I stepped out of the hotel and continued to walk.. My face was smeared with tears..
I couldnt believe whatever I had seen.. I recalled it again.. I cried badly.. The weather turned stormy.. I walked on, and was oblivious of where did the path led me.. It started to drizzle and then rained heavily.. My tears mixed with the raindrops.. I wished if it was just a bad dream.. But no.. It was the truth, the reality which was very difficult for me to digest.. Did suhani cheat me? Can she do so? My heart wasnt ready to accept this.. I recalled it again and fell down on my knees.. I cried as loud as I could..

I went to our room.. Di was there, kinda nervous..
I said- dont worry di, i’ll be there soon to take care of u..
She saw the ring and asked about it.. Before I could say anything, ragsmen came to help us..
We got ready and took selfies..
I took my phone to change my dp.. I saw a missed call from yuv.. I called him but he didnt respond.. I called again but his phone was switched off..
I got worried.. Then I thought that might be his phone’s battery is low.. But I couldnt satisfy my heart with this answer..
I went to pratima aunty and asked her about yuv.. And was stunned to know that she had no idea.. She too got worried..
Shaurya came there and asked how could yuv leave like that.. We told him that we had to find him asap.. He agreed to help us.. We didnt tell anybody else about it..

The trio leave in their car.. Suhani recalls her lovely moments with yuv.. Suddenly she sees him lying down on the road-side.. She asks shaurya to stop the car and they run towards yuv..
Su screams- yuvraj….
Prat and shaurya too call out his name..
Su places his head on her lap and tries to wake him up.. Sh fumes seeing this..
Yuv slowly opens his eyes partly, and seeing suharya there, he recalls the scene.. He opens his eyes and tries to get up.. They are shocked to know that hez drunk.. He tries to get up.. Su helps him.. He pushes her away.. She gets hit by a golgappa stall there and falls down.. She looks at him shockingly as she couldnt believe that yuv behaved this way with him..
Prat- yuv.. Whats this?
Sh rushes to help su and shows too much care infront of yuv..
Sh (faking anger)- how dare u yuv? Is this the way to behave with suhani?
Yuv- oh.. So now u will teach me manners?
He leaves prat’s hand and starts beating sh..
Su asks yuv to leave sh..
Prat drags him and takes him to the car.. They go back to the hotel..
Yuv falls unconscious so they take him to prat’s room and lay him on the bed..
Sh- ok aunty, I’m going to my room..
Prat- thank u beta..
Sh- what aunty.. U’r like my mom, yuv is like my bro, and suhani my…..
He stops..
Su and prat look on..
Sh- my friend.. So I had to help u as its my duty..
He leaves saying in mind- suhani u’r mine, and only mine.. He recalls that he had bribed a worker to follow yuv and keep him informed about his whereabouts..

Su cries recalling the way yuv pushed her..
Prat- dont worry suhani, he will be fine soon.. U go and handle the situation.. I will let u know when he wakes up..
Su nods and leaves wiping her tears..

It was 4..
There were happy faces all around.. Some were teasing shawana, and others were busy..
Saurabh bhaiya came and said- all were looking for u and yuv.. Where were u?
Shaurya interrupted- actually they were with me..
Sau bh- guyz don’t go missing..
I couldn’t understand what to do.. I went towards yuv’s room.. On the way, I met prat aunty..
I asked- howz yuv now?
Aunty- suhani, did u say anything to him? Or did u both had a fight?
I was confused.. Y did she ask all that?
I said- no aunty.. In fact, I haven’t seen him since morning.. But y r u asking such questions??
Aunty- when yuv got up and I asked him the matter, he said that u……u don’t love him anymore.. U have found someone else..
I was taken aback..
I asked- what?? Yuv said that??
She nodded and said- he loves u a lot.. I don’t know what happened.. I asked him but he didn’t answer.. Hez completely broken.. And only u can make him happy.. Talk to him once.. Hez sleeping in my room..
I nodded and left..

I went to aunty’s room.. Yuv was sitting upset on the bed with his hands folded..
I said- yuvraj..
He neither responded nor looked at me..
I locked the door from inside and walked towards him..
I kept my hand on his shoulder and he removed it..
I sat down and looked at his face.. I was stunned.. It seemed as if he would cry anytime.. I held his hands and said- yuv.. Just say what’s troubling u so much..
Yuv (with teary eyes)- nothing.. Today I’m setting u free from our relationship..
Saying that, he got up to leave..
I was shocked and broke down completely!!

PRECAP: yuv tells pratima to come with him, he wants to talk to her.. Shaurya follows them..

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. 🙂

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