Destined To Be Mates Chapter 3


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In Cullen Mansion
Renesmee’s POV

“Uncle Em Uncle Em” I said in a trembling voice. I pretended to be very scared.
“What Uncle Em Renesmee” My dad asked.
“He will tickle me” I said giving puppy dog eyes and a little pout.
I am sure that this cute look will definitely melt everyone’s heart even uncle Em’s too.
Dad chuckled.
“My little princess, don’t be scared. I won’t let Uncle Em touch you.” My dad assured me.
“As long as we are here no one can hurt or scare my baby” mom said still rubbing my back
“Really?” I asked them.
“Yes Renesmee” mom said.
“But Edward and Bella you both don’t know what Nessie has done to me”. Uncle Em complains to mom and dad like he is a five year old boy. Grow up Uncle Em.
Oh god did he just copy my adorable look. Uncle Em don’t you have originality. Can’t you make your own look? Oh sorry I forgot that doing something cute isn’t his cup of tea. He can only be tough.
“Emmett don’t copy Nessie’s look. It only suits her.” Grandma scolded Uncle Em. Oh yeah Uncle Em deserves it. I silently thank her and she nodded in reply.
Uncle Em made a sad face as he got defeated. Yah I won I am so happy. I stick out my tongue to Uncle Em as a symbol to my victory.
“Nessie don’t you think that you should go and get ready.” Grandpa told me. Oh I forgot that I am still in my night clothes. I left my mom’s embrace and run towards my room. The time I enter my room, I move my feet towards my closet to grab a towel. Then I headed to take shower.
As soon as I enter my room after having shower. I find Aunt Ali and Aunt Rose sitting on my bed.
Aunt Ali jumps to her feet and says “Today we will help you get ready Nessie.” I nodded in reply.
“Go and change to this” Aunt Rose pointed at the end of the bed. There is a navy blue skirt and a white crop top. Aunt Ali and Aunt Rose always select a skirt and a crop top for me whenever they want me to go somewhere with them.
“Are we going somewhere?” I asked my Aunts.

Aunt Ali smiled and said “Yes of course Sweetie. We are going for shopping”
“But why, I have some many clothes. And last Sunday only we went for shopping Right?” I asked them.
“Yes we went. But today we have to go and shop some clothes for you because you are going to high school now. And we don’t want you to wear old clothes.” Aunt Rose replied.
“Aunt Rose I haven’t taken permission from dad to go high school. How can we go shopping to it?” I asked her.
“Don’t worry Nessie, Edward will say yes.” Aunt Ali replied to me.
“But ” Aunt Rose cut me in between and said “No buts or ifs. Nessie you are going to talk to Edward before we will go for shopping.”
“Okay Aunt Rose I will talk to dad at the dining table.” I said.
“Now hurry up.” Aunt Ali said.
“But we have shopped those clothes only a month ago. Remember, you have changed my whole wardrobe that time.” I reminded them.
“So what. Those clothes are old now Nessie. We are going for shopping and will change your whole wardrobe. And that’s final. Now go and change.” Aunt Ali said.
“Okay okay fine. I can’t win in front of you two.” I told them.
Aunt Rose and Aunt Ali beamed. Aunt Rose said “Go and come fast. We will be waiting for you in your dressing room.”
I nodded in reply.
I grab those clothes which my aunts have selected for me and move towards my changing room. You must be thinking how many rooms have I got. But there aren’t many. I just have got two more doors inside my room. One is for bathroom and other is for my closet. My closet is very big. My closet too has two more doors. One is my changing room and other is my dressing room. You must be thinking that I am very lucky. I know that I am.

