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In Volturi Castle
Alec’s POV

“Now you both may leave” Master Caius said.
We both were about to leave the hall when we hear Master Aro saying “And one more thing”
“Yes Master?” I said
“Pack your stuff soon, your flight is day after tomorrow.” Master Aro told us.
“Yes Master” I said. I and Jane then walk towards our rooms.
Jane and I are walking in a slow pace in the aisle in silence. We are just looking straight with silence surrounding us. Everything is eating me alive. I can’t hold back my feelings anymore now. All the pain that I felt when we were with Masters is eating me alive. I have to talk to her and share out my pain. Else I will be much worse than a living dead which I already am, unfortunately.
I break the silence by saying “Jane, why did you say your feelings out loud in front of Master?Why Jane why? If something would have happened to you then how ” I broke down, I really want to speak more and tell her all what was going in my mind when we were in that hall but my mouth is disobeying my brain. There are so many words roaming in my mind but I am not able to voice them out. I feel helpless. I am staring at the floor of the aisle while walking, trying to find the answers of the questions that why I am so helpless, that why I am not able to voice my speech. Unexpectedly I feel a hand brushing my shoulder and another voice break the silence as it says “I am sorry Alec” she paused and after a few seconds of silent walk she resumes “I know that I shouldn’t have said anything that I said in the hall but-but I don’t know why, why I couldn’t stop myself, I-I just lost the control over my tongue and utter everything which came in my mind.”
I don’t respond her but I think she is sensing my pain and grief.
“I am sorry Alec please forgive me, I can’t see you like that I just want my sweet cheerful brother back, right now. Please Alec, please forgive me.” Jane begged. She is so much broken that suddenly she fells on her knees and sits on the floor. It feels so bad when you are standing helplessly and seeing your sister sitting in the circle of grief. It’s the first time she hasn’t made her pouty face while apologizing. Jane is feeling bad, very bad and I know she is cursing herself now. And I can’t let her curse herself. I sit beside her and pull her in my embrace, resting her head on my chest and wrapping my arms around her tightly.
“Jane, I can’t see you like that please Jane come out of your grief circle. Please Jane. For me Jane leave the palace of pain. Please Jane.” I said. After hearing me Jane looks at me and opens her mouth as if she wants to say something but she closes it without saying anything. Even though my heart doesn’t beat but my heart is still there. My heart doesn’t beat scientifically but it does beat emotionally and for Jane it does. And it pains there. It pains to see my sister in this condition. It feels like my heart breaks into pieces each time I see her sad face. Jane is breaking even more when she is seeing me like this. We both are breaking seeing each other and I have to take initiative to bring both of us back in the happy world.
“Sister, just promise me that you would never do anything which will endanger your life. Please” I begged her.
“Alec Alec I promise.” Jane said.
“Jane you are the best sister, I love you.” I told her
“I love you too Alec.” She replied.

“Please smile Jane, I can’t see you sad”. I said beamingly in a hope that she will smile too.
Jane puts a genuine grin on her face.
After spending some time with her in silence. I rise to my feet and then I help her to stand on her feet. When she got on her feet, then I hug her and she reciprocates the hug with the same affection. When we broke the hug, I see the warm and wholehearted smile Jane always wear; the smile which makes my day. I now feel very happy and it seems that my heart comes back to life.
“Shall we?” I said offering my hand.
“Yes, of course” She giggles and puts her hand in mine.
We walk in the aisle, hand in hand like we used to do in our previous life, when we were humans. When we reach in front of her room’s door. I said “Later Jane” and put a genuine grin, the one I can afford.
“Later Alec” Jane said beamingly and then she went inside her room and closed its door. I then increased my pace and went towards my room. My room is a bit far from Jane’s room.
After a minute or so I reach in front of my room. I open the door and move myself in the room. It’s a normal room but one thing makes it special which is that it is Alec Volturi’s Room.
When I saw my room my inner voice tells me that I should start to pack my clothes and stuff.
I go near my bookshelves and almirah to pick up my stuff I find so much dust resting on everything kept there. Ahh my inner soul groans. It’s so dirty. I don’t know why it isn’t clean. I guess I was so busy earlier that I wasn’t even bothered to keep my room hygienic. Alec Volturi you can do any work even difficult work too but you can’t clean your own room; Shame on you. Now stop cursing me because of two reasons first past can’t be changed and second time is getting waste in cursing. I told my inner voice. Now start cleaning my inner voice ordered me. Crazy right? I know it is but sometimes my inner voice order my brain’s voice so it’s kind of normal.
I go towards my side table and open its drawers in a hope that I will find thing which will help me in cleaning my things. I found a tissue paper box. What is it doing here; no idea. But I think I willuse it for cleaning. And it is good to have something rather than having nothing. I take the box in my hand and go towards my workstation which is my bookshelves right now. I take out books all one by one and make its piles on the floor. By using many tissue papers from its box I cleaned the bookshelves. Right now I am cleaning a book slowly and with ease.
Suddenly I hear a knock on my door that has disturbed me, a hardworking guy. I should have had put a board outside which says “Do Not Disturb” so nobody can disturb when I am working diligently. But I guess working in peace is not in my luck today.
“The door is open, come in” I said. I am still busy in doing my work that I am even not bothered to look who’s at the door. I hear a low groaning of the hinges and then sense the presences of someone in the room. That person is intentionally making noise by its footsteps and by closing the door very harshly, just to annoy me. But still I am not bothered to look away.

