At home, all were forcing me to confess my feelings to suhani.. But I was a lil scared.. They were ready to help me.. But I denied.. So they told me that if I didn’t confess before shawana’s wedding day, then dadi and maa will directly ask suhani if she will marry me..
What should I do now? Prepare for sangeet or practice to propose suhani.. Just 20 days left!!

Preparations were going on..

After 3 days:
I missed her a lot.. I texted her many times, but no reply.. Her last seen showed 3 days ago.. So I thought she must be busy and I didn’t call her.. But finally I couldn’t control and I called her in the evening..
Me- hello daayan..
Su (like an angry kid)- u r…..I don’t wana talk to u..
Me- sorry sorry..
Su- ok fine.. Say..
Me- howz the preparation going on?
Su- I’m enjoying it..
She seemed too happy..
Me- ya ya.. Next is u..
Su- Huhh.. My dad knows that I won’t marry now.. And when he comes back, I will tell him that I won’t marry before ur wedding..
I smiled..
Me- y? Wherez he now?
Su- mum and papa have gone out to invite our relatives and friends..
I thought for a while..
Me- oh.. So u continue with ur work.. Bye..
I hung up..

I told sharad that the 2 mad girls were alone at home.. And we decided to go to meet them..

I was in my room upstairs, taking rest due to nasal congestion.. Di told she would make coffee for both of us and left..
The door bell rang.. I went to open the door.. As I opened the door, 2 people with ghost-like masks appeared in front of me.. I screamed so loudly, they ran out.. And I could hear the utensils falling down in the kitchen.. Which means di got scared..
Then I saw them removing their masks..
Me- u wanted to scare us, and I scared u.. I had seen both of u from the window when u were putting on the masks..
Yuv- very smart..
Di- sharad.. Yuv.. Come in..
We sat in our room..
Di- I was making coffee.. Wait I’ll just come..
Me- u sit di, I’ll make it..
Di- but u’r not well suhani..
Yuv (in a concerned tone)- what happened to u?
Me- nothing serious.. Just nasal congestion..
I left..
I turned the gas on, but before I could press the lighter, landline rang..
I went to pick up the call.. It was soumya.. We started gossiping and continued for some 35 mins..
Just then, I heard di’s voice- suhaniiiii, coffee bani nahi kya?
Me- di, 5 mins..
I told bye and hung up..
I went to the kitchen and pressed the lighter!!

We heard some noise as if a blast had occurred.. We came running downstairs and saw the kitchen on fire.. And suhani was lying unconscious in the middle of the kitchen!!
I felt my world rotate a 360 degree angle..
Bhawana screamed- suhani wake up plzz..
She tried to get in as well but couldn’t..
Sharad called fire brigade.. But I couldn’t put her life at risk..
Finally I jumped in from the window.. And I told shawana to come there and wait outside the window with 2 blankets..
I somehow managed to reach her and tried to wake her up.. But she didn’t.. I covered her with the blanket and took her in my arms and walked to leave..
Shawana- yuv cover itself also..
But I wanted to take her out asap..
Just then a pillar fell on my way and I fell down.. My way to the window was blocked..
I covered myself too.. And after trying hard, we somehow got out safe..
I gave a sigh of relief..
Me- sharad.. Bhawana.. Su shouldn’t know that I saved her..
Bh- what?? But y??
Me- if she gets to know, she will have many questions..
Bh- hmmm.. Yuv u have also got injuries.. Didn’t u realize?
I just smiled..
We called the doctor.. They treated suhani and said that shez ok..
They bandaged me as well..
Me- I think suhani should take rest and we should leave now.. Everyone would be waiting..
Sharad nodded and said- bh if u need any help, just call us..
She nodded and thanked me..
We left..

At home:
Everyone saw me and got shocked.. They asked what happened.. Sharad told everything and asked them to calm down as things were fine..

At night:
I called Bhawana and asked about suhani..
Bh- shez still unconscious..
I consoled her that she will recover soon and told her to let me know whenever su wakes up..

I tried to sleep but couldn’t.. The fire scene was on my mind.. And su was still unconscious.. I knew she was safe but I won’t be able to sleep till she wakes up!!

PRECAP: Suhani gets to know about yuvi’s feelings and she decides that she won’t talk to anybody about it but wait for his confession.. 🙂

Guys how was the epi? Did u enjoy it? Do comment.. 🙂

Credit to: NAPSHa J


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