Destined To Be Mates Chapter 7

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In Alec’s Room

Alec’ POV:

Sister then moves her hand and puts her fingers on the zipper of the bag and drags it in the other direction to open the bag. One question is very much bothering me that what Jane has got for me in her Beauty Bag.

“Alec, first close your eyes and bring your hands in front of you. And remember no cheating.” Jane ordered me playfully.

“Okay, as you say teacher” I said and chuckled.

Jane says “Alec” in a grumpy tone but then she giggles.

I close my eyes and move my hands in front of me as my sister told me.

Jane then puts something in my hand, I am curious to see what it could be but as I have promised, I can’t open my eyes until Jane has asked me to do so. Stupid promise. But what if, if I open my right eye for a millisecond just a tiny bit and see what’s in my hands quickly and then again shut back my eye and pretend nothing has happened, I am unaware of the thing placed in my hands. I don’t think it would make any harm.

“Don’t you dare to think anything like that Alec; No cheating” Jane squeaked like a four year old girl. Seriously Jane Grow up, I am not asking for very much, just a little bit growing up will do the thing.

“I haven’t, don’t put any false blame on me for no good reason” I told her bluntly

Jane pouted and annoyance can clearly been seen on her face.(Author’s Note)

(Back to Alec) I imagined her reaction and I swear if anyone would have seen her here in a four year old girl look then they would have died laughing like me, I am mentally laughing so hard that my inner me is right now holding its tummy and wiping tears off his eyes, And then he fell on the floor and furthermore laughs still holding on his tummy and now kicking in the air too.

Who would stay still and don’t give any reaction knowing that fiery, cruel, ruthless, merciless looking girl in front of whom people beg, cry was now crying and pouting like a toddler.

I think I should now get back my mind to think about the surprise gift that Jane has put in my hands.

“Jane I can feel it’s very big I expected something a bit smaller” I said.

Jane giggles “Oh my innocent brother, this is big because it’s a beauty bag, ”

I cut her in between and started babbling in a haphazard manner.

“You mean that girly bag you just show it to me is the gift that you brought for me” I exclaimed, “I should have had understood you will give me all girly things thinking that I also like pink stuff, romantic novels Jane just get out of the thought that I am a girl and I like this pathetic stuff. I literally hate that pink romantic girly stuff.” I yelled.

I uttered everything that came in my mind without even thinking and paying attention. But now I am feeling relieved. I don’t know how I got this much strength. Oh I get it now, this happened because I couldn’t see her face. What did I say though, wait let me recall.

Oh no, did I just say that. Now no one can save me from her wrath, I am done now.

“What did you just say ALEC VOLTURI!” Jane yelled.

“Jane, Jane calm down, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to say anything I just said” I told her as I run around the room, finding a space to hide, which wasn’t there. My bad.

Now where should I run, there is no window here from which I can jump; in addition to this Jane is blocking the door.

Jane is standing still but she is very mad at me. It is looking like she is eating me with her furious eyes.

I am standing near the corner of the room, the far corner; still holding the present.

Jane slowly starts to move her feet, she very slowly walks towards me, with her curious looking rat’s eyes, her devilish smile.

The exact same way she looks at her live human food. (Author’s Note)

Why is she looking at me like this, I know I have done a sin but this look of her is too much for this sin.

“I-I am S-sorry Jane. I-I swear I won’t do or say or whatever again. I pro-promise.” I stammered.

“That will be good for you” Jane hissed.

Why is she scaring me so much? Why?

“Don’t think too much my Brother. Thinking Department isn’t yours. So don’t stress yourself too much” Jane said.

She is now standing in front of me, only 9 inches away from me I suppose. ‘Somebody save me please’ says the inner me.

“You are looking like a scared little weak bird who is begging for its life in front of a strong big eagle.” Jane said

“J-Jane I-I am s-sorry. Pl-please for-forgive me” I stammered

Jane smiled cunningly and say “For that you have to beg, like others do, then I will think”

“I-I beg you Ja-Jane, Pl-please for-forgive me” I begged

Her expression stayed still but then she suddenly started laughing leaving me so puzzled, What happened? Is this some sort of a joke cracked on me? But why? So many questions. Aghh.

I look at Jane with the expression ‘would you like to explain’.

“Oh Alec, I was just kidding, I am not mad at you about anything. What all you just uttered some minutes ago was not bad at all, ” Jane paused, when I tilt my head questioningly, Jane continues “yeah it hurts a bit, but you were being honest and Honesty should be rewarded with love and not with anger”.

“So you are not at all mad at me?” I asked.

“No” Jane replied.

“Not even 1%?” I tried to confirm.

“Not even 0.0001%” Jane giggles.

I chuckled.

Jane says “Now I will show you your real present that I have brought for you”

What? This is not for me then why Jane put it in my hand.

“Alec, don’t think too much. I had put my beauty bag in your hand so that I came easily take out the gift from it” Jane explained.

Jane answered the question that was in my mind. Is she becoming like Edward? Has she got the powers, same as that Edward has? But how is that possible?

“Alec, I told you don’t think too much. I am not becoming like Edward. It’s just that I am your sister and can think like you. So that’s why I know what you are thinking.” Jane explained again.

“Oh now I get it, but you haven’t answer the big question that what you have got for me” I said

“Patience Alec patience” Jane said.

We have been waiting for so long to know what you have got for me now we can’t be patient. Right readers?

“No, show me now” I demanded.

“Okay okay” Jane surrendered.

Jane puts her hand inside her beauty bag which I am holding in my hands.

“No no no, no cheating, close your eyes like a good boy” Jane squeaked

“Okay” I said and then I closed my eyes with honesty.

It feels like the bag is getting lighter.

“Now you can open your eyes” Jane said.

I open my eyes and I see that there are many things in Jane’s hand. I can’t recognize them perfectly but they seem to be some sort of makeup products.

“These are just samples” Jane said

“But this is too much and still you are saying sample” I paused “And why did you have brought these makeup products for me.”

“To hide your identity Alec, our skin reveals what we are and this will hide the perfections of our skins and make it look like those of humans. This will make it look like We are normal and not something extraordinary. And these are samples because these have little amount of product and to make us look normal we need to apply many products in a bit large quantity; not too much but just a little bit more.” Jane explained.

“I get it now” I said “Thanks for bring it for me”

“There’s no sorry no thank you between brothers and sister. Don’t forget” Jane said.

“Yes commander” I said.

Jane giggles.

“I should go and start packing, don’t forget to pack the samples with you Alec” she said smilingly and then she heads towards the door.

Jane holds the knob of the door but turns herself a bit so she is half facing me and says “Oh I forget to tell you something”

“Really what is it?” I asked

“That we have to go shopping” Jane bubbled.

“Shopping” I exclaimed “But you never liked shopping”

“Yes I don’t” Jane replied.

“Then why do you want to go on shopping?” I asked.

“I said I don’t like but Jennifer Miller do like” Jane said and then she winks at me.

“Oh yeah, how can I forget that” I joked.

“So be ready in the evening” Jane said and then moves the knob and the heads towards her room closing the door behind her.


So how it is, do you like the present which Alec got. Next chapter is of Nessie’s POV.

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