Destined love swasan ss part 1

Hii friends… This is my first try to write a story. It’s all about our favorite swasan. So here we go…

A girl was sleeping on a king size bad in a big beautiful room a big Mansion. Girl was in deep sleep, soon the door of the room got open and a maid came in with a glass of lemonade, followed by another maid who had a tray in her hands. There was a coffee cup and a glass of orange juice in tray. It seemed like they both feared to enter in room. Both maids slowly came in and stand beside the bad like they were thinking what to do. One of them slowly gathered some courage and tried to wake up the sleeping beauty rested on the bad.
Maid: swara baby got up. Look it’s almost 10 o’clock.

Yes the sleeping Beauty was our swara only. Maid didn’t get any response so she put her hand on swara’s shoulder and shake her.

Maid: baby please get up. Mr. Gadodiya has ordered me to wake you up. Don’t you have college today…
Swara frowned in sleep and adjusted herself more comfortably on bad. First maid looked at second maid helplessly. Second maid put tray on center table and went to open the curtains of the windows so the sun light could wake swara up. Sun light directly landed on swara, which disturbed her sleep. She was half awake but didn’t wanted to got up so she just cursed sun light and maids under her breath and then turned her face other side. Maids again tried to wake her up and this time swara got up and sit on bed with a jerk.
Swara(in anger): what the hell is this? Why are you waking me up so early?
Maid: it’s 10 o’clock baby.

Swa: so what? I came late last night from club and now i need to sleep properly. Get the hell out of my room.
Maid: but mr. Gadodiya told us…
Swa: shut up just shut up… I am not in mood to talk with you so it will be better if you ran away from here right now otherwise you know what can i do.
Saying this swara again lied on bed and fully covered herself with blanket. Maids just kept looking at each others face. After a minute swara felt someone’s touch on her head. She knew who was it but she kept pretending to be sleep.
Person: shona baby got up. It’s morning…

Swara jerked that person’s hand and covered herself more tightly in blanket.
Person: oh come on swara. Don’t be rude with your old father. Will you not even talk with me.
Swara again got up and sit on bed in anger. She kept looking at her father with anger filled eyes.

Swa: i don’t want to talk with you or listen anything from you mr. Sekhar Gadodiya.
She: so now you will talk like this with me shona. Don’t you love and respect your father?
Swa: i do. I really love and respect you dad but i am not going to do what you are asking from me to do.
She: shona, we will talk about that later. Now got up and take your breakfast. You need to take your tablets after that.

Swa: woh dad, don’t change the subject plzz. I wanna talk about that right now.
She: i said we will talk shona but plz first get fresh and eat something. I don’t want you to get faint again due to empty stomach like day before yesterday.
Swa: okay but first i will drink coffee no no i will drink juice or should i take lemonade. My head is paining like anything. I should not have dr…. Wo..
She: You should not have drank that much last night. I know that you were in club last night. I saw ragini taking you home from backdoor.
Swa: wo dad actually…

She: come in dining room soon swara. We need to talk about it also.
Saying this shekhar went from room. Maids were still standing there with stuff they brought. Swara jumped out from bed, drank lemonade and ran in washroom after taking her clothes.
In dining room…
Swara and Shekhar were taking their breakfast. Shekhar was saying something to swara and she was lost in her mobile on a social site.

She: swara are you even listening to me.
Swa: i am not dad. I know you must be talking about my habit of drinking and late night parties. What’s big deal in it. All youngsters do this all now days.
She: oh come on swara. The one who has brain don’t waste their time in this kind of stuff. They work hard for earning money and…
Swa: don’t give me lecture dad. I don’t need to work hard and all. We have enough money to live our life in luxurious way without doing anything.

She: but swara…
Swa: come on the real issue dad. Have you told your childhood friend not to come here with his son.
She: i have not till now but…
Swa: what? You have not told them that you are going to break your promise which you did 19 years ago.

She: it’s not only my promise swara. Your marriage was done with their son on that time.
Swa: stop this nonsense dad. You know child marriage is illegal. How you all got ready for my marriage on that time. You all could have went in prison for that.
She: it was not mine or his parents decision. It was destiny…
Swa: so it was destiny which came to you all and gave this great idea of your children’s marriage in age of one. So stupid…

She: your grandpa and his grandpa were childhood friends so was me and his father. Then you both came. He was born in such nakshatra that there was a danger on his life.
Swa: i don’t have enough time for this long story. Tell it in summary…
She: one of the old priest of our village told his grandfather to do his marriage before he turned 1 with a girl who’s kundali matched with him. His family tried a lot for such girl but they didn’t succeed. At last they asked help from us and we got ready.
Swa: how foolish. Why all villagers are fool. They must be fool till now because they live in that village only.

