As they walk down, some of yuv’s friends start commenting on suhani, while others just watch it.. And the reporters are still following them.. Frustrated yuv stops and turns around and faces them.. He looks at all of them.. Now therez pin-drop silence..
Yuv- speak up.. Who wants to speak..
Nobody says anything..
Yuv- suhani is quiet, this doesn’t mean shez wrong.. I don’t know what happened here, all I know is that shez right and pure.. I can read her eyes; shez innocent.. I don’t think u saw her doing anything wrong.. But u have to make ur own news using others to run ur channel and feed ur family..
Yuv gives a long lecture and takes suhani from there..

They reach home.. Suhani tells yuv not to say anything to anybody.. Yuv nods and su goes to the o/h.. Yuv follows her..
Su- I’m fine.. U can go.. All are waiting for u..
Yuv hugs her and leaves..

Yuv is ready to sleep.. He thinks of talking to su once.. He calls her and her phone rings there.. He goes to the o/h to give her the phone..

Su goes to the bedroom and locks it.. Her eyes fall on her reflection in the mirror.. She recalls karan kissing her and breaks it and screams..
Yuv reaches the o/h and hears it all.. He asks her to open the door.. She tells him to go far away from her and forget her as she isn’t worth him now.. He is stunned and teary-eyed..

Suddenly the light goes off.. Its completely dark and thundering and lightning begins.. Su imagines karan standing infront of her and gets scared..
She starts screaming and says- no karan.. Stay away……
Yuv hears this and breaks the door.. He goes inside and grabs her arms.. Due to darkness, she thinks hez karan.. She pushes him away and runs out of the room, slamming the door on his face.. His hand gets hurt.. She runs on the road.. Yuv runs after her, calling out her name but she doesn’t turn back.. She slips and falls down.. Yuv sees a bus coming towards her and saves her in the nick of time..
Yuv cups her face and asks- r u ok?
Su nods and then sees his hand.. She worries for him..
Su- how did it happen yuv?
Yuv- nothing suhani.. Let’s go home..
Su looks around and sees a medical store at some distance..
They go there..

The storekeeper asks yuv to go inside the doc’s chamber and asks su to wait..
A customer comes and says- I need some sleeping pills as I’m unable to sleep since last few nights due to some incident..
Su hears this and asks for the same as she recalls karan’s words- I will make this hour worse than the worst nightmare for u..
Doc comes out..
Doc- suhani ji, can u plz come in once?
Su goes to the chamber..
Doc tells su that yuv isn’t ready to take the injection..
Su- y yuvraj?
Yuv- suhani I am… I am scared of injections..
Su (smiling)- what? Yuvraj Birla is scared of injections?
She starts laughing..
Yuv sees her and smiles..
Su asks the doc through gesture to inject him..
Su- yuv u never told me about it..
Yuv- so what? Many people………..
Injection is applied to yuv..
Yuv screams and holds her hands tightly..
Su (laughing)- u r behaving like a kid..
Doc- I must say suhani ji, u’r very smart.. But Mr. Yuv, u’r not..
Yuv looks at her and frowns..
Su crosses her arms and shows him attitude and smiles..
They leave from there..

As they come out, yuv says he left his phone there..
He comes back to the doc’s chamber and thanks him for the entire drama..
Doc- but what was the need?
Yuv- to bring a smile on her face.. And the mission is accomplished..
He leaves..
Yuv- whats in ur hand?
Su- some meds..
They take a taxi and go home..

At BH:
Shaurya is in his room, drinking and enjoying music..
He thinks where are yuvani.. He calls the reporters and tells them to show the breaking news next morning when he calls them..
He smirks..

YuvAni reach home.. Su asks yuv to go and sleep as its too late.. He nods.. They greet goodnight to each other.. Yuv leaves.. Su goes to the o/h..
Again it starts thundering.. Yuv turns back and thinks to check once..
Su takes out 5-6 pills from the bottle and was about to consume them when yuv comes and throws them..
Yuv- what’s this? Y did u lie to me? Y do u need it?
Su turns away and says- I can’t sleep without the pills..
Yuv turns her and makes her to face him..
Yuv- u have to overcome ur fears.. Then u won’t need them.. Till then, I will sit beside u holding ur hand all night while u sleep.. But I won’t let u have these pills..
Su looks on and says in mind- y r u doing this yuvraj?
Yuv in mind- I will do anything to get back my old suhani..

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