destined to love (Epi 7 and 8 )


Epi 7 and 8
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Bihaan and paan reached the orphanage
The opening of the orphanage had a big gate
It had a board written blue bells
Bihaan read that
When they entered on the right side
There was a playground and on the left side
It Has a big garden with flowers and benches
In straight there was foot path bihaan walk through it
He entered the garden all his memories related flashed
In his mind
He remembered her his muni
her Hair which falls on her face and everytime she
Tries it falls again
Her cute expression , her talk
her eyes everything bihaan had tears in his eyes
paan touched his shoulder
bihaan came to reality he saw she was no longer there
his muni was not there

thapki residence
shubh :- then ma what that aunty told u
thapki mom :- we got a call from an orphanage
telling that our thapki beti is there
we could not believe
me and your dad reached there
there ,

Thapki dad :- hello mam we got a call from this orphanage
Stella sister ( care taker and incharge of orphanage )
Stella sister :- welcome sir please come with us your daughter is with us only
For the past 2 months
Now she is in hospital come with us sir and mam
Thapi mom :- what hospital what happen to my daughter
Stella sister :- mam please come with us we will tell you
Ramu bhaiya muni’s parents as came
Please start the car
Lets go sir

Thapki mom and dad rushed inside the ward where thapki was admitted
Thapki was laying in the bed
And a small boy was sitting beside her
He was holding her hand and was constantly looking at her
As if waiting for her to wake up
Thapki mom :- thapki thapki open your eyes beti
See your mom came
Thapki dad :- beti please open your eyes
What happen to my daughter sister
Please tell us what happen to her
Stella sister :- sir please come out
We will tell
Thapki mom and dad came out of the ward with stella sister
Stella sister :- before two months
Me with our childrens went to a pinic and we were coming back
At that time our babu the boy sitting with your daughter there
Inside he saw your daughter there
A accident took place there and our muni ( thapki )
Was lying there
We took her to hospital due to severe injury
She lost her memory it was temporary amnesia
But doctor told nothing to worry
And also told us that soon she will regain her
For the past two months she was with us in our orphanage
We started searching her parents
Muni was very good girl soon she adopted the sorroundings and
Was with us he was really special
We all loved her so much
But three days before suddenly after seeing her and yours pic in newspaper
She fainted .
Soon we admitted her in hospital
When conscious came she didn’t identify us
She told her real name and
She regained her memory but she forgot who we are
She doesn’t remember any of the past
Days before her accident
Thapki mom :- but my daughter is alright na
She doesn’t have
Stella sister :- no don’t worry
Doctor informed us there is nothing to worry
Her mental condition is perfectly alrite
You can take her home
But we will miss our muni a lot
Thapki dad went to meet doctor for futher information
Thapki mom went inside
Thapki woke up and saw her mom and hugged her
They brought her back to home

Then we brought your thapki di home
From that year on every birthday
Your dad take thapki di there
Because they took care of di na
Your di is alive because of them
That’s why
Shubh :- oh ma there was so much di has tto undergo na
Thapki mom :- haan shubh
Ok go and get ready
Shubh :- ok ma

Bihaan sat in one of the bench in garden
He remembered his muni
All his beautiful times together flashed in his mind
he saw a tree there
which they planted
he remembered
muni :- babu we should plant a tree
and will water it daily
when we will be big na
then we will come and see this tree ok
babu :- haan ok muni
come lets plant

bihaan remembered it he went near the
bihaan :- I am here muni
every year I come here but where are you muni
thapki and her dad enters the orphanage
bihaan turns towards the entrance and
went inside he saw every place and every coner
he could still feel her presence
her fragrance he taught
and he felt something different and he feels it every year
he taught and went
and the screen freezes on both thapki entering and bihaan
standing inside

precap :- thapki sees bihaan

Credit to: jesse

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