I regained consciousness and opened my eyes..
Di- suhani how r u feeling now?
Me- I’m fine..
I tried to get up and she helped me..
Me- di what happened with me?
Di- gas leaked and blast.. Due to nasal prob, u couldn’t know about it..
Me- but how did I come out safe?
Di thought for a while and said- fire brigade came and they helped u..
Me- oh..
Di- u take rest, I’ll bring tea for u..
I nodded..
She left..

Her phone rang.. It was yuvi, so I picked up..
Yuv- hello bhawana, did suhani wake up? Howz she? Do u need something?…………
I couldn’t speak..
At last he said- y r u not saying anything? Plz speak up..
Me- I will speak if u will let me speak..
Yuv- suhani…..
Me- I’m fine..
Yuv- thank God.. U take rest now.. Bye..
I hung up..

I was relieved that she was fine.. But if I could see her once.. I decided to go to her place in the morning..

Next morning:
I went to her home early morning..
Bh opened the door and she was shocked first and then started laughing..
I felt embarrassed..
Me- y r u laughing?
Bh- nothing.. U come inside.. Somebody is waiting for u..
I smiled and went to her room..
She was having tea..
I wished her gm..
She wished me back, and then she was shocked to see the bandages on my hand and forehead.. And I was walking a lil clumsily..
Su- what happened to u???? These wounds………
Me- wo…….pressure cooker blasted….
She was stunned and asked laughing- what???? What were u doing with PC?
Me- I ……….was……I went to have water and all of a sudden it blasted..
Su- oh…..who else got hurt?
Me- u…..
She looked on..
I realized what I just said..
Me- I mean, there I was injured and here u..
Bh came there with tea for me..
Bh- I have called the doc.. He told me to inform him when su wakes up.. He will come for checkup..

After an hour, the doc came.. He did the checkup and then said- u’r very lucky to have a husband like him (pointing towards yuv) jisne aapki jaan……..
He looked at yuvi and stopped..
I saw yuvi saying not to say anything through gesture..
Me- doc hez my friend, not hubby..
Doc- I’m sorry..
Me- doc u were saying something..
Doc- wo…. Actually he prayed for ur recovery..
Then they looked at each other..
I could smell something fishy..
But how to find out what was it..
Got an idea..

I pretended to faint.. Di helped me lay on the bed..
Yuv- doc y did she faint?
Doc- may be due to weakness.. Don’t worry..
Yuv- thanks doc.. For not telling her that I saved her life..
I was stunned!!
What was he saying?? Di didn’t tell me anything about it..
Di- but yuv.. She should know that somebody loves her to heights.. U love her!!
I couldn’t believe my ears..
Yuvi loves me?? He risked his own life to save me??
I recalled few things he said like:
>if u were the girl, how would u like me to approach..
>pressure cooker blasted..
>and a few others..

Yuv- I will tell her about it very soon.. Plz wait till then..
They left to take the doc to the door..

I opened my eyes and realized they were teary..
I wiped the tears and recalled some of our moments and smiled..
So Mr. Yuvraj Birla.. When will u speak ur heart out to me?? I won’t spoil ur plan..
I’ll wait..

Di came with yuvi..
Di- how r u feeling now?
Me- better..
I looked at yuvi who was already looking at me..
I felt something towards him.. It was different..
I told him to sit.. He sat on the sofa..
I told di that we should have breakfast together..
She went to get it..
I was with yuvi that time.. I guess, there was a kind of ackwardness between us.. Complete silence.. It was better when I was oblivious of his feelings.. But he doesn’t know that I know he loves me.. So I have to be friendly with him like before!!

We looked at each other and then looked away..
I said- yuvi, howz ur gf now? Will she come to attend di’s wedding?
Yuv- for sure..
Me- y r u so quiet today?
Yuv- nothing.. Wo……
Di called yuvi for help.. He left..

God.. What’s wrong with me? Y can’t I look into his eyes while talking to him? Y do I want him to say everything right now? Y can’t I wait? Y didn’t I tell him to forget all that when I got to know about it? Is this KISMAT CONNECTION??

PRECAP: YuvAni dance practice for sangeet..

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Credit to: NAPSHa J


  1. Aqsxxh

    Amazing Napsha! I love it! It’s kind of sad we have to wait a couple of says for the update…

  2. ajay

    this is going to much, evil character of Soumya has increased so much that people has started hating this serial. It is going too far and intolerable. Its better to do something in favor of Suhani

    • NAPSHa J

      I agree with u.. And now shez using yuvaan.. Heights of selfishness!!
      Now I don’t want YuvAni to unite.. Coz of the yuvi shouted at yuvaan..

  3. NAPSHa J

    Thanks a lot friends for ur constant support.. Actually I’m a lil busy these days but still I somohow manage to continue with both my ffs..

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