destined to love (epi 6 )


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Destined to love
Epi 6

Thapki residence
At night 12 am
Thapki was sleeping in her bed
Aditi and shubh sorrounded her
At together shouted happy………. Birthday………. thapki diiiiiiiii
Thapki woke up surprisingly and hugged them both
Thapki :- th…ank you aditi , shubh
Aditi :- di come out fast
Thapki :- what happen aditi
Aditi :- no question di just come
They dragged her to hall
There was no light
Thapki :- shubh why lig…hts are off and ma papa would be slee….ping
Lets go in….side
Aditi :- di close your eyes now
Thapki :- but,
Aditi :- di no more question just do what I say
Thapki closed her eyes shubh on the light
When thapki opened her eyes
The whole hall was decorated with blue and red balloons
And there was a table with cake and happy birthday thapki was
Written on it
Her mom and dad were standing beside the table
And were smiling towards her
Thapki was so happy
She smiled towards them and hugged them
They all cut the cake
Thapki gave cake to everyone and
They had a good time and also
They had a photo together

Pandey nivas
It was early morning bihaan had the same dream
A small girl calling him in a garden
Bihaan woke up
He said to himself
U always come in my dream and call me but …
Where are you when will you come in front
Bihaan got up to freshen up
After that he came down
He prayed to god
Paan also came
Both took blessings of dadima
Bauji also came there
Bauji :- bihaan today I am not able go to see the site
Will you please go ?
Bihaan :- bauji that …
And he saw time it was 9:30 am
Paan :- bauji today is march 28th
Bauji :- ohh I forgot so bihaan you are going to that orphanage ?
Bihaan :- bauji can I go to site later
Bauji :- ok bihaan take care of yourself
Bihaan :- ok bauji
And he took blessing and left
Bauji :- paan take car…
Paan :- don’t worry bauji I will take care of him
Paan also left

In thapki residence
Thapk mom :- thapki beta come and have breakfast I have made all
Your favourite food today
Tthapki :- ya ma I coming
Thapki dad :- thapki come and have food
You know na after this we have to go
Thapki :- haan papa
We are goi…ng to that blue bells orph….anage
Thapki mom :- come and have food and you both go
Thapki and her dad both :- ok ok
They both had their breakfast and left
Shubh :- ma why does papa take thapki di to that orphanage ?
Thapki mom :- for giving donation
Shubh :- but mom I saw di going there every year
Thapki mom :- oh
oh ok come I will tell you
thapki mom remembers the flashback and tells
Some years back when your di was small as child
Around 7 years old your thapki di me . papa and aditi
All went to temple and came back and your thapki di
Saw a ice cream trolly and ran behind it
aditi di was a child and I was
Holding her but your thapki di left my hand and went
We lost her in a train station

then we searched her
All over we didn’t get her
We lost her
I started crying and your papa
Roamed here and there asking everyone
We started searching her all over the city
But no use
We gave police complaint also
But no positive responds
Everyday we would wait for any news about her
I used to stand near the door waiting for her
We gave advertisement in newspaper
One day we got a call
We got a call from some lady
While hearing this shubh sat on the chair folding is leg
And the screen freezes on our shubh
Starring at his mom with tension face

Precap :- bihaan enters orphanage

Credit to: jesse

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  1. it means thahaan relation from childhood gajab

  2. Awesome ep.waiting eagerly for nxt episode?

  3. ohk, thats mean bihaan ad thapki met there ..and maybe bihaan supported her back then and bring her back to her family…..nice episode….now thats called a twist….so much excitemnet , waiting for next

  4. Wow super twist …..
    Again and again comment Your ff is too short yaarrr. ……why.?

  5. New thought… Good one…plz make it leghnthy…

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