Shaurya comes back to his room and shuts the door angrily.. He throws the vase..
Tarun- what happened bro?
Sh- now yuvraj is my enemy.. It’s coz of him that suhani doesn’t pay heed to me.. Now I will teach him a lesson..

I came to sleep and checked my phone to read his msg..
It was- thanks for what? Love bite? *wink*
I blushed and replied- no no.. For the wonderful time.. And for making me feel so special..
He- oh.. Did u tell Bhawana?
Me- chup.. Shameless..
I was laughing and I knew he too was..
I wished him gn and fell asleep..

Next morning:
Its di’s wedding today.. As I got ready, I opened the door of the room to leave and collided with shaurya..
Sh- oh I’m so sorry suhani..
I replied- its ok..
Sh- wow.. U looking gorgeous.. This pink and white suit is made for u I guess..
I smiled and thanked him..
Sh- May I have breakfast with u? I wana talk about something, so…..
I agreed..
I looked around for yuv, so that I could ask him to join us.. But he couldn’t be seen..

Yuvi comes to suhawna’s room and finds it locked..
He thinks- where did she go?

Shaurya winks at a worker while going with suhani.. The worker nods.. Sh whistles..
Su- nice..
Sh- what?
Su- the tune of ur whistle..
Sh thanks her and smirks..

Yuv is standing upset outside her room as suhani couldn’t be seen.. He calls her.. And hears the phone ringing in the room.. The worker comes to him and asks- do u need anything sir?
Yuv (angrily) – no.. U go..
W- ok sir.. But madam is busy so what r u doing here?
Yuv- what? What did u say?
W- nothing..
He turns to leave..
Yuv stops him and asks the matter..
W- I saw suhani madam leaving with a guy..
Yuv (shocked) – whoz the guy? And where did they go?
W- I saw them heading towards the restaurant..
He leaves smirking..
Yuv is stunned..

Sh is sitting facing the entry door..
Sh- what will u have?
Su- sandwich and juice..
Sh- just that?
Su nods and says- what did u want to talk about?
Sh (in mind)- y r u in a hurry sweetheart? I will convert this breakfast into a lunch..
Su calls out his name..
Sh- actually suhani.. I love a girl, but I don’t know how to tell her.. So can u help me out?
He looks at the door..
Su- look, if u want to be with her, u need to speak up..
Sh- what to say? Can u help me out?
Su recalls the day when YuvAni confessed and smiles.. But she feels ackward as what to say right now..
Su- just tell her that u love her and u would like to spend the rest of ur life with her; would she also like the same..
Sh- will it be enough?
Su- yes.. Love is not about show-off..
Sh- wow.. What a thought.. Can I try once, assuming u are her?
Su looks around and feels uncomfortable as there are few other people too around them..
Sh notices this and says in mind- u have made my work easier..
There is a small hall in the restaurant.. They go there..
Sh- r u comfortable here?
Su thinks- today I’m trapped badly.. How to leave from here..
Sh- just 5 mins plz..
Su nods..

A waiter shows thumbs up to sh..
He kneels down and says holding her hand- I love u a lot.. And I wana spend the rest of my life with u.. Would u like the same?
Su nods with a smile..
He makes her wear the ring..
Su looks at the ring and says- its beautiful.. When…….
Sh interrupts- u’r more beautiful..
Saying this, he hugs her..
Yuvi, who has witnessed the entire scene, bursts into tears and leaves from there fuming..
Su immediately breaks the hug and tries to take the ring out from her finger.. But its too tight..
Sh- suhani, u keep it as a gift.. I will buy another for her..
Su- I can’t keep it..
Sh- a gift for helping me.. And plz don’t tell anybody whatever I shared with u..
Su nods and leaves..

Sh whistles and recalls that he had purposely tightened the ring so that she can’t take it out..
He smirks and says- this is just the beginning yuvraj birla.. Very soon, suhani will be in my arms.. And then, on my bed!!


  1. ash

    πŸ™‚ amazing episode…. pls make it has yuvi trusting suhani… this shaurya create all the to yuvani seprate it all failed πŸ˜‰ pls pls …

  2. Aparna

    Superb episode… Continue we love u super villain shaurya and nice to see yuvi jealous……. Keep it up napsha we want more twist…

  3. YuvAni Lover

    I wish I could see this on TV……..from where do u get such ideas napsha???????? plzzzz update next epi soon……..

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