su holds his hands and says- yuv u have been by my side in the darkest hour of my life.. And now its my time to think for u.. Yesterday’s incident is now known to all.. I don’t want u or any other member of the family to hear things from people for me.. I won’t be able to live with that guilt.. So I need to leave.. I’m sorry..
She leaves and yuv watches her going away..

At BH:
All are having breakfast.. Dadi asks for yuvani and shawana, and they come without suhani..
Prat asks for su.. Bh says she went home as lata isnt well..
Shaurya (in mind)- so suhani is hiding herself from now.. When the news will be on air, she won’t get a place to hide her face..
He smirks and goes outside.. He calls the rep and asks him to broadcast the news immediately.. He fumes on hearing that the consent won’t be received before he meets their boss.. Shaurya agrees to meet him in the evening..

At office of NCC:
Rep- sir, hez ready to meet u here in the evening..
Boss- excellent..
Rep turns to leave and he smells something burning.. He looks around.. He has an eye-contact with the boss and he steps out of the cabin.. After he leaves, the boss looks under the desk where something is burning in the dustbin!!

PRECAP: Yuvraj’s cute attempts to cheer up suhani..

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