Suhani ran and I chased her.. She hid behind a tree.. I pretended as if I hadnt seen her, and cleverly went a lil far.. The lioness came out of her den and looked for me.. I came from behind her and covered her eyes with my hands.. She turned around and her wet hair passed by touching my face.. I closed my eyes as I could smell it.. I slowly opened my eyes and was mesmerized by her.. I removed her hair from her face..
She said- I have some work..
She turned to leave and I pulled her closer.. Our foreheads touched..
I lifted her in my arms.. We smiled and had an intense eyelock..
Su (breaking the trance)- yuvraj.. What r.. What r u doing?
I replied naughtily- I havent done anything yet..
Su- leave me.. If somebody sees, what will he think?
Me (walking towards the o/h with su in my arms)- who? My family friend? He will feel jealous of me..
Su (locking me in her arms)- achha? Y so? Coz u have a long nose?
She pinched my nose..
Me- no.. Coz I have u..
She looked away smiling..

We entered the o/h.. I laid her on the sofa.. She felt shy.. I smiled as I enjoyed watching her like that.. As I turned to leave, my leg
collided with a table and I fell on her..
She started laughing madly.. I was getting carried away.. I wanted to drown in her.. I surprised her by capturing her lips with mine.. She stopped laughing.. She too reciprocated and also ran her fingers through my hair.. Our heartbeats increased and we started breathing faster.. We continued to taste each others’ lips for sometime..
Then we stopped.. I buried my face in her left shoulder and consumed every bit of it.. Then I kissed her neck and then her right shoulder..
Unfortunately we heard some footsteps coming closer.. I stopped and looked back frowning.. She laughed seeing my expression and asked me to hide.. We got up..
She fixed her kurti and hair properly.. I stood there crossing my arms around my chest.. She saw me standing and asked me to go.. I refused.. She looked at the door nervously and begged.. I didnt budge.. Instead, I demanded a kiss to leave..
Su- what? R u shameless? What were we doing now?
Me- what did we do? Plz explain..

She kissed me and asked me to hide.. I went inside.. Just then, shawana came..
Bh- suhani, r u going with yuv?
Su- yes di..
Sh- I knew only u could convince him..
Bh- by the way suhani, there is a different glow on ur face right
now.. Isnt it sharad?
Sh- yes.. Whats the reason?
She tried to hide the expressions on her face and replied- no di..
Jiju, nothing..

I was watching and hearing it all and smiling.. I turned around..
Suddenly I felt somebody pulling my ear..
I screamed- aahh.. suhani leave..
I turned and saw it was bhawana.. She dragged me out of the room..
Su- di plz leave him.. He didnt do anything.. We were just….
She stopped.. Shawana looked at each other and burst out laughing..
Sh- both of u continue..
Bh- and sorry for disturbing..
They stepped out of the o/h..
I gave a sigh of relief..
Sh- guru, shall I lock the door from outside or u will lock it from inside?
I frowned and said- wait i will say..
He ran and I chased him..

Bh- I m very happy for u suhani.. Now u can live a happy life with yuvraj..
Su nods and smiles.. They share a hug..

In a hotel room, shaurya comes to meet someone.. Its none other than karan..
Shaurya tells karan about his plan.. Karan says he himself will take revenge and he needs his help.. At first shaurya refuses coz he wants to sleep with her first but then he agrees.. They discuss their plan and smirk.. They hug and shaurya leaves..

The door bell rings.. Ramesh opens the door.. Its a courier for yuv.. He receives it.. The name/address of the sender isnt written.. As he opens it, he is shocked to see a photo of suhani with a cross marked in black and tears were drawn as if they fell from her eyes.. Yuv gets furious..
Rags- what happened yuv?
Yuv- nothing bhabhi..
Yuv (in mind)- whoever has sent this, I will find him out.. But before that I need to ensure suhani’s safety..
He leaves..
As he is about to step out, he collides with shaurya.. The pic falls and he sees it.. He takes it and looks at yuv.. Yuv looks away.. Sh asks yuv to come out with him.. They go out.. All worry what happened..
Yuv- say fast..
Sh frightens yuv by saying in a serious tone- do these tears mean that su will cry coz something wrong might happen with her that shouldn’t happen??
Yuv grabs his collar..
They argue..
Yuv leaves shaurya and goes to the o/h..

Yuv sees suhani packing some stuff with pratima..
They see him..
Prat gets up and asks- y r u looking so scared? All ok?
Su too asks the same..
Yuv tells them to come with him..
They come back to BH..
yuv- maa.. I wana marry suhani after 3 days..
All are shocked..
He holds her hands and asks her- suhani, will u marry me?
Suhani is stunned thinking what happened to him..
Shaurya (in mind)- perfect.. Things are going the way we want karan..
He smirks..

PRECAP: Suhani cries and locks herself in a room.. She looks at herself in the mirror and breaks it.. Yuv asks her to open the door.. She tells him to go far away from her and forget her as she isn’t worth him now.. He is stunned and teary-eyed..

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