I got up and said- wait yuvraj..
He stopped..
I turned his face towards me and said- who are u to decide that on behalf of both of us?? How can u think about that? I can see there are so many questions in ur eyes, and I think u have already framed ur own answers..
He burst out- I haven’t framed my own answers.. I have seen everything with my own eyes..
I had no idea what he was talking about..
I said- ok fine.. What have u seen?
Yuv- I don’t need to speak about it.. U should know what u have done..
I understood he was deeply hurt.. And I had to find out why.. But how? He wasn’t ready to share anything.. Situation was getting out of my hold.. Now anger and fights won’t work.. I needed to talk to him patiently and with love..
I said- u know yuv, I always wanted someone in my life who would fight with the whole world for me.. And today u’r fighting with me coz of some misunderstanding.. Won’t u even give me an opportunity of being heard? Is our relation so weak that a misunderstanding creeped in so easily?

I closed my eyes and looked upwards.. It seemed she was really unaware of the truth I knew.. Whether it was the truth or a misunderstanding?? I needed to sort it out.. But what should I say to her?? If she gets to know the reason behind my anger, she would be broken..
She said- if u don’t wana talk, I won’t force u..
She started to leave..
I said- suhani…….
She stopped.. Probably with a hope..
She turned towards me.. We stood facing each other..
I said- I’m sorry.. Actually I was…..
She hugged me and cried.. Even I was teary eyed..
We closed our eyes and felt the warmth in each other’s arms..
I felt guilty about what I thought about her.. My heart knew she would never cheat me.. But my mind, it thought too much, and I hate it for that.. I wanted to apologise to her..
After sometime, we slowly opened our eyes and broke the hug..
She said- just forget everything and get ready..
Now I had to make her smile..
I said- I’m ready..
Su- what?? U will go like this? Ur clothes are dirty.. Go and change..
Me- y should I change?
Su- so that u look better.. Its ur bro’s wedding..
I smiled putting my arm around her neck and said- now I’m looking better na?
She smiled and asked- what?? Are u joking?
I cupped her face and said- no.. I’m serious.. U have made my life beautiful.. So I will look better with u..
She raised her eyebrows and smiled.. I too smiled..
Suddenly there was a knock on the door..
I opened the door.. It was maa..
Maa- I knew only u could do it suhani..
I said- arey wah suhani.. U have already replaced me in my mom’s life.. God knows whether I will exist for her or not after marrying..
Maa pulled my ear..
Su- maa, hez just jealous..
I frowned..
She showed me attitude and said- if u have problem with me, u can marry someone else..
Maa smiled and said- now both of u go and get ready..
We stepped out of the room..
I said- I will talk to u later about it.. For sure..
She smiled and left..

Suhani gets ready with somu, ragsmen, gauri, etc.. And yuv with the guys..

After getting ready, pretty ladies go to bhawana’s room.. They see her looking at herself in the mirror and smiling..
Rags- omg..
Bh turns back and her smile disappears seeing them..
Su- di, its ur wedding today..
Somu- if not real, at least have fake tears in ur eyes.. I will also feel that u will miss me..
All start laughing..
Then they have some emotional talks..

There sharad is trying to take selfies coz he feels hez looking like srk..
Krishna comes from behind and cleverly snatches his phone..
Sharad pretends to be nervous..
Kri laughs and says- stop this acting.. I know how excited u r..
Sh- just like u..
They look at each other and laugh..

In RajShi’s room:
Rajnath- what the hell is this shaurya?? Here also??
Sakshi- calm down raj.. I will explain him..
Raj- I know u won’t.. Today hez like this coz of u..
Sak looks away..
Sh is sitting on the bed with his hands folded, deeply lost in thoughts.. And not paying attention to anyone..
Raj- tarun beta.. Thanks for telling me about his deeds.. And u shaurya, mark my words.. U don’t have any reputation or prestige, but I have.. Whatever u did till now, I protected u from falling in trouble.. But if u do anything here, I won’t spare u.. Birlas are our family friends and so now shrivastavs too.. Stay away from suhani..
Raj leaves from there and sakshi follows him..
Sh looks angrily at tarun..
Tarun gets scared and leaves from there..
Sh (in mind)- dad.. I will do whatever I want.. And I know u will protect me coz ur so-called prestige will be ruined if u don’t..
He smirks and whistles..

All are there for the reception.. Yuvi looks for pratima.. He sees her talking to rajshi.. He tells pratima to come with him, he wants to talk to her.. Shaurya follows them and thinks why is yuv so happy?

Yuv- maa I was thinking of getting engaged to suhani next week.. Plz talk to pankaj uncle and lata aunty..
Sh fumes hearing this and leaves from there..
Pratima laughs and says- have patience, shez not running away..
Yuv- I don’t trust ur would-be DIL..
Prat sees su standing behind yuv and smiles.. She is wearing a red and black designer anarkali suit..
Yuv (trying to suppress his smile)- what? Don’t smile.. She’s creating distance between us, so I thought of bringing her to BH asap so that I can have an eye on her plans..
Suhani widens her eyes and smiles..
Prat- to keep an eye on her plans or on her?
Yuv blushes looking here and there.. Suhani too..
Prat tells him to turn around.. He turns and is mesmerized by her.. They have an eyelock..

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