I said- only smiling won’t work.. Wherez my gift?
I widened my eyebrows..
Su- say.. What do u want?
Me- I have got u, I don’t want anything else.. Still if u wana give me something, I won’t mind..
Su- oh really?
I nodded with a smile..
We had an eyelock..
She cleverly picked up some cake and applied it on my mouth.. I was totally shocked and irritated.. She laughed and i frowned.. I pulled her closer.. She stopped laughing..
I said- what happened? Laugh..
Su- yuv…wo….
Me- u love blackforest na.. Now have it..
Su (shockingly)- what????
Me (smiling)- yup.. U wanted to give me something na.. Now its upto u..
I looked away but looked at her from the corner of my eye.. I smiled seeing her getting kinda nervous..
Me- say fast.. I don’t have much time..
I removed my coat as I was feeling too hot..
She looked at me and closed her eyes.. I too did the same and we had a liplock..

After sometime, we stopped.. I ran my hand through her hair and we slowly opened our eyes.. I kissed all over her neck.. Then we had an eyelock.. Suddenly she broke the trance and said- I think we should leave..
I could see she was feeling ackward..
She turned.. I pulled her closer and hugged her from behind and said- y r u in a hurry to leave?? We have the entire night to spend together..
I was quite sure that she had turned pink..
She replied- r u shameless or what? Nothing before marriage..
I asked in a naughty tone- what does this ‘nothing’ include?
We smiled..
She beated me on my arm and said- let’s leave..

I told her driver to take the car back home as I would drop her.. He left..
I opened the door of the front seat of my vintage car for her.. She thanked me and got in.. I too got in..
As I drove, I looked at her.. She was looking outside the window and smiling..
I said- suhanii….
Su (looking at me)- hmmm……..
Me- u haven’t told me about it yet..
Su- about what?
Me (smiling)- about ‘nothing’..
Su (blushing)- don’t act too smart..
Me (in normal tone)- I don’t know..
Su (putting on a broad plastic smile)- even I don’t know..
I held her hand and said- suhani u don’t know how happy I’m today.. I wish I could tell u about my feelings earlier.. But I’m like this only.. I don’t know how to express myself.. Please forgive me if I ever hurt u.. But don’t leave me..
Su- yuv.. I won’t leave u ever.. And for hurting me, I know u will never hurt me, at least intentionally.. I know u don’t know how to express urself, but I know that u truly love me.. And that’s enough for me..
Me- if u had given me a chance tonight, I would have expressed my love for u..
I smiled..
Su- no need.. I can wait till our marriage..

We reached her home.. She got out of the car and shut the door.. I was just looking at her.. She peeped in from the window and said- goodnight sadu Kumar..
I said- u didn’t give me my goodnight kiss and u expect my night to be good..
She said smiling- go home.. My mom-in-law must be waiting for u..
U widened my eyebrows and said- oh.. So they are ur in-laws from now, and I’m nothing for u..
I made a sad face..
She put her hand on her forehead and said- ufff.. Now I’ll have to pamper u..
She peeped in from the window of my seat, kissed me and ran away smiling..
I was totally surprised as I hadn’t expected any more kiss from her for the day.. I got out of the car and ran after her.. But she escaped and went inside..
I waited outside and looked at the window of her room, as I was quite sure that she will definitely be there within 2 mins..
And there she was..
I sat on the bonnet.. My phone beeped.. It was her message..
Su- go home now.. We had enough for the day..
Me- oh really.. Did u tell my parents-in-law about ur day?
Su- lol..
Me- Ok fine.. I’m coming.. And I will tell them everything..
Su- no no.. U go na..
Me- I want a proper goodnight kiss..
Su- plzz yuv..
Me- 10……9…….8……..

Then she wasn’t there at the window.. I knew she would come..
She came running.. She was there at the door and I stood by my car.. We approached.. I smiled and put my finger on my left cheek.. She blushed and kissed me.. She turned to leave and said- goodnight..
I held her hand and said- madam.. Who will kiss on my right cheek? Sunita or Anita?
She immediately turned and said- none of them.. I…..
She stopped..
I turned my right cheek towards her and she kissed me..
I said- now my night will be good..
We hugged each other..
She said- I love u yuvraj..
I replied- I love u too..
We broke the hug and I said- I need to leave now..
She nodded..
I got into the car.. We waved and I left..


  1. ci

    what a scene.Itni sari ff mein itni achi romantic yuvi ko pehli baar dekh rahi hum wo bhi suhani ke liye.Loved it alpt.Awsome,fantastic,suprb.

  2. komal sontani

    Wow so romantic plz update fast i am eagerly waiting for the next episode plz plz plz

  3. Farhat

    All words are less to appreciate you for this episode.. Loved it to the core… Really.. I just can’t tell you how much I liked this episode..

  4. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J


    Thank u soooooooo much friends.. For ur constant support and also for showing so much interest in my ffs.. Keep supporting!! 🙂

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