Suhani excuses herself and puts her hand on yuvi’s shoulder.. He turns back and is shocked..
He gets up and says- suhaniii.. U here????
Su- yes.. And I’m thankful to God that I’m here right now..
Yuv- suhani, meet my girlfriend, sunita..
Su is totally shocked!!
A tear immediately drops from her eye..
Sunita forwards her hand for a handshake but she leaves..
Yuvi follows her and blocks her way..
Su- let me go yuvi..
Yuv- no suhani.. U were always eager to meet my gf, then y were u so rude to her??
Su (in frustration)- kyunki hame laga ki wo ladki………
She stops and looks at him..
Yuv- wo ladki kya suhani??
Su- nothing.. U won’t understand!!
She leaves from there.. He looks on..

Suhani is about to leave the restaurant when Kaushal comes to her..
Kau- where r u going?
Su- I need to go now..
Kau- ok but can u give me just ten mins?? Plz plzzzzz…
Su nods..

Kaushal takes her to a small hall in the restaurant that he had booked.. He opens the door and tells her to enter.. She enters.. Its dark.. He switches on the light and small lights turn in, arranged as ‘I LOVE U’..

She is stunned and asks him what’s it..
She turns and sees yuvi standing there.. She looks here and there, but kaushal was nowhere..
Yuv- what r u doing here? I have done these arrangements for the girl I love..
Su- oh really? Kaushal said he did it all for me..
Yuv- so.. What did u reply to him?
Su- y should I tell u?
Yuv- we are friends na..
Su- he left before I could reply..
Yuv- ok but r u ready to accept his proposal..??
Su- no..
Yuv- but y? He seems to be a nice guy..
Su turns around and thinks what to say..
Yuv- suhani answer me.. Y can’t u accept his proposal? Don’t u love him or what?
Su bursts out with teary eyes- No.. I don’t love him.. I love u damnit!!
Yuv gives a sigh of relief and says- I love u too!!

Su looks at him.. He caresses her face and gets teary eyed..
Yuv- I love u too suhani..
Su couldn’t understand anything..
Su- then whoz sunita? And today kaushal proposed me.. And…..
Yuv- suhanii…. Relax and sit down.. I will explain everything..
They sit on the sofa..
Yuv begins- u know suhani, I got to know about ur past from pankaj uncle.. So I thought if u would ever trust a guy again.. I realised about my feelings for u few days ago, but I couldn’t confess due to my fear of losing ur friendship as well.. That’s y I planned all these to confirm whether u too feel the same way for me..
Suhani beats him and says- so u thought of bringing tears in my eyes??
Yuv puts his finger on her lips and says- if I were sure that u too love me sooooo much, I would have never done that.. I’m sorry…
He holds his ears..
She looks away and tries to suppress her smile..
Yuvi pouts..
She hugs him and he hugs her back.. They close their eyes..
Flowers are being showered on them..
Su opens her eyes and sees shawana, kaushal and sunita..
Su- kaushal I cant marry u..
Kau- even I can’t marry u otherwise my wife (pointing towards sunita) will kill me..
Su- yuv…….
Yuv looks at her and widens his eyebrows..
Su- oh.. So all of u were involved in his plan..
Bh- yes my sis.. I’m very happy for u..
Su blushes..
Kau- ok yuvi.. We will leave now.. U have good time with bhabhiji..
All laugh..
Yuvi hugs him and says- thanks yaar.. U’r a great friend.. Thanks to u too sunita, my girlfriend (looking at suhani)..
Suhani stares at him..
Sharad- guru, we also helped u..
They hug each other and all leave from there except YuvAni..

Yuvi turns towards su and she smiles.. They have an eyelock.. He comes closer to her and holds her hands..
Su- yuv……
Yuv puts his finger on her lips and says- sshhhhhh….. Today we won’t talk about anything other than love.. Our love..
They smile..
Yuv- till now, I haven’t even proposed u officially..
Su looks on..
Yuvi kneels down and asks- suhani, will u marry me?
She nods with a smile..
He kisses her hand and makes her wear a ring..
She touches it and says- its beautiful..
He says- not more than u..
She blushes..
Yuv- I have one more surprise for u..
Su (excited)- what’s it??
He closes her eyes with his hands and takes her in front of a table.. He opens a box..
Its a blackforest cake with a couple’s pic on it.. And “I LOVE YOU” was written on it..

Su- its lovely.. And how did u know blackforest is my favourite?
Yuv- i’m yuvraj birla.. I have my own ways to know things..
They cut the cake together.. Su picks up the first piece.. Yuv opens his mouth but she feeds herself.. She looks at him and smiles.. He frowns..
She then cuts another piece and he doesn’t open his mouth.. He looks away..
Su- sorry but I cant control myself when I see blackforest cake/ pastry..
He doesn’t look at her.. But smiles being pampered..
Su cups his face and turns towards herself and makes an innocent face.. He smiles and she feeds him..
Yuvi- by the way, u’r looking gorgeous in this dress (she was wearing a red and black anarkali suit)
Su- thanks.. U know bhawna di bought this for me.. She told me to wear this and meet kaushal..
Yuvi (looking into her eyes)- achha? Did u like it?
Su- yes.. And………
She sees him looking at her and smiling and recalls that everything was a drama.. She smiles as she understands what he means!!

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