Suhani walks to yuvraj..
Su- Excuse me, if u have so much problem then u throw it in the dustbin.. Y r u creating an issue??
Yuv turns back..
They see each other..
Yuv- u…..? So u have already started following me??
Su- oh hello Mr.. I’m not at all interested in u.. And y r u shouting at him??
Yuv- so y r u concerned? Is he ur boyfriend? Or ur hubby?
He laughs..
Suhani frowns..

A clerk comes and says to yuv- Mishra sir is calling u..
He goes inside..
Yuv- good morning Mr. Krishna..
Kri- gm Mr. Birla.. Actually I wanted to say something..
Yuv- ya sure..
Kri- Mr. Birla, at work we have to be professional, and have to see that we get the best so that we earn more profits without harming our credibility..
Yuv- I didn’t get u.. Plz speak to the point..
Kri- u have been there for our company since a year.. And u have done excellent job.. But now we have got to know about another ID whoz too good at her work.. So we wana give her a chance too..
Yuv- then y did u call me?
Kri calls Reena and asks her to send suhani..
Su knocks..
Yuv turns to see who has come in..
They are shocked to see each other..
Kri asks her to sit..
She thinks- here too? Is he following me?
Kri- I want both of u to complete this contract together.. Both of u will have to go to Suhagi after 2 days..
Su- Mr. Mishra, I can’t go with him..
Yuv- even i’m not interested in going anywhere with this girl..
Kri laughs and says- its upto u.. U may leave if u’r not interested..

Both think and agree..
After discussing about the work, kri wishes them good luck and yuvani leave..
Kri- just a minute..
Both turn..
Kri- both of u should exchange ur numbers..
Yuv- krishna I haven’t ever asked a girl her number in my life.. And I won’t ever.. Its against my principles..
Su- ya ya.. As if i’m making a telephone directory of Indian guys..
Kri- ok ok.. Calm down.. Both of u give ur phones to each other.. They hesitate and give..
Su- save ur name as Sadu Kumar.. Otherwise I won’t remember..
She laughs and he frowns..
They save the numbers and leave from there..

Suhani comes home murmuring- I won’t spare u bachchu.. U don’t know me.. I’m gonna teach u a lesson..
She tells pankaj and lata about the contract and goes to her room.. Bhawana looks damn happy..
Su- what happened di? U look so happy today.. R u in love?
Bh blushes and hugs her..
Su- di whoz the lucky guy?
Bh- I don’t know whether he feels the same way or not..
Su- then go and confess ur love to ur man..
Bh- if he rejects me…..
Su- he will be unlucky..
Bh- leave it for now..
Su- ok.. But what’s his name?
Bh- sharad..
Su- I will talk to my jiju.. Give me his num na..
Bh blushes and beats her and says- first I will find a nice guy for u too and then we will get married in the same mandap..
Su- di plzz.. U know very well what I’ve gone through in the past.. We even left Allahabad and I pursued interior designing just to get over it.. 5 years have passed, but I still remember everything.. That’s y I don’t trust guyz.. And I dont want this sharad to play with ur life so……

Suhani’s eyes get teary..
Bh- I’m so sorry suhani.. Let’s forget about it..
They hug each other..
Lata calls bhawana and she leaves..

Suhani sees bhawana’s phone and takes it.. She messages sharad that she wants to meet him at Royal Park and asks him to come in purple shirt and black jacket..
Sharad’s phone is put on charge in his room.. Yuvraj comes looking for him.. He sees the phone put on charge but sharad forgot to turn the switch on.. He turns it on.. The phone beeps.. Hez about to leave when he sees- 1 message from MY BHAWANA..
He thinks- oh.. It means hez having an affair with this girl and he didn’t even tell me about it..
He reads the msg and thinks- oh.. She even tells him what to wear.. Now I will meet her to see whoz she, and then I will see u sharad..
He smiles and replies- ok, I will be there.. U put on pink kurti with a scarf..

PRECAP: Suhani sees yuvraj in the park and thinks he is following her.. 😀

Guys how was the epi? Do comment for sure.. 🙂

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