Destined to love (episode 3)

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Here is the 3rd episode
Destined to love
Epi 3
Bihaan meet paan outside the house
Bihaan :- hey paan
Paan :- hiii bihaan
Paan :- bihaan dhruv bhaiya called he wants us to come office fast
For some interview
Bihaan :- haan paan lets go
Bihaan started his bike and paan sat with him behind

Meanwhile thapki was waiting for auto and none auto stopped
She was walking and taught
Thapki :- while walking I will hear news in fm
It will be useful for my interview
She wearied her earphone and started walking

Bihaan stoped his bike in signal as it was red

There he saw a girl crossing road wearing earphone
without watching the signal
there was truck coming in opposite direction
He left his bike to paan and
Ran towards her and holded her by her waist
pulled her near him they both falled down
and rolled up to otherside
It was just a miss

If not the truck in opposite could have hit her
She was scared
They both felt something strange
Bihaan saw her continuously
He felt as if to hold her stronger
The way he was holding her made her comfortable
She opened her eyes
They had a eye lock
In between they heard horn sound
And he got up
Bihaan :- hey don’t u have eyes
Didn’t you see the signal
girl:- i…. i..
Bihaan :- what i.. i….
You girls don’t have minds just roam here and there wearing headphone
Don’t know how come your maa baap allow you too
Hey god don’t know from where you all come from
Bihaan was angry at her more than he should he didn’t allow her to even
Speak a word
He told her all this and left

Paan :- hey what if somethings happens to you
Bihaan :- nothing paan don’t worry
Paan :- but bihaan why did you shout at her like this
You never talk to anyone like this
Before bihaan could answer
Paan :- bihaan blood see
Bihaan got hurt in his hand
He was bleeding
Paan :- bihaan come lets go to hospital
They left to hospital
In office

Dhruv reached office
When he entered everyone greeted him
He went inside is cabin and called his PA Ashwin
Dhruv :- Ashwin send one by one inside for interview
Ashwin (PA ) :- yes sir

Thapki :- Who was he was he thinking about him…..self
He help….ed me at the same ti……me He told so much
I was going to tell him tha…nk you but
He scolded me
she got angry
She saw her watch it was broken
Thapki :- oh I have to go to interview
A aunty passed by her

Thapki :- excuse me aunty
what is the time now
Aunty :- its 10:00 beta
Thapki :- ohh I am already late what will I do now
Thapki stopped a auto and got into it
thapki reached office

in entrance there was a idol of lord ganesh
she prayed for her interveiw
her boby was hurting
she prayed to god that this time I should be selected
I want to fulfil my dream
And prayed god to be always with her
And collected herself and went inside
In reception
thapki :- hello , I came here for my in….terview
can I know where is it taking place
reception lady :- mam , its there at the left
thapki :- thank you

thapki went to the waiting area
Ashwin ( PA of dhruv ) :- excuse me
Who are you?
Thapki :- sir I am thapki and I came here for in…terveiw
Ashwin :- but mam you skipped your no. you are late
Thapki :- sir please I was………..
do so…mething
Ashwin :- sorry mam I cant do anything
I am helpless
Meanwhile dhruv came out of his cabin

Continues ……………..

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