Destined to love (episode 1)


Destined to love
It’s the first time I am writing a ff
So plz support me
And forgive if I did any mistake
Epi 1
A lots of people are gathered around the stage in auditorium . A trophy cup is placed in the
Corner is shown
The audience are waiting for something and suddenly the spot light is on the anchor who is
Smiling warmly towards the audience and announces “the next award is,
And holds the mic tightly and continues , best host of 2016 is……’’
A moment of silent is scattered all over the auditorium , everyone are waiting for the name
All are eager to know who is it..
The nominees are praying expecting it to be them
Tension rushes in everyones face ………………………..

Anchor says , ‘’is … , is … ,
None other than our tapki” whole audience cheers for her
Tapki was shocked who was standing near the stage her eyes are filled with tears
She cant believe its her she can hear a huge round of applause .

Tapki mom :- ‘Tapki wake up tapki wake up its 8 in the morning ’ ,
‘U have to go for interview today’ , her mom shouted
this sound made her wake up from her dream
Her dream that she wants to fulfil a dream which she thinks as her destiny
A dream she dreams for from her childhood ……………
‘’Di again same dream rite?’’
this voice brought her back from her toughts its her sister aditi
‘tapki :- yes aditi
replied to her n got up from her bed to freshen up
Aditi :- ‘Di your dream will be fulfilled soon ‘
Tapki smiled back and taught to herself someday I will fulfil my dream its not only a dream but my

Ambition my life I want to over come my weakness thinking this
she went inside washroom to freshen up and got ready for her interview
In pandey nivas
A huge house is shown with a huge gate opening it has
large garden of trees and flowers
a house filled with bright glory colours
whichis still new in this delhi city
bauji enters the garden and asks
bauji :- I want some orchids for Pooja
gardner :- bihaan bhai knows where flowers is
suddenly someone shouts bihaan bihaan
its vasundhara who wants some materials for Pooja
dadima also comes outside
dadima :- vasu where is my tablet
vasu :- bihaan knows it ma.
bauji :- where is this bihaan whatever I ask for all are saying bihaan knows
bihaan knows
A greenery garden full of roses
a small girl is standing there wearng pink frock
smiling at him
Turns around and says bi………

Bihaan bihaaa…n the voice of vansudhara disturbs the dream of our
Handsome bihaan
He wakes up
And goes outside ……………..

Lets see how these two who have different world are destined to love

Credit to: jesse

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  1. it was full of enthusiasm by the way…..nice starting , enjoyed it….well its THAPKI not TAPKI
    waiting for the next episode

  2. nice start try to make it long

  3. Like it, especially the noth dream part, and everyone one serching for bihaan part.

  4. nice one.

  5. Thank u
    N ya I will crrt it as thapki in my next part sure

  6. Nice..
    Like the dream part..!!

  7. Nice episode.

  8. Hai friend………
    Good start. ….

  9. Nice one n update soon

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