I went to pankaj uncle with gauri and told him the truth.. He was stunned to know that he had chosen the wrong guy for his daughter..
He sat down in stress and said- once again the same thing happened..
Me- matlab??
He said- 5 yrs ago, when suhani was in college, a guy named KARAN (guyz I hope u remember Karan Goenka.. Read the intro once again for details..) trapped her in love.. She fell for him madly.. And after 6 months, she got to know that he had bet with his friends to take her to his bed.. And his love was fake and just a part of his way to win the bet.. She slapped him and broke up with him.. And after that day, she never trusted any guy.. Nor did we force her to marry..

I got upset after hearing all these.. She had suffered so much in the past..
Me- uncle we should be relieved that we got to know everything and suhani doesn’t know anything about it..
PU- now the problem is that what will I tell her when she returns.. Whatz the surprise?
He looked worried..
Me- uncle do u trust me?
PU- Yes of course beta.. U r like our family member..
I finally told- uncle I will marry suhani..
He was stunned and said- what? Look, u have done a big favour by telling us about adi.. Now I don’t want u to marry suhani forcefully..
Me- uncle.. Its not a forceful marriage for me.. Actually the truth is that I LOVE HER.. And yesterday I came to confess this to suhani..
He didn’t say a word..
I continued- uncle, u know me and my family.. We will never let her cry.. U just let me handle this situation..
I assured him and he said- ok but the ultimate decision will be hers..
I nodded and took his blessing and left..

At home I told everyone about everything that happened..
Rags bhabhi- yuv what will u do now?
Me- I won’t tell her anything right now.. Let things go the way they are..

At night
I saw her new dp with soumya.. She looked so beautiful and adorable..
I texted her- nice dp..
And my phone beeped after 2 mins..
Su- thanks Sadu Kumar..
I smiled and replied- u’r most welcome miss daayan..
Su- what did u say?? Just wait till I return..
Me- I’m waiting for ur return only..
I smiled..

I was back to home.. I hugged maa and papa and then asked about my surprise..
They looked at each other..
Me- is everything ok?
Maa- ya beta..
Just then there was a knock.. Dadi, Prat aunty and yuv were there.. We greeted them and they sat down..
Dadi- beta, the surprise is that yuv wants to marry someone.. But hez not telling us whoz she..
Me- oho.. Mr chhupa rustam.. Kis bechari ke karam foote hai?
Yuv- i won’t say now.. Waise v shez out of town now and will come back after a month..
Dadi showed me a bangle..
Me- wow.. its lovely..
Pr aunty- its for u beta..
I was confused..
Me- but for what?
PA- coz u’r like our daughter..
Dadi- and u helped gauri that day like a sis.. Now u have to take it..
Me- thank u dadi, aunty..
Yuv- u’r welcome..
He smiled looking at me and I recalled that he called me daayan..
Me- so what did u call me yesterday? Daayan?
Yuv- oh sorry..
Me- that’s good..
Me- tum daayan nahi ho.. Tum toh daayan ki behen ho, maa ho, dadi ho..
All started laughing..
I chased him and he ran out towards the garden..

I stopped and she started beating me..
Su- next time think 1000 times.. U don’t know me.. I’m Suhani Shrivastav..
Me- oh.. Achha..
She was admiring the flowers there..
Me- By the way, can I ask u something?
Su- ya..
Me- actually she doesn’t know that I love her.. But we are very good friends.. So how should I tell her? Suppose its u.. How would u like me to approach?

Su- yuv.. Every girl wants a guy in her life, who can do anything for her.. Who will love her the most and beyond everything.. Who can become her best friend.. With whom she can share anything and everything.. Who makes her feel shez special for him..

I said to myself- i’m ur ideal guy.. And I’ll give u more than that suhani..
She then said- u have to express ur love if u love her truly..

Dadi came and said that after 3 weeks its shawana’s wedding so we should start the preparations.. We nodded..
Maa- suhani, u will also have to dance in the sangeet..
Su (with craziness)- don’t worry aunty.. I will also dance and make everyone dance as well..
I smiled and then we left..

Guys did u like the epi? R u enjoying this ff or i should discontinue? Do comment and give ur suggestions if any..

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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