Four days passed.. Shez alright now..
Preparations for sangeet was at speed..
Maa called me and asked- with whom r u dancing on sangeet?
Me- maa I’ll be doing solo dance.. And the song will be ‘bachna ae haseeno’..
Maa (smiled)- oh.. I thought u’ll dance with suhani on some romantic song..
Her words left me thinking.. But how could I tell her to dance with me..
I called her and asked her about her practice..
Su- I will start from today..
Me- oh.. Actually I wanted to go for ball dance, but I don’t have a partner..
Su- u liar.. What about ur gf?
Me- I mean, shez not here so…..

I knew what was on his mind.. And I was silently enjoying it..
Me- oh.. No prob.. U dance with aunty..
I was laughing silently..
Yuv- what??
Me- y? What’s the prob?
Yuv- I….maa…. I asked her but…..
Me- but….??
Yuv- she refused..
Me- oooo….. Ok I will look for someone and let u know..
Yuv- by the way suhani, can’t we dance together?
I thought- y were u beating around the bush till now..
Me- ummm…… I will let u know..
Yuv (excited)- by when?
Me- two hours..

After one hour and fifty-nine mins, my phone rang..
It was him.. I smiled..
He asked me what i’ve thought about it..
Me- I don’t have any prob..
Yuv- ok then shall we start now?
Me- now?
Yuv- ya.. I’ll come now.. If u want..
Me- no.. Today we will come..

I told maa.. She was very happy and kissed me on my forehead..
I was waiting for her and sharad for his fiancee..

After 3 hours, the door bell rang around 5.30..
And they were there..
Maa- how r u beta?
Su- m fine aunty..
She met everyone and I realised that she had become too frank with my family, more than me..

Saurags and Anka were practicing on their rooms.. And shawana went to sharad’s room..
So I took her to my room..
Me- suhani, how shall we start?
She looked at me and said- what??
Me- I mean, practice..
Su- oh….
Me (in a naughty tone)- what did u think?
I expected she would beat me, but she turned around.. And as much as I could see, she was smiling.. Oops.. I think she was blushing.. I smiled..
She turned back and said normally- first we need to decide the song..
Me- dance basanti?
Su- we should go for parody..
Me (raising my eyebrows)- that’s better..
It took two hours.. Selecting, rejecting and arguing.. And at last, the parody was ready..

We got up.. Shawana came.. And laughed on knowing that we hadn’t started yet..
Di- now u have to start.. Yuvi u will put ur hand on her waist and she will put her hand on ur shoulder..
We nodded..
We came closer.. As he touched my waist, di played the music.. The first song of our parody was “moh moh ke dhaage (female version)”..
I received shivers in my body..
It would have been better if I were oblivious of his feelings.. At least I could dance with him as a friend and without any hesitation..
I put my hand on his shoulder..
We had an eyelock..
The trance broke when the next song of our parody played.. “Dil cheez tujhe dedi”..
We danced actively on this song..
Shawana clapped..
And then came the last song.. “Ishq wala love”…. Beginning from ‘kyun na aisa hota……’

Love was in the air.. I wish we could practice after his confession.. I don’t know what I was feeling, but yeah, something was there that was attracting me towards him.. I guess, I too was falling for him!!

She was closer to me than I could imagine.. I didn’t wana leave her.. I wish I could tell her how much I love her.. But fear of rejection due to her past.. Our friendship may ruin..
I felt like all I wanted was her.. She made me feel so complete..

Shawana left from there.. Just then, rags bhabhi came with tea and snacks..
Su- aunty I need to leave now..
RB- Suhani when Bhawana is having good time here, then y are u in a hurry? Yuv plz tell her..
RB left..

I served her tea.. It fell on her hand by mistake.. I apologised and took her to the bathroom.. I turned on the tap and rubbed her hand..
Su- m feeling better..
Me- no.. Wait..

As he was busy aiding me, I looked up and very cleverly sprinkled water on his face.. He was surprised.. I tried to run away, but he held my hand and pulled me towards him.. He was about to slip and he held the tap and the shower turned on.. We had an eyelock..

PRECAP: YuvAni scenes..

Guys I hope its not boring.. And if it is, plz let me know.. Leave a comment also.. πŸ™‚

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