Destined to Love – Ishqbaaaz FF Episode 19 –Lady Baba exposed

Finally I have come back to my story…I apologize as I sometimes have so many ideas but no time to pen them down…then sometimes my mind is blank and I have to write…its crazy..
Thank you all for the love and patience…
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Shivaay takes the photos and he smirks…he calls khanna for to get something…Anika is too shocked to she just stood there….ShivOmRu look at each other and they smile and decide to do what they planned..
Shivaay – well ms. Tia Kapoor thank you for sharing the pictures…I will share the rest of the story…
He comes close to Tia and holds her hand tightly….Om Ru stand next to their Anika Bhabhi….
Shivaay – well let’s see the rest of the story…Tia looked with wide eyes at Shivaay, she is scared and shocked….

Khanna starts the video which is visible to all media persons… it shows that shivaay has spoken to Tia and she agreed to let go of Shivaay for Anika…later she comes out and calls someone…
Flashback Start
Tia – I have to meet you…there is a bad news I have lost the chance with shivaay…ok ok ill meet you now.
She meets a man with a hoody and he hugs her and kisses her passionately…after they leave each other

Tia – Hey baby how r u…I missed you so much…but now our plan has failed shivaay has already got married and does not want anything to do with me…I cannot do anything as the entire family is with him..
Man – Baby don’t worry the world does not the secret and you know shivaay the Oberoi reputation is very important for him…I will tell you what to do…he has to come back to you…
They discuss the plan to prepare fake photos and documents of marriage…and then to show them in front of the media…
Flashback End

Shivaay – this is not the end there is someone we would like you to meet….and the police enter with the man similar to the man in the video…
Shivaay – Tia would you like to introduce him…(her face turns pale)…well everyone please meet Mr. Dushyant the husband of Ms. I right?
Tia – pls believe me this is not the truth…

Shivaay – well I have all the proof against you Tia which has been handed over to the police and you can decide who has deceived whom in jail…officers please take her away..
So folks to conclude this is my wife Anika, we married in a haste but I truly love her and this reception was to inform everyone…I apologise for the drama but I had to clear everything…I hope you will respect my wife as much as you respect me…because if anyone does anything against Anika…consider done against me…(saying this he kisses her forehead)…please enjoy the party…hey also another piece of information for you guys…I am leaving on my honeymoon tomorrow so Shivaay Singh Oberoi officially is on leave for the next few days…

He takes Anika with him inside the media frenzy dies down and the party continues…
Shivaay – Anika im sorry for what happened I hope you will forgive me.
Anika – Shivaay it’s not your fault pls don’t blame yourself. I am happy that you stood with me. I want to tell you something…(she looks at him teary eyed) I love you shivaay…and I want to be known as your wife…pls accept my love..

Shivaay – Anika I thought you wanted time…you don’t know the happiness you have given me thank you…he hugs her…then releases her and lifts her chin and asks her permission. She nods and he takes her lips…they kiss each other hungrily till they hear someone nearby…
Shivaay – this is just trailer…baby rest of the movie during the honeymoon..anika blushes..

Dadi –(she hits shivaay) Oye billu why have you caught anika here…all the relatives want to meet her…come Anika
He leaves her hand but when she looks behind he winks and touches his lips…she keeps blushing…he scratches his head and thinks wow tomorrow my honeymoon starts…

Precap : Honeymoon

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