Me- maa I wana say something.. I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I know one thing.. I like her.. And shez very special for me..
Maa- its not like.. Its love..
I looked at her..
She continued- yes beta.. I have seen in ur eyes..
She was sitting on the bed.. I sat down on the floor and put my head on her lap and asked her- maa do u think she too……
Maa- she considers u as a friend.. U have to make her feel that shez special for u and that u love her..

I went out.. She was talking to snoopy.. Like a sis..
I thought of making her snoopy’s SIL.. And smiled..
She saw me smiling and asked what happened..
I said- nothing.. Let’s take selfie..
We started taking selfies.. I was so happy..

Whole night I kept thinking that I should confess my love before somebody takes her away..

Next morning I took maa’s blessings..
Maa- bring my DIL to my home..
I left..
On my way to suhani’s home, I saw a flower shop, and took a bouquet for her..
As I reached there, I was too nervous thinking how will she react..
I found the door open so I entered..
Pankaj uncle saw me and greeted me.. He introduced nikhil to me, the guy they had chosen for suhani..
I was shattered!!

I gave the bouquet to uncle.. Just then his phone rang.. It was suhani..
PU- beta u come back soon.. We have a surprise for u.. Talk to yuvi now..
I didn’t know what to say..
Su- hello.. Yuvraj..
Me- hi.. Suhani..
She was too excited and asked me about the surprise..
Me- I don’t know..
I tried to control my emotions and asked her wherez she..
Su- I’m in Lucknow.. With soumya.. To talk to her mom about Krishna and bring her to Allahabad.. I will be back in 3 days..
I said ok and hung up..
I pretended that I have some urgent work and left from there..

Instead of going back to home, I went to a park and recalled few moments we had spent together.. My phone rang.. It was maa.. She told me that she was eagerly waiting for both of us and that she has told dadi, ragsmen, gauri and sharad about it.. I was stunned.. I said I was on the way and hung up..

When I reached home, maa n all saw me and understood that something was wrong.. They came to my room and asked what did she say.. I burst into tears and told them everything..
They tried to console me..

Next day, gauri was feeling too uneasy so maa told me to take gauri for a routine check-up..
We went to the doc’s clinic.. The doc prescribed some medicines also which weren’t available there at that time.. We left..
On the way, I saw a medical store.. I got down and told gauri to wait.. I went in.. There I met nikhil.. We shook hands as well..
As I came back,
G- viyu who was that guy?
Me- nikhil.. Suhani’s would-be fiance..
She was shocked to hear that..
G- viyu hez adi.. The Playboy..
I was shocked..
Me- r u sure?
G- yes..
We went to the store and asked which med adi purchased.. And got to know he took a preg kit..
I couldn’t understand what to do..
G- we have to save her..
I kept thinking.. We had just 2 days in hand..

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Credit to: NAPSHa J

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