“Alec” A voice said and I instantly recognised it. Its Jane’s sweet and shrill voice. She continues “See what I have got” I can easily perceive the excitement in her voice.
“What is it Jane” I said in an unenthusiastic voice.
“Alec, stop your useless work and look here, see what I have got” Jane said in a baby voice. I bet that she is making a pout now. I chuckle imagining her adorable face.
I look away from my work and turn myself so that I am facing Jane. She has a bag in her hands. It’s neither too big nor too small. It is perfect for a girl like Jane. Thank God it’s not a pink coloured bag again. I can’t say that it does not have pink colour at all. I think that Jane is holding the bag backwards so that I can’t see the front of it. The way Jane is holding it, it is by tilting it a little bit towards me, I catch glimpses of the other side which has a little bit little shade of pink in it. But it doesn’t have pink as a base colour. And I feel blessed for that fact. She is so much obsessed with pink colour that she has almost everything in her room in pink colour, I don’t understand why she so much likes this girly colour. I know she is a girl and can like girly colour but we all know that she never behaves like a girl. She always likes to give pain and how much she loves to torture other people. Who can believe that Jane can have girly bubbly side too?
But besides that point, her bag has a base of cream colour, but I can’t see the front of it. I think Jane sensed that my eyes wanted to see the whole bag and are searching for a way to do so, so she slowly starts to turn the bag, so that I can see the whole bag. I see that on the front of the bag there are vertical stripes of cream colour and pale pink colour. What! Wait! Did I just see that; when the front of the bag came in front of my eyes I saw that on the bag some words are diagonally written “Beauty Benefit Bag”; “Benefit” was in the background in almost Khaki colour, trying to get blend with the base colour whereas “Beauty” and “Bag” were in the foreground popping up with the help of for colours which are pink, orange, maroon and lemon yellow; which are used to write these two words.
“See my new bag, do you like it?” Jane asked looking hopeful as ever that I will love her bag like her favourite novel. Which was just a bundle of papers according to me and nothing else.
“Of course sister” I lied in a calming voice, as calm and normal as possible.
“I know you don’t” Jane told me.
“Don’t think like that sister, I really loved your bag” I lied again. It actually pained my heart when I said that I loved that bag. Because I hate girly stuff.
“Then why have you said that with so much bitterness and hatred.” Jane asked making a sad face by curling the corners of her lips downwards.
“Jane I am sorry, I didn’t mean to say that with feelings of bitterness and hatred” I apologize and swiftly make a sad face too.
“Okay fine. But now lift up your mood because I have something for you too.” Jane said. I knew Jane will forgive me as soon as she will see my sad face.
Sister then moves her hand and puts her fingers on the zipper of the bag and drags it in the other direction to open the bag. One question is very much bothering me that what Jane has got for me in her Beauty Bag.
“Alec, first close your eyes and bring your hands in front of you. And remember no cheating.” Jane ordered me playfully.
“Okay, as you say teacher” I said and chuckled.
Jane says “Alec” in a grumpy tone but then she giggles.
I close my eyes and move my hands in front of me as my sister told me.

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