Destined to love (episode 2)


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Destined to love
Epi 2

In pandey nivas
All bauji vasundhara dadima went inside calling bihaan
Bihaan came in front of them wearing his favorite brown jacket and blue jeans looking handsome as always
He gave tablets to dadima and took her blessings
And came near bauji and vasundhara and took their blessings
Bauji :- bihaan I w….
Bihaan :- I have kept the flowers in pooja room bauji also arranged ganga jaal and all the
Materials u needed ma
Vasundhara :- bihaan beta without you I don’t know what we would do
I will start the Pooja go and call dhruv beta
Bihaan saw dadima and
Dadima saw bihaan and winked
Everyone left to Pooja room

Bihaan went to call dhruv

In thapki residence
Thapki mom :- thapki come and have breakfast
Thapki :- mom I am already late I will have something after interview
Thapki dad :- thapki beta have something and go
Thapki :- papa I am late
Aditi :- mom di is in dieting as she thinks she is becoming fat
Aditi teased thapki and gave a micheif smile to her and was holding the bag
Which had her dieting time table
Thapki :- no ma nothing like tat and gave her a glowering look to her
Thapki mom :- atleast have this milk
Thapki dranked her milk
Shubh and aditi wished her all the best
She took her parents blessing and left for her interview
In pandey nivas
Bihaan went upstairs to call dhruv
He entered dhruv’s room

Dhruv was wearing black coat with white tie and black pant
looking innocent and cute
and was talking to someone in phone seriously
He waited till dhruv hanged his phone call
Bihaan :- ma is calling you for Pooja
Dhruv :- chotu you know that I don’t like this Pooja and all
Bihaan :- but bhaiya ma called you atleast not for her sake but for you come
And attend Pooja
Dhruv didn’t listen what bihaan was saying as he know what will happen if he goes to attend
He still remembers the last time he attended the Pooja he no longer
Believes in praying
He knows he have to face her his mom
Which he doesn’t wants to
He hates that women he taught to himself

Dhruv :- chotu after this Pooja and all come to office
We have to interview some interns
Bihaan :- ok bhaiya
Bihaan could see his pain could see what his brother was going through
After that incident dhruv changed a lot he taught
he forgot to laugh
He forgot how to live
all he does was his work , work and work
They had a strong bond with each othe
r dhruv shares everything with bihaan

Bihaan understood and didn’t force him to join
Bihaan is worried as nothing changed after that incident
Dhruv left for his office
All the family memebers looked at him
And bihaan joined the Pooja
Vasundhara looked at bihaan
all bihaan could do was signal her
Everything will be alrite soon

After the Pooja bihaan left for office

Continues ………….

Credit to: jesse

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