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After the sangeet, all leave to their respective rooms..

Its 11.30 pm..
Su, sou and bh in one room and their partners in the other.. Shaurya is with tarun..

Tarun is playing some game in his phone.. He talks to shaurya but receives no response..
Shaurya is lost in suhani’s thoughts and says in mind- I’m THE SHAURYA GOENKA.. and I get whatever I want.. And now my mission is having her with me on bed.. And I will do it.. By hook or by crook..
Tarun shakes him and asks the matter..
Shau (angrily)- I want suhani..
Tarun- what?? Look bro, shez like our family friend.. And if dad gets to know……
Shau- I don’t care.. I want her.. And I will..
He whistles..

Suhani is gossiping with bh and sou..
Sou’s phone beeps.. She reads the msg and blushes..
Bh- what did kri send u?? Show us also..
Suhawna tease soumya and she leaves saying- Lata aunty is calling me..

Now bhawana’s phone beeps and she tells suhani that pankaj is calling her..
Su- di don’t make excuses as u’r not supposed to see each other till ur wedding..
Bh blushes..
Su- should I call him??
Bh- no need.. I will call..
Bh gets busy over the phone and su’s phone rings..
Yuvi (angrily)- come to the terrace, I need to talk to u urgently..
Su- now?? Its 11.45 yuv.. What happened?
Yuv- I don’t know.. Just come..
She agrees.. He smiles says to himself- i’m sure u will love it..

Su- di woh….
Bh (asking sh to hold once)- yes su?
Su blushes and says- yuv wants to talk to me urgently..
Bh- now??
Su- ya..
Bh- all the best sis..
Su blushes and leaves..

As I left, I kept thinking what does he want to talk about.. Is everything alright?
I almost reached the terrace.. He was standing facing the other side.. I put my hand on his shoulder.. He turned back and smiled.. He blindfolded my eyes and took me with him.. I kept asking questions but he didn’t answer..
Finally he opened the blindfold at the terrace and I found it lightly decorated with flowers and heart-shaped balloons.. I was totally surprised..
I smiled and asked- yuv.. Y did u do all these? Anything special?
Yuv- yes..
Me- what?
Yuv- you!!
I looked at him.. He made me feel special.. I have found my SOMEONE..
Yuv- I have something for u..
Me- what?
He took me in front of a table.. There was a cake on which it was written. “HAPPY ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY”
I smiled reading it and said- u’r mad.. Totally mad..
Yuv- suhani.. Do u remember we confessed our love last week on this day?
Me- ya.. I remember every moment spent with u..
Yuv- let’s cut the cake.. I’m feeling hungry..
We cut the cake together.. I fed him first.. Then he fed me..
I hugged him as tight as I could and said- thanks yuv.. I love u..
Yuv- I love u too..

I had enough of happiness for the day that I couldn’t handle..
I smiled and said- I need to leave now..
Yuv- ok.. But I have to return something to u..
I didnt get him.. I turned back and asked- what?
He pulled me towards him and held me by my waist and said- that day u had given me the love bite on my finger, so…..
I frowned and said- what?? U will do like that with me? Listen, u missed the chance.. Better luck next time..
He smiled and said- I didn’t miss the chance.. In fact, I got it..
He closed his eyes and moved his lips closer to me.. I too closed my eyes.. Finally our lips touched.. And we consumed each others’ lips.. I ran my fingers through his hair..

My phone rang.. And we broke the kiss..
Me- Bhawana di..
Yuv- let the phone ring..
I picked up the phone and he hugged me from behind.. He didn’t let me talk properly.. He kissed me on my neck and then the love bite..
I screamed- aaauchhh….
Di- what happened?
Me- di wo…..
Yuv was smiling..
I frowned..
He took the phone and put it on loudspeaker mode and said- bhawana, suhani got hurt..
Di- what? Suhani plz explain what happened? R u ok?
He said- plz explain her..
And laughed..
I said- di I’m coming to the room..
And I hung up..

I grabbed his collar.. He smiled and widened his eyebrows.. I pulled him closer and whispered into his ear- thank u..
And I ran away..

Shaurya leaves from his room to go out for fresh air.. On the way he sees suhani whoz in gown and too happy, and blushing all the while.. He gets tensed and thinks what could have happened.. He goes to her..
Sh- hi suhani.. What are u doing here late night? And y r u so happy?
Su- actually I was looking for Bhawana di.. I’m happy for her..
Sh- oh.. So u…..
He stops seeing yuvi too coming from the same direction.. He too is in his night dress, his hair is messy and he is blushing as well..
Sh fumes..

I saw shaurya talking to suhani.. I went towards them..
Me- shaurya.. Suhani.. What r u guys doing here? By the way suhani, in our last meeting I had asked u something but I think u didn’t hear, so I have sent u a msg.. And Bhawana was asking about an incident so plz don’t forget to explain it to her..
We looked into each others’ eyes and smiled..
I said- goodnight shaurya..
I looked at her, and I knew that she expected me to wish gn to her too.. I smiled and left..

Yuvi turns back and they smile at each other..
Sh understands everything and says in mind- enough yuv.. Stop this acting in front of me.. Vererry soon suhani will be in my arms..
Su- I think I should leave now..
Sh nods angrily..

On my way to the room, I saw KriYa romancing and recalled that she said that mummy called her.. I thought of teasing them..
I said- hello aunty..
Both of them saw me and moved away.. And looked around for the lady..
Sou- su, wherez the aunty?
I laughed and said- hez the aunty whom u wanted to meet, right? He doesn’t look like mummy, so I thought hez some other lata aunty..
They blushed..
I said- carry on.. And come fast..
Kri- su, plz don’t tell anybody..
We burst out laughing..
I nodded and left..

PRECAP: Shaurya makes suhani wear a ring.. She loves it.. Yuvi fumes seeing this..

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