Destined To Be Mates Chapter 4 (A Twilight Story)


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In hall of Volturi Castle
Alec’s POV

As soon as I reach there, I see Jane.
It seems like something is fishy.
When I take the glimpse of other side, I see all the Masters sitting on their respective thrones as usual; Master Aro on the centre throne, Master Marcus on his right throne and Master Caius on his left throne.
Master Aro then rises to his feet and moves a bit forward. He joined his hands in front of his chest then intertwined his fingers and said with a mischievous grin
“Welcome Alec, we all were waiting for you ONLY.” Oh Master Aro has given emphasis on the word ‘only’, this can only mean that now the interrogation will begin. I just hope that the interrogation will not be bad.
“Where were you Alec, you took so much time to reach here.”

See I told you that Master will interrogate. I wish I would have put a bet on it with you, and then I would have won it. Maybe next time, and I love winning so be ready for losing.
“I was in my room only Master reading a novel that Jane had lent me.” I give an excuse, which is obviously true.
I glance at Jane who was standing at some distance to my left and I smile at her. She smiles back but her smile is much warmer and genuine than mine. Oh Jane did I ever tell you that it’s your smile only that gives me power and strength to face every moment of my life. It was your smile only that gave me the strength to live when people used to call us ‘witches’, when people of our village wanted to burn us alive, when Master Aro changed us into Vampires. Jane it is your smile only because of which I travelled the journey of my life. Jane it was your smile only because of which I am here, still living.

“Alec, you seems lost any problem.” Master Aro enquired disturbing the trails of my thoughts.
I left my thought world and came back to reality.
“No master.” I said.
Master sighed and continued “As you both know that you two are the most loyal guards in Volterra”. This shows that something is definitely fishy. I know he wants us to do something, I am damn sure about it but what does he wants?
Master Aro says as he continues to slightly move his intertwined fingers, “I want you both to do an important work for us.” He slightly turns his face back and looks at Master Marcus and then at Master Caius. Both the Masters nodded back in reply.
Master Aro then looks towards Jane and said in mysterious voice, “Will you my dear?”
“Yes Master” Jane said obediently

Master Aro then looks at me and asks “Will you Alec?”
“Of course Master, how can I oppose you?” I said trying my best to avoid the bitter tone, which was coming from inside.
“So let’s come back to the point” Master Aro said.
I am eagerly waiting to hear the new task that Masters have came up with which has made Felix tensed.
“We, your MASTERS” with not only M in capital but all the letters in capitals, I know what you must be thinking that why all the letters are capitals, the answer is quite simple they all love their titles so much that they themselves give and want emphasis on the word ‘MASTERS’, egomaniacal right; I know that but I can’t do anything to change their attitude. As they are our Masters and we have to worship them otherwise we will be sentenced to death, which of course no one wants. So the way it is going let it go.

Master Aro continued “ wants you two to go to Forks, Washington, US.”
“Forks? Why there? What’s so special there” Jane said, I can’t understand why Jane is always in hurry, why can’t she keep mum, at least when she is in front of all the Masters.
“Patience my dear, have patience. I will tell you everything” Master Aro said beamingly in his unique voice.
“Oh no is that the place where the CULLENS lives with the dogs” Jane said as the bitterness surrounded her words.
“Jane my dear Cullen’s won’t like it if u will address their werewolves oh pardon me shape-shifters friend’s as dog” Master Aro said calmingly still it can easily sensed that how disgusted he feels when he mentioned about the ah even I am feeling displeased thinking about them.
Why Masters does wants us to go there. Now I feel so much agitated.
“Masters, why do we have to go there? Can’t just send someone else go in our place? You know how much I hate them, especially that Bella”. Jane said giving an extra emphasis and a disgustful look on the name ‘Bella’.

I also hate them but I can’t just babble all what’s in my mind in front of Masters. If I do then I will be dead for sure. You all are well aware of my thoughts in addition to that you all are also very intelligent and expert in visualisation so you can very well imagine my situation afterwards.
Master Caius rises to his feet and walks towards Master Aro and stands beside him.
“Sweet Angelic Jane ” Master Caius said with all the words coated with sugar, suddenly all the sugar vanishes and cruelty surrounded Master Caius’s words as he says “Would you go against OUR will and deny OUR work” and takes a step forward in the direction of Jane.
“No no Mas-Master” Jane said as she stammers, Jane gets scared by Master Caius’s sudden movement and she takes a step backwards. I have to do something; I have to save Jane from Master Caius’s wrath. I can’t afford to lose her.
“Pardon her my lord my Master. Please pardon her.” I begged to him.
“Caius Caius Caius What are you doing, you are scaring this young lady and this young man too” Master Aro said beamingly.
Jane says “I am sorry Master. I will do ” I cut her words and said “We will do whatever you will say Master”.
In a hope, that this sentence will calm the surroundings.

“Good, now that sounds pleasant and delightful. Right Caius?” Master Aro said and he waits for Master Caius’s reply. After few seconds of thinking Master Caius nodded in reply but he looks a bit sad.
Master Aro says “So where was I, yeah you both have to go to Forks, for two reasons ”.
Now what are the two Reasons because of which they are sending in the area of Cullen’s. Tell fast, I thought still keeping my expressions calm and normal.
Master Aro continues, “To keep a check on Renesmee Carlie Cullen and to bring us a new vampire who is hiding near Forks. So simple isn’t it?”
Jane and I both nodded back in reply.
Master Caius turns his face in Jane’s direction and says “Jane you will keep check on Renesmee”, he pauses for a while and looks in my direction and says “And Alec you will find and bring us the vampire”.

Master Aro says “And yes one more thing you both will attend Forks High School being Jennifer Miller and Andrew Miller” Master Aro turns his face back to look at Master Marcus and then continues “Would you like to add something Marcus?”
“Yes of course, never let the Cullen’s know that you both are there” Master Marcus said.
“Now you both may leave” Master Caius said.
We both were about to leave the hall when we hear Master Aro saying “And one more thing”
“Yes Master?” I asked
“Pack your stuff soon, your flight is day after tomorrow.” Master Aro told us.
“Yes Master” I said. I and Jane then walk towards our rooms.


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