Suhani teases Bhawana asking if shez nervous..
Bh blushes..
Su’s phone beeps.. Its yuvi’s msg- I’m angry with u..
She looks around for him.. She sees him and replies smiling- so what can I do?

Yuvi comes and taunts her by saying bh that some people just don’t care about others..
Su replies back by telling- yes di.. Some people are always jealous of others..
They start arguing and bh asks them to calm down..
Su leaves from there murmuring to herself and collides with someone.. Shez about to fall when he holds her by her waist.. They look at each other.. He leaves her and she moves a lil away..
Su- I’m so sorry….
He removes his gogs, forwards his hand and says- Shaurya.. Shaurya Goenka..
She introduces herself and they have a handshake..
Sh- really?? Nice name.. And it suits u.. U look so pleasant.. Gorgeous.. Beautiful..
Su interrupts and says- thank u shaurya ji..
Sh- plzz don’t add ji and all with my name.. I don’t like it..
Su smiles and says- ok shaurya..
Sh stares at her.. Su’s phone rings and she leaves..
Sh says in mind- beauty with purity..
He whistles (like in EHT)..
Yuvi hears the whistle and recognizes it.. He sees shaurya..
Yuv- hey shaurya..
Sh- hello bro..
They hug..
Yuv- how r u? Where r the others?
Sh- they have already entered.. Only Karan couldn’t come as hez out of India now..
Yuv notices sh is constantly looking at someone and smiling lightly while talking to him.. As he turns to see, su who is over the phone leaves from there and he sees nobody there..
Yuv- r u looking for someone?
Sh- nope..

Birlas hug the Goenkas and introduce them to Shrivastavs..
Pankaj- wherez suhani?
Shaurya (in mind)- oh.. So shez this old man’s daughter.. Now I will have to impress him..
He touches pankaj and lata’s feet and says that he has already met suhani..
Yuv- when??
Sh- she was about to fall but I saved her.. I think God sent me here for this purpose only..
Yuv leaves from there to search for suhani and she comes there but doesn’t see yuv..
Sh- hi beautiful..
Su feels awkward..
Yuv turns to see whoz she.. And sulks seeing suhani..
Su takes shaurya to a corner and says- look shaurya.. U can call me by my name.. Don’t use other terms.. I don’t like it..
Sh holds her hands and says- ok suhani.. I’m sorry.. Now smile..
She removes her hand, puts on a fake smile and leaves..
Yuvi has been watching all these and gets angry at suhani as he feels she’s avoiding him and doing all these to make him feel jealous.. He goes and stands in a corner.. Anuj and menka see him..
They come to him and ask him- The programme is about to start and u r standing alone like this? And wherez suhani ji?
Yuv yells- I don’t know..
And leaves from there.. Menuj think whatz wrong with yuv..

Anuj sees su with rags and gauri.. He goes to her and tell her about yuv.. She says I’ll talk him..
Yuvi is sitting near the swimming pool all alone with his hands folded and recalling suharya..
Suddenly a tray of samosas appear in front of his eyes..
He yells at the waiter- I don’t want.. Just go from here..
But he doesn’t leave..
He is about to shout again but sees its suhani..
He looks down..
She sits beside him, keeps the tray and asks him turning his face towards her- what happened? U should be happy today but u’r so angry..
Yuv- nothing..
Su screams and says- chhipkali….
She again screams..
Yuv starts laughing and says- u girls r more dangerous and still scared of such tiny living beings..
He looks around but sees none..
Yuv- wherez it??
Su- standing right in front of my eyes.. And sorry.. It was a chhipkala..
Yuv smiles and says- oh really?? Now I will tell u what can a chhipkala do..
She turns to run but he holds her hand.. Both of them smile..
She turns towards him.. He pulls her closer.. She feels shy and looks here and there.. Her eyes fall on the samosas..
She says with excitement- samosa..
Yuv- ufff.. I’m fed up with ur samosas..
Su picks up the tray and says- let’s have it.. I’m hungry..
Yuv refuses to have and looks at her smiling..
Su- ok.. I also won’t have.. No energy, no dance, di upset, jiju upset, all upset …………..
She continues to speak and yuv enjoys watching her and finally says- kitna bolti ho yaar.. calm down.. Ok fine.. I’ll have it but just one..
Su smiles and gives him one.. He opens his mouth.. She feeds him.. He takes a bite and feeds the same samosa to her.. While having it, she cleverly bites his finger too..
Yuv- aaauchh…..
He takes away his finger and looks at her.. She laughs and runs away.. He follows her.. But his phone rings and he gets busy..
Shaurya sees su coming and thinks y is she so happy.. After 2 mins he sees yuv too coming from there happily..
Shaurya looks on..

The programme begins..
First shawana are called on stage and they dance on the song Gerua.. They dance happily and romantically.. All clap..
Then its Kriya’s turn.. They hadn’t expected this.. Suhani got their names announced all of a sudden.. She teases soumya and wishes her all the best.. The song Chahun main ya na plays.. They too dance romantically but a bit nervous as they are not in an open relationship.. All clap and say that they look good together..
Next is YuvAni’s turn.. They dance on the parody on which they had prepared.. They look outstanding.. All clap..
Shaurya thinks if there’s something going on between the two.. He decides to keep an eye on them..

Then sauragini and menuj also dance..
Other dances too follow..

The function is over.. The guests leave.. The family members and relatives go to their respective rooms..

PRECAP: Yuvi calls suhani at 11.30 pm and tells her angrily to come to the terrace, he needs to talk urgently.. She agrees.. He smiles says to himself- i’m sure u will love it..

Guys how was the epi? R u enjoying the ff?

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  1. It is easy to make someone cry bt its difficuilt to make happy by our u did it today by writing this ff.umade me happy .I was crying after reading some ur ff replace that.Thank u for that.suprb conxept of adding shaurya in u daer.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks dear.. Glad to know that my ff made somebody happy.. 🙂 🙂

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    1. NAPSHa J

      Vatsal Seth.. Or say, Aarav in baazigar..

  6. Superb episode Napsha! Shaurya’s entry was awesome

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    Thanks guyz for ur reviews.. 🙂

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    1. NAPSHa J

      Mine too.. Hehe..
      And I feel I have chosen the best character to play the role.. 😀

      1. Yaa,,,,he z the best to play villain role,,,,,also I love that whistle tune,,,hehe

      2. NAPSHa J

        That whistle tune also seems to be villainous.. 😀

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        Oh.. I thought u were talking about my other ff JEALOUSY TRACK- YUV VS. SAM.. So I thought from where did Ankit come.. 😀

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    We want more shaurya and suhani scenes so that we can see yuvraj jealousy???

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