Destined To Be Mates Chapter 6


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I am here with my Twilight fan fiction.
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Renesmee Cullen‘s POV

Jacob comes near the table saying “Nessie Edward has given the permission.”
I rise to my feet and I jump on Jake, I instantly wrap my legs around his waist and hug him tight. He hugs me back and he twirls me. I guess he twirls me twice and after that he releases me. He is still beaming proudly.
“Jakey I am so happy and so delightful, I can’t even express how much blessed I am feeling right now. I feel like I am flying now, it’s the best day of my life. It’s like a dream come true which was seeming impossible just some minutes ago, but here in my case the impossible become ‘I m possible’. I don’t know why but I still am not able to believe it, are you sure that dad said yes and he is not mad at me. You heard him clearly right? Tell me Jakey tell me. Why are you so silent, say something? Jake.” I said these words so fast that it took Jake an eternity to understand what I just utter. What? Don’t look at me like that, please. Okay, Okay!!, fine, maybe I am hyperbolizing it, but to be honest Jake really took so much time to comprehend my statement than an American would have taken on an average. I was speaking in English only not in German or French that you took so much time Jake. And while speaking l really enjoyed Jake’s confused face, it was a good amusement. With his eyebrows knitted together and eyeballs searching something up on the ceiling. And his mouth many a times opening and then closing without saying a word.
But this time when he opens his mouth words really did escape his mouth making me hear, “Nessie, if u can’t believe me then ask him yourself”. He then points somewhere by his eyes and when I follow his gazes, I find my mom and dad coming downstairs.
I run towards them and when I reach near the foot of the stairs I asked mom, who was standing on the last step of the staircase besides dad, “Mom did dad really say yes.”
“Yes Honey.” Mom replied beamingly.
My eyes grew wide as soon as I heard mom. When I move my head to see dad, I see that dad too is smiling.
Dad lightly pinched my arm when I wince a little, dad smiles and says “Nessie, It’s true that I have said yes for high school and you are not dreaming.”
Instantly I start to jump with smiling broadly.
“Yes Yes Yes!!!Finally. Hurray I am so happy.” I exclaimed.
Everyone looks so happy, all laughing and smiling wholeheartedly.
“Ness don’t jump so much you are shaking the house and if you wouldn’t stop then the whole world will experience earthquake and it will happen all because of YOUR weight” Uncle Em said as he laughs. He intentionally give emphasise on ‘Your’. How dare Uncle Em say like that. I am not fat; you will regret saying all that about me. I will make you regret it.
I glare at Uncle Em as I say “I am not fat Uncle Em, how dare you say that Uncle Em.”
After listening to me, he laughs more and right now holding his tummy and he acts to wipe a tear off his left eye twice, which was even not there. And then he fell on the floor from his chair and laugh still holding on his tummy and kicking in the air too. So much drama! You are such a dramaqu- oh sorry how can you be a drama queen as you are a guy, so um, then you will be a Drama king. Yes it’s a good name for you, Drama King. But it is not a movie Uncle Em that you are doing so much drama to get an award. Even if it was a movie then you wouldn’t have been selected and by chance if you might have got the role, then it would be because the movie makers don’t have any other good actor and out of helplessness they would have selected you. And your drama was so pathetic that if you were doing theatre then you would have got rotten tomatoes.
Uncle Em interrupted my thoughts and said something after trying so hard to control his laughter “I didn’t say u r fat I just said that u r heavy” and Uncle Em again starts to laugh.
“Aunt Rose” I said half crying.
Aunt Rose looks at me and then glared at Uncle Em and said “Emmett”
“Wha what” Uncle Em said with his voice trembling, very much.

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