I left from there and hid behind the outhouse so that they don’t see me..
I leaned against a pillar and slowly slipped down.. Whatever I had seen a minute ago flashed into my mind again and again.. Did she call me to show that?? That’s not a surprise, but a shock..
I was too upset, but there wasn’t a single teardrop in my eyes.. Might be coz somewhere my heart knew that she wouldn’t cheat me.. I decided to talk to her instead of jumping to any conclusion on my own..

I went inside.. She was busy with menka and all.. She saw me and smiled.. I too smiled partially.. And went to my room..
My phone beeped..
It was her msg- y r u in sadu mood? And y didn’t u come?
I didn’t know what to reply.. Whether I should say directly or wait?
I replied- whats the surprise?
Su- come down..

As I went down, I saw her leaving for the outhouse with some dresses and jewelleries.. I went to her and held some of them and we left together..
In the outhouse, we kept the stuff..
She held my hand and took me in front of a table.. There was something covered with a box.. She removed it.. It was the same model of Taj Mahal which she had gifted to shaurya..

I looked at her.. She looked at me with an innocent bright smile..
I too smiled and asked her- u made this for me?
She replied- yes my shahjahan..
She held my arm and rested her head on my shoulder..
I asked- y did u make efforts for me?
She said- I don’t need reasons or occasions to do something for u..
I felt kinda guilty..
So I apologised to her saying- suhani I’m sorry..
She asked- for what?
I said- actually I came here few mins back.. And I saw u with shaurya.. So I left..
There was silence for 2 mins.. Probably she recalled that moment..
I was about to say something but she interrupted- yuvraj I know what u must be thinking.. But therez nothing like that.. And u know that better than me.. Right?
I nodded..
She asked- then y did u leave?
I replied- I don’t know.. I just felt like.. When I saw him hugging u..
Su (interrupted)- I didn’t hug him back..
I looked on.. She was right.. I recalled the day when I had seen shaurya giving her the ring and hugging her.. Even that day she didn’t hug him back..
I held her hands and apologised..
Su- its not ur fault yuv.. Shaurya is too weird.. Every time he jokes and then hugs me.. God knows what a strange person he is!!
I said- can I ask u for something?
She nodded..
I turned away and said- plzz stay away from him.. And don’t give him a chance to hug u..
She hugged me from behind and said- ok.. I won’t.. But I guess I can hug u..
I smiled and said- anytime.. Anywhere..
I took up the Taj Mahal and we left from there..

As we entered BH, all were surprised to see the TM..
Maa- beta ye….. Have u bought this for suhani?
I said- maa.. Its priceless.. I haven’t bought it.. In fact, suhani has gifted this to me.. She has made this herself..
Rags- wow suhani.. U’r so talented.. Yuvraj u’r very lucky..
I looked at suhani.. We had an eyelock..
I saw shaurya coming..
I called him and said- shaurya.. Where r u going?
He didn’t look happy.. I asked him the reason.. But he stared at suhani angrily and left without replying..

Shaurya steps out of the BH.. Yuv follows him..
Sh comes to the lawn and says to himself- now I need to do something big.. I can’t lose.. Shaurya can’t lose..
Yuv thinks what’s shaurya saying about..

I went inside.. Anuj congratulated me and told me that it’s my engagement after 3 days..
I was feeling out of the world.. Suhani blushed and headed towards my room..
Menka teased her saying- go go suhani jiji.. Very soon its gonna be ur room too..
She changed her direction and went to maa’s room..
Gauri- what r u saying menka bhabhi? Its already hers since the day she entered viyu’s life.. M I right viyu?
I tried to suppress my smile and went to my room..
All laughed..

Tarun talks to karan over the phone.. He tells karan about suharya and gets to know about his past relationship with suhani.. Both are stunned..
Tarun immediately calls shaurya and tells him everything..
Shaurya says to himself- so its u suhani.. Coz of u, my bro was rusticated from the college and his career spoiled.. Till now I only wanted u on my bed, but now, I have to complete 2 tasks: having u on my bed, and defaming u in front of this world.. Just wait and watch..
He whistles..

