Destined to love (intro)


Hi guyz
I am Jesse
I was a silent reader… After reading many ff I got inspired n I taught to write one on my own also
Plz support me
Let me start my ff intro

without destiny we are not meant to cross each others path
Such thing happens with time
Bihaan n tapki are destined to love
Talking , fighting , love , haters all comes towards
Them only as it’s written in their fate

Each n every time they face each other is becoz of their destiny
It’s their destiny that brings them together
My ff is also something like tat
How tapki n bihaan are destined to love

Bihaan :- main lead helps dhruv and balvinder
In their respective works
Tapki :- main female lead works as a employee
In dhruv’s channel
Dhruv :- second male lead owner of a channel
Aditi :- second female lead tapki younger sister
Vasundhara :- mother of dhruv n bihaan ( he is adopted only)
Balvinder :- father of dhruv n bihaan does real estates business

Shubh :- younger brother of tapki
Krishnakanth :- father of tapki
Poonam:- mother of tapki
Kiran :- younger sis of dhruv n bihaan
Paan :- bihaan’s bestie
Ashwin :- PA of dhruv n parallel to kiran

Plz support me in my ff
Thank u guyz

Credit to: Jesse

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  1. nice one thanks to start from.the beginning
    try to be regular

  2. Nice intro.Plzz try to post it regularly.?

  3. keep it up.

  4. first of all best of luck and keep it up…second ….its THAPKI not tapki

  5. Aii readers always with you. ..Keep writing a good story. ..wish you all the best. ….

  6. Thank u
    I will crrt it as thapki in my next epi
    Thanks for supporting me

  7. Nice intro…best of luck for ur ff..

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