Destined to Love – Ishqbaaaz FF Introduction & Episode 1

Hi guys I am starting a new FF as I am so depressed with the way IB is progressing. When Shiv shouted at Ani I felt the pain both were going made me sad and I wanted to write another FF just to make me feel better…it may or may not include Rumya (sorry I don’t connect with Bhavya), or Rikara love story.
Actually I saw a dream and decided on this FF hope you guys like it as you liked my other FF. Some characters will be as Ishqbaaaz with additions of some new ones
Dadi – Same as IB
Pinky – Positive character not like IB. But bubbly and chirpy.
Tej Singh Oberoi & Shakti Singh Oberoi – Same as IB

Shivaay Singh Oberoi (Nakuul Mehta you cannot have anyone else for that role)
As in IB as businessman, strong and handsome just he is not that arrogant and is a sweet natured. Does not believe in NKK. But does not believe in love as well.

Omkara Singh Oberoi (Kunal Jaisingh)
Same as IB he was cute with shayaris before he turned SSO part 2

Rudra Singh Oberoi (Leenesh Mattoo)
Same as IB Funny as always

Annika Kumar (Surbhi Chandna)
Same nature as IB but she is from a middle class family, she is daughter of Vivek and Aarti Kumar. She stays with her brother Sahil who is 2 years younger to her. She works in Grover Industries as a PA. Believes one day her prince charming will come.

Gauri Singh Grover
Sweet Chirpy girl who is daughter of Arjun and Sharmila Singh Grover, owns a studio she is also an artist. Sometimes works with Om.

Soumya Mehra
Rudra college bestie and really hot looking not like IB, all guys in college drool over her but she is not interested in them. She likes to spend time with Rudra. They are inseperable.

KSG (Karan Singh Grover) same as he was in Qubool Hain
Really hot and sharp businessman does not mingle with anyone with people easily. Shivaay and he are college mates and meet on regular basis for work or fun. Gauri is his only sister and pride. Their parents are Arjun and Sharmila Singh Grover. He has a soft corner for Annika.

Mallika Mehra (Same as IB)
Daughter of Vikram and Anamika Mehra, Heir to Mehra Industries…college mate of KSG and Shivaay..has a crush on KSG from college days but never told and chirpy and very good in her work.

Arjun Sharma
Annika’s bestie they have been together from Childhood. He likes her but never said anything fearing loosing Annika friendship. He works in KSG office as well.

Maya Verma
She works with Shivaay, his good friend from college like KSG.

Tia Kapoor
Chosen as bride by Tej for Shivaay as they a big business deal to be done. Just has her mother father has passed away(same as IB). very shrewd and only wants money. She is already married to Dushyant and has hidden the fact to get money from the Oberois.

Episode 1 – Shivika first meet or don’t meet.

A girl is running to get an auto to reach office…suddenly she comes in front of a car who brakes with full force…
Girl – Ohh no Sorry im getting late and runs from there…
Boy in car – Fhat the wuck!! Oh god who was she just jumped in front of my car…
He sees her running and getting in an auto he cannot she her face as her hair is on her face…he sees her hand and sees her chand bracelet…
Yes the boy is our young and dashing Shivaay and girl is crazy Annika.

She runs and reaches office on time…
Annika – Oh Bete Ki…boss would have killed me today.
Arjun – Kidhar thi tu..paagal kabse boss tujhe dundh rahe hain(where were you, mad girl boss was looking for you)
They go in Annika dumps her things on Arjun and runs to KSG cabin.
Annika – May I come in Sir?
KSG – (angrily) What is this? I have been looking for you since so long where is the file for Sindhura Textiles..
Annika – sorry sir I’ll get the file soon.
KSG – Annika come here…how many times have I told you not to address me as sir, I’m Karan for you. I was little upset…sorry for shouting at you.
Annika – Its ok Karan..ill get what you want…
After some time they are in the room discussing and working late evening…Shivaay opens the door and says…
Shivaay – karan what yaar we were to go out together you are still here… He is looking at the girl sitting with Karan she looked familiar…
Karan – sorry Shivaay ill meet you in 5 mins…Annika you got what I said ok then let’s leave its getting late..
Annika gets up and is still writing so her head is down shivaay could not see her face….
Karan and Shivaay move down from the office… Annika tells them she will leave in 5 mins…
Annika comes down but just then the light goes off…she gets scared as there is noone in the office..
Suddenly she bangs into someone and he holds her….(yes you guessed it its Shivaay)
The lights come on and shivaay is holding her hand and looking at the bracelet…she is very close to him with her face next to him…Annika moves and they both see each other for the first time…they have an eyelock in the background O Jaana plays….
Shivaay is mesmerized by her beauty and just then Karan enters…
Karan – Shivaayyyy (he feels a pinch looking at them together)
Shivaay – (He asks annika) R u ok? he leave Annika and tells Karan that they will leave.
Annika – Im sorry yes im fine…She runs away fast..

Precap : More Shivika meetings and love blossoms…

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