My changing room is quiet big. And it has got mirrors on all the walls so I can see myself properly. Sometimes I think that there isn’t any wall, and mirrors have replaced the walls. It’s a nice room.
I swiftly changed to my clothes and went towards the dressing room where my aunts will be waiting for me.
When I open the dressing room door, I see Aunt Rose with a hair brush in her hand and Aunt Ali with makeup brush in her hand.
“Come and sit.” Aunt Ali pointed towards the chair near my dressing table. I moved my feet towards it and settle myself on that chair.
Aunt Ali does my makeup and Aunt Rose does my hair. Aunt Rose has done a high ponytail in my hair and Aunt Ali has just done minimal neutral makeup.
“Isn’t she looking pretty Rose?” Aunt Ali said to Aunt Rose
“Yes indeed.” Aunt Rose replied.
“Thank you Aunt Ali and Aunt Rose.” I said
“You don’t have to thank us Nessie.” Both aunts said together. After realising that they have said it together, they both chuckled and left the room.
I am looking very pretty. Nice work Aunt Ali and Aunt Rose.
As soon as I entered my room looking like a Barbie doll, I heard my father’s voice, coming from down stairs.
“Nessie come down fast. Seth is already here. He is waiting for you on the dining table.”
“Yes dad coming.” I said.
Oh that hungry wolf is always before time. I went down and get settle on the dining chair next to Seth.
“Hey Seth How is it going?” I asked Seth, placing a sandwich in my plate.
“It’s going good Nessie” Seth replied still busy in stuffing the food. He isn’t bothered to ask me about my moving around. How bad.
“Seth, where is Jake?” I asked him
“On his way. Today it was his turn for morning patrolling.” He replied.
“Okay” I said.
I turn towards dad. I am feeling very nervous now. I have never felt like that in past years. But I have to talk to dad. So I gathered the courage. It was utter silence on the dining table. Even Seth is always not making noise while eating. Is he alright? I will ask him about his health later. First I have to talk to dad. Unconsciously I find myself looking at Aunt Ali. When she finds me staring at her she wishes my luck and I nodded to her. With all the will power I have I break the silence and said
“Dad I want to talk to you about something important.”
“Yes what is it about Nessie?” Dad asked
“Actually dad I want um I mean I I” I stammered
“Say clearly Nessie what do you want to say.” Dad said.
I bluntly said “I want to go High School Dad.”
As soon as I say this dad’s smile vanishes.
“You are not going to High School Nessie.”
“Please dad.” I begged
“No means no nessie” He said
He rises to his feet and went to his room.
“Dad ” I tried to say something but mom puts her hand on my shoulder and says”Renesmee you have your breakfast, I go and talk to Edward”
“Okay mom” I said.
Mom then went after dad.
“Nessie” I heard Jake’s voice and when I turn towards its source I find him standing near the front door.
I run towards Jake and said
“Jakey, please convince dad. I really want to go to High School.”
“Nessie you heard what your dad has said right? And Edward’s decision is final Nessie. He knows what is best for you. I can’t do anything Ness.” Jake said.
“Please Jakey please. Pretty please.” I know nothing can change Jake’s mind except my secret weapon. That is my adorably cute look. I swiftly make that look. But this time with more pout.
And I once again say” Please Jakey”.
Instantly his heart melts and he says “How can I say no to this cute face.”
“Thanks Jakey” I instantly replied.
“But I can’t promise that Edward will say yes.” Jake told me.
I curled the corners of my lips downwards.
As soon as he saw my sad face his heart again melts and he says “Okay Okay fine I will make Edward say yes. Now happy?”
“Yes. Jakey you are the best” I complimented him.
“That I know.” Jake said.
Jake then moved towards dad’s room and vanishes inside.
It’s been 10 minutes now and I am waiting for Jake to come. I want him to say that dad has given me permission. Oh god, help me please. I kept looking towards the stairs, waiting for him to come down fast.
Then suddenly the door of dad’s room opened and he comes out. He is beaming proudly that means dad has said yes. Oh my god it seems like miracle. I am so happy that I can’t express it in words.
Jacob is coming near the table saying “Nessie Edward has given the permission.”
I rise to my feet and I jump on Jake, I instantly wrap my legs around his waist and hug him tight. He hugs me back and he twirls me. I guess he twirls me twice and after that he releases me. He is still beaming proudly.

In Volterra
Alec’s POV
I am sitting in my room and reading another stupid novel from Jane’s collection. I didn’t know that Jane has such a bad choice. It’s the third novel Jane has lent me since morning saying “It has an amazing story Alec. It’s a worth reading novel. Besides that it is an international best-seller. If you don’t read it then you haven’t done anything in your life. If you will read it then you will fall in love with it. I know that you will be going to love it like I do. And I know you will be going to thank me later. But it’s ok Alec you don’t have to thank me. We are siblings and siblings care for each other. So don’t thank me and without a delay start reading it. Enjoy. “
How can people make this bundle of pages an international best seller? Foolish people. I can never understand today’s generation.
But if I carefully think about Jane’s word. Then I think Jane is right that if I haven’t read this so called Novel then I haven’t done anything IDIOTIC in my life. And how can anyone fall in love with a book sorry with a novel. And Jane you think that I will be going to love this novel then you have mistaken. I can just hate this novel for dear life. Seriously Jane you think that I will be going to thank you for wasting my precious time. Sometimes I really doubt that you are my sister. Sometimes you behave way too weird. I think I would have been better if I have gone for the rounds with Demetri.
Unexpectedly I heard a knock on my door that had shattered my thoughts.
“Come in.” I said.
The door opened and a figure pops up. And it’s none other than Felix.
“Alec, Master Aro is calling you. Come fast.” Felix told me. I nodded and Felix goes out closing the door. Felix is looking tensed. Don’t know what Master Aro wants from me now. I should rush if I don’t want to be interrogated badly. I effortlessly get up from the bed and put Jane’s favourite novel on the side table. Then I open the door of my room and pace towards the hall where Master Aro will be waiting for me.
As soon as I reach there, I see Jane.
It seems like something is fishy.
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