Suhani looks at prat as she can’t understand what to say..
Su- but yuvraj.. What happened all of a sudden?? I mean……. Without preparations.. And after 3 days its our engagement..
Yuv interrupts- we can get engaged in an hour.. And for wedding preparations, we have 3 days in hand.. Now say.. Yes or no?
Su nods.. He asks her to get ready and goes to his room..
Su goes to the outhouse to get ready.. She wears a lovely pink and white designer saree with matching jewelleries..

Yuv and all are waiting for suhani.. As she enters, everyone look on.. Yuv gets mesmerised by her and keeps staring at her.. She blushes.. Yuvi winks at her..
Menka notices this and says- haaye haaye yuv bhaiya.. U don’t miss a chance to flirt with suhani jiji..
All laugh.. YuvAni feel shy..

Pankaj and lata enter BH..
Pratima brings aarti ki thali and does the ritual.. Then the love
birds exchange the rings.. All are happy..
They take the blessings of their elders..

In the evening, they get ready for the party.. Yuv goes to the o/h to
look for suhani.. He goes to her bedroom and once again he gets
mesmerised by her as he sees her in the mirror in a pink and yellow designer anarkali suit.. He sees her struggling to tie the dori.. He walks closer to her and moves her hair to one side.. She feels his touch.. They look at each in the mirror.. Su looks down.. Yuv ties her dori.. Then he is about to kiss her neck but she sees it in the mirror and turns around.. Their lips touch..
Yuv- suhani, u have become too naughty..
Su moves a step back and says- arey no no.. I saw u in the mirror, u were trying to…..
She stops..
Yuv- to….?
Su turns around blushing..
Yuv hugs her from behind and says- madam, now u’r officially my fiancee..
Su- so?
Yuv (placing his chin on her shoulder)- so…. I will tell u later..
Su- by the way yuv y did u say that u wana marry asap?
Yuv- I’m doing this for our good.. U trust me na?
Su nods..
They take selfies and leave for the party..

Shaurya sees them leaving and says- karan, once our plan gets executed, I will celebrate suhaagraat with suhani..
He whistles..

At the party venue, YuvAni enter hand in hand and become the centre of attraction.. Yuv’s friends adore the couple.. Yuv introduces suhani to his friends..
Media arrive there as the birthday boy (Ajay) is a powerful minister’s son..
Cake cutting followed.. Then Ajay announces that there are two sets of masks- one for gents and the other for ladies.. Lets see who gets a chance to dance with whom..
YuvAni look at each other.. Yuv picks up a mask and shows it to her..

She picks up another piece of the same.. ‘Mohabbat barsa dena tu, saawan aaya hai’ plays and they dance together happily..
After the dance, a waiter comes to yuv and tells him that there is a call for him.. He thinks who could it be and tells su to wait for him.. She nods and he leaves..
Yuv goes to the reception.. The receptionist tells him that the person who called is waiting for him outside the club.. He goes out.. Nobody is there.. He looks around.. Suddenly somebody hits him from behind with an iron rod and he faints.. The person takes the mask from his hand and leaves..

Su looks around for yuv.. She goes to the reception and asks for him..
Receptionist- I just saw him going upstairs.. He looked a lil angry..
She thanks her and goes to see him..
While climbing the stairs, she collides with a guy who is going down..
Guy- I’m so sorry..
Su- its ok..
Guy- enjoying the party na?
Su- ya..
Guy (forwarding his hand)- hi.. I’m Anurag.. Ajay’s bro..
Su (with a handshake)- Suhani.. Yuvraj Birla’s fiancee..
Anurag- congrats bhabhi..
Su- thanks..
Anu- Wherez he? And when did he get engaged?
Su- today.. Hez……….
Anu- I need to leave.. Got some work.. If u need anything, plz plz let me know..
Su nods.. They smile and he leaves..