She: then we matched your kundali….
Swa: i know rest of the story. Our kundali matched and our marriage was done. Then a fight happened between you and other man of village. He was behind your life so you ran away from that dirty village after promising your friend to come back soon. But then mom ran away with someone and grandpa died. You didn’t want to face the same that your wife ran away so you never went back.

She: yes. Then i came kolkata and started my business here and it worked awesomely. I never turned back but now i am again in contact with them. They were to happy after talking with me. I didn’t knew that they are still living in that time. I didn’t knew that they still think you as their daughter in law and want to take you with them.
Swa: why on the earth you talked with them dad. why did you gave them our address. They live in a poor village of rajasthan and they all are illiterate. That guy whose marriage was done with me must be like that.
She: shona, it may possible that he is different and good fro…

Swa: plzz dad. I am not going with that illiterate gawar person even he has a golden heart. He is a villager and he must be a nerd, old fashioned, stupid, ugly looking guy.
She: but you can meet Sanskar and his family once…
Swa: what you told his name??

She: Sanskar, Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swa: such a boring name. Name i showing his character. He must be…
Swara’s mobile started ringing. She received that call which was from one of her friends. She told them that she is coming to them soon and cut the call.
Swa- dad i have to go. My friends are waiting for me. Finish this matter as soon as possible by telling your friend that i am not interested in their Sanskar. I am not their dil or that Sanskar’s wife and all…

Saying this swara left from there. Shekhar was too tired with this all. He didn’t want his daughter’s happiness to get ruin by an old blind faith but he also didn’t wanna hurt his old friend who was more than brother for him. He got emerged in deep thinking. On the other hand swara reached at her friend’s house where her friends were waiting for her. Her friends were also like her. Open minded, full of fun, not a bit serious about life. Ragini, Kavya, nikhil and Kartik were her friends and one more important person was Lakshya Singhaniya, who was her boyfriend. These all were gathered at Kavya’s house and had bunked college just for fun. As soon as they saw swara reached there, Lakshya came to her and hugged her.
Lak: hii baby.Come we all were waiting for you only.

Swa: i wake up late today jaan so i got a bit late.
Lak: that’s okay my love.
He tried to kiss swara but she stopped him. Lakshya frowned on this but didn’t say anything.
Swa(to all): hey guys. So what’s our plan for today…
Kavya: Nothing special.. We are just ganna talk about your childhood marriage today…
Swara was shocked. She knew that now her friends will make fun of her. She discussed her tension with Kavya thinking her as her friend but she disclosed her secret in front of all. She was angry on her but controlled herself.
Lak: ya swara. What’s she saying. Are you married?? I mean your marriage was really done in your childhood.

Kartik: and that boy who is your husband is from a village hahaha.. So funny..
Nikhil: yes and now he is coming here to take you with him…
Kavya: yes, that will be so romantic na when that illiterate village boy will come here to take swara and our swara, who is the coolest girl of our college, the fashionesta will marry that desi boy officially. Hahaha…

Rag: will you leave lakshya swara. Are you really gonna accept your childhood marriage? Swa: no never. That’s illegal. I am not ganna do anything like that. I have told dad to short out this matter.
Lak: i knew that. I know my, shona loves me a lot. Why will she say yes to marry a village boy when she has the most eligible bachelor of this city as her bf.
Rag: ya your right.
Kartik: most eligible bachelor. Really??

Lak: yes after all i have everything which swara or any girl desire in her boyfriend or husband.
Kavya: ya i know you are perfect that’s why swara is in relation with you. You are the most popular boy of our college and swara is the most beautiful girl of our college. (in her mind, don’t know who find this pumpkin beautiful) that’s why you both are couple.
Swa: right and yes, i am not gonna marry that village boy or anyone else.
Rag: not even lakshya.
Swa: ya not even lakshya.

All in union: why?
Swa: i don’t have faith in this relation. I don’t believe in love and marriage. This is all for stupid.
Rag: so you don’t love lakshya?
Swara looked at lakshya who was waiting for her answer.
Swa: i like him. He is best that’s why he is my bf. Swara Gadodiya always choose the best and i have chosen him as my bf but love and marriage is not my type of thing. I am never gonna fall in love or marry someone even if it’s necessary for mine and his life.
Rag- no swara. Love and marriage is a part of our lives. One day you will fall in love and will do anything to marry him and make him yours.
Swa: i will not. I am far away from this all.

Kavya: you have said this before also. Can we know the reason behind your hate for love and marriage??
Swara just smiled bitterly on this. She got up from couch and took her handbag.
Swa: lets go guys. We can have a lot more fun out there in any pub or shopping mall.
Swara came out and followed her. Swara was just wishing in her heart that his father have done something to stop his friend and his son from coming here.

Next part::: sanskari sanskar and his family…

Guys i am new on TU and it’s my first story. I know it’s not that good but it’s my first try yrr. If you want me to continue this story then plzz comment on this first part. Bii bii…

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