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He was about to slip and he held the tap and the shower turned on.. We had an eyelock.. I broke the trance and looked down..
I saw a lizard.. I widened my eyes and screamed..
Yuv got scared.. I continued to scream..
He put his hand on my mouth and asked what happened..
Me- chhip…..chhip….
I hugged him tight and closed my eyes..
He understood, saw it and laughed..
Me- is it still there?
Yuv- no.. It went..
I opened my eyes and gave a sigh of relief.. Just then I saw it again, coming towards us..
I screamed again.. And he lifted me in his arms!!
I became quiet.. We had an eyelock again..

She looked hot!!
Her wet hair on her face.. Drops of water running down her cheeks.. She was completely drenched to the skin.. I could smell her..
And she was feeling so shy as if it was our first night!!
I was completely mesmerised by her..
I slowly started to walk out of the bathroom..
Just before I could leave her, menka and gauri entered the room..
Seeing us, gauri laughed and menka screamed and shook BH..
I left suhani and she moved a few inches..
Maa, dadi, rags bha, anuj, etc came and asked her y did she scream that way..
Then they saw us and burst out laughing..
Menka (raising her eyebrows)- haaye haaye yuv bhaiya.. Su jiji.. What were u both doing in the bathroom??
We tried to suppress our smile as much as we could..
Me- wo dadi…….suhani… chhipkali…. Darr gayi… So i….

Menka- so what yuv bh? U will have shower with her?
Su- I need to leave now..
Maa- come suhani.. I will give u a saree.. Change otherwise u will catch cold..
She nodded..

She looked even hotter in that red saree.. With her wet hair.. I stared at her.. She felt ackward and said she needed to leave as it was already getting dark..
Maa- Bhawana has gone out with sharad.. And u shouldn’t go alone now.. Yuv u drop her..
I looked at her if she was comfortable.. She looked at me..
We left..

He was driving and I was looking out of the window.. All of a sudden it started thundering.. I held his hand which was on the accelerator.. He looked at me.. I moved my hand..
Me- sorry……wo……..
Yuv- its ok……. So what’s the third thing that u’r scared of?
Me- what?
Yuv- lizard, thundering, and….? What else?
He laughed..
I beat him on his arm..
It started raining heavily.. I told him to stop the car and got down..
Today I didn’t feel like dancing in the rains crazily like I always did.. I just stood outside, leaning against the car with my arms crossed..
He too came out..

I was getting carried away by his charm.. He was all over my mind.. What should I do? Tell him what I feel? But what will I say when I myself don’t know what’s going on with me.. I wanted to talk to him, but how to start.. What to say..
Me- u don’t like rains na.. Then y did u come out?
Yuv- coz u like it..
I turned back and looked at him..
Me- what did u just say?
Yuv- I mean, she likes it..
Me- oh.. So when are u going to propose her?
Yuv- very soon.. I just wana plan something very different for her.. That’s the only thing taking time..
Me (in mind)- just hold my hands and say it right now.. U and me, all alone, heavy rains, late night.. I don’t think anything and anytime can be more perfect!!

PRECAP: YuvAni scenes..

Guys how was this epi? Hope u all enjoyed it.. 🙂

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