After climbing the stairs, she finds 3 rooms out of which 2 are locked from outside and the remaining one was slightly open.. She sees its completely dark inside..
She calls out his name from outside, but gets no response.. She thinks- may be he didn’t hear due to loud music..
She slowly goes inside and somebody locks the door from outside without making noise..
She sees him sitting on the edge of the bed with the mask on his face.. She looks around for switches but can’t see anything due to darkness..
She sits beside him and holds his hand..
Su- y r u upset? Let’s go home now.. Its too dark here.. She takes him towards the door and finds it locked..
Su- yuv the door is…..
He puts his finger on her lips..
He removes his mask and kisses on her cheek..
And forcefully presses her against the wall, moves her hair to one side and kisses her shoulder..
Su- stop it yuvraj..
He doesn’t..
Su turns around and says- plz stop it..
He forcefully kisses her lips..
Su feels something wrong and pushes him away..
Su (stepping backwards)- u’r not yuv.. U can’t be.. Who r u? What do u want?
He (coming towards her)- u have forgotten me, but I can’t..
Su feels the voice to be familiar..
He turns on his lighter for a minute..
Su is hell-shocked to see him.. Its Karan.. Her phone falls from her hand..
He moves towards her.. She tells him to stay away..
Karan- I will make this hour worse than the worst nightmare for u..
Su gets scared.. It looks like a deadly shadow is walking towards her..
She screams for help but her voice gets buried in the loud music..
Karan- scream louder.. Louder.. Hahahaha..

It continues for some 8-10 mins..
Then the window is just behind her.. She looks outside the window and screams calling out yuvraj’s name.. But again.. Loud music..
Su- stay away or I will jump down..
Karan holds her and stops her from jumping and speaks nonsense..
She sees anurag and calls his name.. He is talking over the phone.. As he looks up, su waves her hand and calls him.. She turns back to look for karan but he can’t be seen.. She gets more scared thinking he may appear suddenly..
Anurag climbs the pipe.. His shirt gets stuck and tears so he removes it and jumps in from the window..
Su- anurag ji, plz break the door.. I need to leave now..
Anu places his hands on her shoulders..
She moves his hand away..
Anu- don’t panic.. I will call ajay..

Suddenly the door opens and the lights turn on.. Su and anu look at the door.. The media enter with their cameras.. They find suhani and anurag standing some two inches apart and anu was in vest..
They start capturing the scene and questioning them..

Su panics and cries.. Yuv enters the scene.. He makes his way and is shocked seeing the scene.. YuvAni look at each other.. Su is teary-eyed..
Yuv comes to her..
He cups her face and asks- what happened suhani? Plz tell me..
She rests her face on his chest and cries.. Yuv pacifies her..

Anu- so now I got y yuvraj wanted to marry u asap.. Coz he got to know about ur cheap character.. Right??
YuvAni look at him stunned.. Yuv fumes and gives him a punch..
Su looks on..
Yuv- how dare u speak nonsense about my suhani?
Anu- she called me here and showed me this video..
He shows the video where yuv says that he wants to marry asap but didn’t say the reason, and the scene that followed..

Su- I don’t know anything about this video.. Yuvraj I……
Yuv- suhani, don’t panic.. I trust u..
Yuv looks at anu and fumes..
Su- y r u doing this anurag? Yuv is ur friend..
Anu- excuse me, I don’t know him..
Yuv says the same..
Su is shocked..
Yuv- who r u? And what are u doing here?
Anu- ask ur wife.. She called me here..
Su- ya I called him for…..
Anu interrupts- I told u na..
Yuv is stunned..
Anu- she wanted to spend an hour with me in this room so…….
Yuv again starts beating him..
People gossip..
A reporter shows a video in his camera where su waved her hand and called him and he climbed the pipe and jumped in.. In the video, a guy is there beside suhani but his face isn’t clear..
Yuv is hell-shocked.. Suhani doesn’t understand what’s happening with her.. Yuv leaves anurag and looks at her..

Reporters- yuvraj birla.. Will u still marry her after seeing her true colours? In a party, shez having fun with 2 men in a dark room.. Ur family’s reputation will be at stake..
They speak many more rubbish about suhani and the after-effects of their marriage..
Su looks down..
Yuv makes her face him and says- I will marry her.. U people think whatever u want.. I don’t care.. I trust her.. She won’t betray me..
Su looks on..
Yuv sees su’s phone on the floor and picks it up.. He holds her hand and steps out of the room with her..

PRECAP: Suhani cries and locks herself in a room.. She looks at herself in the mirror and breaks it.. Yuv asks her to open the door.. She tells him to go far away from her and forget her as she isn’t worth him now.. He is stunned and teary-eyed..

Guys I’m into the habit of explaining every scene in too much detail.. Do u feel its too much? Like in the upcoming epis, when yuvi will be trying to cheer up suhani, it may take 3-4 epis.. Do u feel its too slow or like unnecessary dragging? In previous epis, some of u commented that u like the detailed description as u can visualise the scene..
Share ur views so that I can start with the next epi as per the requirements..

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      1. Ruksy

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