It continued to rain.. We were all alone.. There was absolute silence between us.. I turned around.. Only the car was between us!!
Even that distance was becoming unbearable for me..
We had an eyelock..

Our trance broke as we heard some noise.. I looked back.. A drunkard was there at some distance..
I again turned towards yuv..

We were facing towards each other.. I was getting carried away by her.. She looked perfect for me in that saree.. Just then I saw the drunkard staring at her, giving his dirty looks.. I felt like snatching out his eyeball!!
I told her to get into the car.. We headed towards her home..

We finally reached there.. As she got out of the car, she told me to come in instead of leaving directly.. She insisted but I had to leave..

But to be honest, I wanted to stay!!
I left coz of her speaking eyez which has loads to say.. I recalled the moments under shower and a few others, when I felt that she too feels the same way for me.. And if its so, then what am I waiting for??
Fine.. Tomorrow things will decide for themselves..

Next morning,
Maa- beta where are u going with these stuffs?
Me- maa I’m going to Delhi for some business purpose.. Its urgent..
Dadi- come back soon yuv..
Me- ok dadi..

What the hell is wrong with him? This is the 20th time I’m calling him today and his phone is still switched off.. I called sharad jiju..
Me- hello jiju.. Plz give the phone to yuv..
Jiju- suhani he left for Delhi today morning..
I was kinda shocked.. How could he leave without telling me??
Me- oh.. So when will he come back?
Jiju- He didn’t say anything about it..
I hung up..
What the hell was going on??
I was about to leave from there when di came and told me that mummy-papa have seen a guy for me and we were to meet today in a restaurant..
I was stunned!!
I said- I don’t wana meet anybody..
Di- what? Take this dress.. U have to wear this in the evening..

I felt like sharing everything with her..
I said- di I wana say something..
Di- ya say na..
Me- di wo…..
Maa called her and she left..
Whom to tell what dilemma I was going through..
She came back after few mins and said- maa papa are going out.. But u have to meet the guy today.. His name is Kaushal.. Hez a very nice guy……..
And she continued.. But I didn’t hear anything after that.. Her phone rang and she left..

I again tried to call him.. This time it rang but he didn’t pick up.. I was frustrated and sweating.. I was restless.. Couldn’t understand what to do..
I texted him so many times.. But he didn’t reply..
I thought he must be busy in the meeting.. I calmed down.. And checked my phone every few minutes..

Hours passed..
It was evening.. I was sitting upset in the room..
Di came and said- suhani get ready fast.. U have to leave..
I thought- if yuv is ignoring me, then I will not pamper him anymore.. I got ready and left for the restaurant..

I reached there.. It was already an hour but nobody came.. I thought I should leave.. Just then a guy came to me and asked- R u suhani shrivastav?
Me- yes..
He said- hi.. I’m kaushal..
He forwarded his hand for a handshake.. We shook hands..
K- I saw ur pics and I really like u.. So…..
I was still lost in yuv’s thoughts..

Just then I saw yuv entering the restaurant with a girl.. I was shocked!!
He took out a chair for her.. She thanked him and sat down..
I called him.. He picked up.. I asked rudely- where r u right now? Y r u ignoring me since morning?
Yuv- actually I left for Delhi for business purpose.. I’m still there.. Will talk to u later..
He hung up..
I couldn’t believe whatever just happened.. Is this his love??

Guys I hope u enjoyed reading it.. 🙂

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