Director- Reena, did u inform our Interior Decorator about our new project?
Reena- yes sir.. But..
D- but what?
R- sir, i have heard that the best ID of Lucknow has recently shifted here with her family.. So, can we give her a chance?
D- ok.. U fix a meeting with both of them at sharp 11 tomorrow.. I’ll talk to them and decide what to do..
R- ok sir..
Reena leaves..

Next morning,

Snoopy barks and comes to yuvi’s room.. Yuvi wakes up.. He sees the time and reluctantly wakes up and gets ready.. He joins for the breakfast..
Yuv- good morning dadi.. Gm everyone..
Dadi- gm beta.. Yuv, u’r my favourite grandson.. That’s y I never forced u for marriage.. Even ur younger bro has got married.. See hez so happy today..
Menka looks at her anuj ji and blushes, and all laugh..
Rags- yuv, ur life is set, so even u should settle down now..
Yuv- but bhabhi I’m not getting the girl of my choice..
Pratima pulls his ear and says- u have already rejected so many girls for no reason..
Yuv- maa there was a reason.. That none was my choice.. Now let’s end this topic here.. I’m getting late..
After having his breakfast, he leaves for the meeting..

Bhawana: suhani wake up, else u’ll be late for the meeting..
Suhani: di, let me sleep..
Bhawana pulls the blanket and wakes her up.. She gets ready and is about to leave for the meeting without having her breakfast..
Bh- my lovely sis, if u wana focus on the meeting, then have something..
Su (smiling)- ok di..
She takes a samosa..
Pankaj- beta, its ur 1st contract in allahabad, just grab it..
Sakes the blessings of her parents, hugs bhawana, and then leaves..

Both of them are on their way.. They see a temple and stop their cars.. They get out of their cars, climb up the stairs and enter the temple.. They are standing beside each other with their hands folded and eyes closed.. They pray for success and then open their eyes..
They turn towards each other to leave and collide.. Suhani is about to fall and yuvraj holds her by her waist, and her hands are on his shoulders.. They have an eyelock..
Suhani breaks the trance and says- How dare u touch me?? I know guys like u just need a chance to………
Yuvraj- oh just shut up.. I’m Yuvraj Birla.. I don’t need to do any cheap tricks.. Girls die to be with me..
Su- But I won’t ever.. Mind it..
Yuv- and I’m happy about it..
Su (pointing her finger towards him)- u…..
Pandit ji comes and gives them prasad..
Su- Pandit ji, give me ur blessings so that i succeed in my work today..
Yuv says the same..
They look at each other with full attitude.. Then su bends to touch P.ji’s feet, and as she gets up, Yuv bends.. Their foreheads hit..
Su- Are you blind?
Yuv (innocently and softly)- yes.. And you?
Suhani frowns..
P.ji blesses both of them and leaves..
They stare at each other and leave for the meeting..
On reaching the venue, their cars stand side by side.. They get down but dont see each other..
Yuv goes inside the office building.. There was a banana peel on the floor coz of which he was about to slip.. He scolds the staff and gives a long lecture on cleanliness.. Suhani was at the entrance when she heard him, but didnt recognize his voice..
She thought- God knows which Sadu is screaming.. If he has so much problem, why dont he clean it..

PRECAP: YuvAni nok-jhok.. 🙂

Guys how was the epi? Hope u enjoyed it.. 🙂

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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