Hi guyz.. This is NAPSHa J.. My new one-shot ff on love birds YuvAni, titled “YUVANI OS- THE DATE” was published on 14th July, but I guess many of u haven’t read it yet due to site maintenance issues.. Do read it if u haven’t.. I’m sure u r gonna love it.. Also share ur reviews in the comments section.of the os.. 🙂 🙂


YuvAni have an eye-lock.. Prat sees this and leaves smiling..
Yuv comes closer to her and asks- so what were u saying?
Su- that u find someone else..
Yuv (crossing his arms around his chest)- ok.. As u wish.. But where will u go then?
She smiles.. Yuv raises his eyebrows..
She sees shaurya and replies- ur family friend isn’t that bad..
Yuv gives a confused look.. She gestures through her eyes towards shaurya..

I turned to see.. She was talking about shaurya.. I grinned seeing his face.. I looked at suhani.. She was laughing..
I asked smiling- so u’r enjoying teasing me?
She replied- yes..
I pulled her close to me.. Our faces were just an inch apart..
She turned nervous..
I smiled and said- remember one thing, I will marry u only.. And if my family friend tried to come close to u, I will break his bones..

Her eyes were left wide open after hearing what I said..
I asked in a normal tone- what??
She burst out laughing and said- will u really do that??
I said- ya, of course.. By the way suhani, y did u take his name only?
Su- coz ur bros are already married..
Me- but tarun is also there..
Su- I never had an interaction with him..

The rituals started.. We started to imagine our wedding.. We showered flower petals on shawana.. Su was standing just beside me.. I looked at her.. She was very happy.. I smiled and showered a few flower petals on her.. She looked at me smiling and then looked away..
I said- one day we will also be getting married..
She replied frowning- its my bad fate.. I can’t help it..
Me- oh really??
She nodded.. Soumya called her and they left..

Grihapravesh and other rituals followed.. And then it was their first night..
Soumya suggested about hiding papad..
We did that..
Kri- soumya think once.. If di gets to know u did this….
Soum- what? We all are doing this..
Kri- but the idea is urs.. She will take revenge by planning something bigger for our first night..
They continued with their nok-jhok..
And suhani was having fun with them..
I left with saurabh bhaiya and anuj as they needed some help..

Next morning, four of us went to check the papad.. And to our surprise, they were missing.. Suddenly shawana entered the room..
Bh- do u guyz need something?
We looked back..
They were smiling..
Su- di, we came to ask that………
Bh- thanks for the papad.. We added spices and had all of it..
Soumya’s eyez were left wide open..
Soumya- u had so many papad????
Sh- bh is kidding.. We gave them to the workers..
We all laughed..

In the evening, maa talked to lata aunty about engagement.. Aunty said that she would talk to pankaj uncle about it..

As they were about to leave,
Maa- lata ji, if suhani could stay here for 2-3 days, it would be great as a lot of work is left to be completed..
Lata aunty- but before marriage……
I interrupted- aunty, she will stay in the outhouse.. I guess, then ur samaaj won’t say anything..
We laughed.. She agreed..
They left.. Soumya was getting late for her flight so she too left..

After dinner, raj uncle said that they shall leave next morning.. I smiled.. But my smile disappeared when dadi insisted them to stay for a few more days and he agreed..

Shaurya throws things in his room.. Tarun comes and is shocked.. He asks him to calm down..
Sh- calm down? U’r asking me to calm down?
He kicks some stuffs and continues- now they will get engaged and then get married soon..
Tarun- look bro, u hadn’t had any bet regarding suhani, so what’s the issue? Moreover shez dark.. Not ur type..
Sh- I don’t care.. My vision has found her as an angel.. I want her.. And I will..
He looks fierce..

Sh steps out of his room and sees YuvAni together..
Su- I know what’s on ur mind?
Yuv- achha? What’s it?
He holds her hand.. Seeing this, sh grins and tightens his fists.. And leaves..
Su- Its me..
Yuv (smiling)- lol..
Su- I should leave now..
Yuv pulls her closer and asks- why are u in a hurry to sleep? Are u a school-going kid?
Su- no.. But I have lots of work.. Goodnight sadu kumar..
She leaves.. Yuv smiles..

Su locks the door of the outhouse from inside and says to herself- now I can do my work.. Its a surprise for u yuvraj.. And u will love me even more for it..

Next morning, after breakfast, suhani goes back to the outhouse and msgs him- come to me.. A surprise is waiting for u..

There yuv is gossiping with his bros in his room.. His phone beeps.. He reads the msg and smiles..
He replies- 5 mins..

Rags and other ladies are distributing dresses and jewelleries among themselves..
Gauri- wherez suhani di?
Rags sees shaurya going out and tells him to send suhani.. He nods and smirks..

Su is waiting for yuv.. Sh knocks at the door.. She opens happily thinking its yuv..
Su- shaurya.. U here?
Sh- ya.. Rags bha…….
He stops seeing a beautiful model of Taj Mahal made by suhani using plaster of Paris..
Sh understands the situation and plans to spoil it..
He gets in and says- wow.. Its beautiful..
Su turns.. Sh looks at her and sees yuv coming towards them..
Sh- can I see it?
Su- ya sure..
Sh- u give it to me with ur own hands..
Su looks on..
Sh- I mean, if it breaks then u will kill me.. Right?
She smiles and gives it to him..
Sh sees yuvi standing at the door..
Sh- wow.. Taj Mahal.. Symbol of love.. Its lovely..
He keeps it on the table and hugs her and says- Thanks for the wonderful gift suhani..
Yuv looks at them, then at the Taj Mahal and leaves from there angrily..
Su breaks the hug and asks- what?? Its not for u..
Sh- I was just kidding.. Don’t get serious.. By the way, rags bhabhi called u..
They leave..

Guys how was the epi? Was it nice or a lil boring?

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  1. nice episode….

  2. today oly i see ur yuvani os j read it dr.
    its so cute story u had wirtten the way..
    how tell .. its just say to u…’woooooooow’

    in today ff its little bit bore but its very nizzz to read dr..

  3. NAPSHa J

    Thank u sri and ash.. 🙂
    Guys its a request that reviews relating to yuvani os should be posted in the comments section of the os and not here, as the two are entirely different ffs.. Thanks..

  4. Dear this was awesome.. It was written very nicely..the twist was a little heartbreaking.. But i know you will make it up…

  5. napsha epi was very nice i just loved it.but please dont seperate yuvani because of that shaurya.keep going like this.ur just rocking.

  6. awsome work yaar… really its btr than ssel.. love ittttttt….

  7. Its really nice..:-)
    Update soon…

  8. hate u shourya.pls don’t create breakup bw yuvani.

  9. Good one

  10. nice………….

  11. Perfection as usual Napsha

  12. Ruksy

    rocking episode and you have presented shaurya in the right way a freak

  13. Superb epi Napsha

  14. NAPSHa J

    Thanks for the lovely reviews guys.. 🙂

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