Lunch time:
All are having lunch.. Yuv’s phone rings.. He goes out to attend the call and comes back..
Dadi- whose call was that?
Yuv- a friend.. Its his birthday today, so he just invited..
Suh- so u’r going na?
Yuv- no suhani..
Su- but y?
Shaurya thinks something and says- yuv.. I think u should go.. And take suhani along.. They will get to know her..
Yuv looks on..
Prat- shaurya is right.. U should go..

After lunch, yuv goes out and thinks about shaurya.. He tries to link everything.. Su comes there and asks him what is he thinking..
Yuv- I don’t know suhani, but shaurya’s behaviour seems strange..
Su- may be, he truly loves his gf..
Yuv looks on and asks- gf? Who? Have u seen her?
Su- neither I’ve seen her nor do I know her name.. Ignore him, today both of us are going..
Yuv- I think we shouldn’t go..
Su- y?
Yuv holds her by her waist and says in a cool mood- coz I don’t want u to see any guy other than me..
They smile and have an eyelock..
Su breaks the trance and says- if u will not go, I will go with somebody else..
Yuv- tell me his name.. I have to break his bones..
Su- ur ff..
Yuv- ff?
Su- family friend..
Yuv frowns and says- ok I will go with u..
Su gets excited and confirms..
Yuv nods smiling and they hug each other..
Su cleverly turns on the fountain and laughs.. They get wet..
Yuv gives a blank look.. Su messes his hair and runs away.. Yuv chases her..

PRECAP: Suhani cries and locks herself in a room.. She looks at herself in the mirror and breaks it.. Yuv asks her to open the door.. She tells him to go far away from her and forget her as she isn’t worth him now.. He is stunned and teary-eyed..

Guys please leave ur comment.. If its getting boring, I will end it soon..

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  1. No it is not boring but pls don’t add any rape thing

    1. NAPSHa J

      I would prefer ending my ff to adding such things.. I have thought of something else.. So just relax dude.. πŸ™‚

  2. Nice epi napsh but what happened to Suhani in the precap? Hope nothing bad happens to her

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  4. Ruksy

    awsome next episode sounds like its full of suspense

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    1. NAPSHa J

      Ur welcome dear.. πŸ™‚

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    1. NAPSHa J

      Love u too dear.. Ur guess is right.. Next is Karan’s entry..

  7. Nice epi..
    just dont seperate yuvAni… πŸ™‚

  8. NAPSHa J

    Thank u so much guys for ur reviews.. Guys plz don’t get scared reading the precap.. I think its shaurya’s character that has made u all think that way.. Neither I will add anything like that, nor I will separate yuvani.. And yes, the precap scene has been shifted to epi-28..

  9. absoulutely fantastic dear..I love the way you create small yuvAni scenes..They’re awesome..Today’s epi really a wonderful one..Luv u and ur ff whole heartedly..

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      Thank u sooooo much farhat.. πŸ™‚

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      Thanks a lot sona.. Love u too.. <3

  11. Aqsxxh

    Your FF is probably the best, the emotion, the plot twists, the romance everything is perfect! Update regularly bcs I enjoy reading ff’s when I come back froma stressful day of school as these ffs ever fail to bring a smile to my face x Love you Napsha z And I think that Yuv was maybe staged like Suhani wass with Shaurya and Yuv was probably seen with another girl and suhani misunderstood him….
    Btw keep slaying, Keep smiling, Keep writing!

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank u sooo much aqsxxh.. Ur guess is wrong.. Any other guess?

      1. Aqsxxh

        Hmmmm… Shaurya done something to her, as Yuvi said not to let Saurya hug her and maybe she did and he confessed he like her and maybe kissed her or something… Or he spiked her drink and some something bad to her… Well this is my thought…
        See your FF has sooo many possiblties thats why its amazing!
        Btw call me Aqsaah

      2. NAPSHa J

        Nope.. πŸ˜€

      3. NAPSHa J

        Any further guesses? Think.. U still have time.. πŸ˜€

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    1. NAPSHa J

      U know neethu, ur comment made my day.. Luv u for this.. :*
      And don’t worry, nothing will happen to suhani..

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