destined to love ( epi 4 and 5 )


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Destined to love
Epi 4 an 5

Thapki was scared as she taught she will not get this job
She was about to go
Someone while serving tea fainted and felled down
Everyone gathered there
They all surrounded there
Thapki rushed towards that uncle and
Saw that the uncle is halfly fainted
Thapki rushed towards the table and brought sugar and
Water , she gave him
Then he slowly opened his eyes
And thapki requested everyone to give some space for
Uncle for fresh air
She made that uncle sit down in the near chair
Thapki :- kaka are u alr…ight
Kaka:- haan betiya I am alright just I got dizzy
Thapki :- kaka u should ta….ke care of yours..elf
Kaka:- thank u betiya
Dhruv also came out and was standing behind her
He saw her
He saw her caring nature , her quick response
Towards the situation
They way she responded he was impressed by her
He wanted such kind of employees only
He neglected her weakness as she was talented no doubt
unknowingly he went there
Dhruv :- kaka you go home today and take rest , when u will become
Alright then u join office

Kaka :- dhruv sir but
Dhruv :- no excuse kaka don’t worry and go home and take rest
Thapki saw dhruv standing beside her
Thapki :- sir I am thapki actu… I came here for interview
Dhruv :- Ashwin give her appointment letter and
inform her to join office
Ashwin :- ok sir
Thapki :- tha..nk you sir
Dhruv just nodded his head and left
Thapki was happy she had no words to explain her
Happiness at last she taught she can fulfil her dreams
She has crossed her first step towards her dream
Ashwin :- ms thapki your appointment letter and your seat is there
Thapki :- thank you sir
Meanwhile bihaan and paan entered the office
Thapki was heading towards her seat and bihaan was entering
And both bumped into each other and thapki file felled down
Both bends down together and their heads got hit together
Bihaan and thapki saw each other and was shocked
Bihaan :- you ?
Thapki :- you ?
They asked together

Thapki :- what are you doing here ?
Bihaan :- I should ask u this what are you doing here
In this office and
you don’t have eyes
cant u see that someone is coming
he was dam rude to her
Before thapki could answer paan cut off
Paan :- bihaan bhaiya might be waiting lets go
Bihaan :- yes paan lets go I don’t want to talk with
Such stupids and waste my time
And they both left
Thapki :- what he thinks about himself he always scolds me and he told me stupid
and never

Let me reply I don’t know what he is doing here
Thapki got angry and left to do her work

In dhruv’s cabin
Bihaan and paan entered
Dhruv noticed the injury in bihaan hand
Dhruv panicked
Dhruv :- what happen to your hand chotu
Bihaan :- noting bhaiya it’s a small injury
Dhruv :- how come chotu
I always told you to drive carefully you never listen to me
Ok come and sit here
Did u have any painkiller tablets
Is it paining bihaan
Bihaan :– arre bhaiya nothing serious don’t worry
Bihaan was happy by seeing the care of brother
Tough they are not born together
Dhruv never treated him like that
Bihaan never felt that dhruv is not his real brother

Paan :- haan bhaiya don’t worry we went to doctor
Bihaan still scares for injection
Bihhaan :- no bhaiya nothing like that
Dhruv laughed
While talking bihaan noticed the calendar

It was march 27th
And bihaan was starring it continuously
All his childhood days flashed in mind
His cry, his laughter, his dream everything
Paan noticed it
Paan :- bihaan bihaaaaaaaaaan
Bihaan came out of his deep thoughts and
Nodded his head an left
Dhruv too understood
Paan followed him
Bihaan :- tomorrow is 28th how come I can forget this
Paan :- bihaan what happen why u left the cabin
Bihaan :- tomorrow is 28th march paan
Paan :- so what bihaan you are still thinking about that
You should forget it
Bihaan :- how come I can forget it paan it’s the most important day
It’s the day when I left that orphanage and also ….
Thapki :- also what bihaan also what ?
Bihaan :- tomorrow we have to go there paan
Paan :- bihaan there is no need to go there
For the past 20 years you are visiting that orphanage
Still waiting but nothing happened
You come back home and cry and we cant see you in that state again
Bihaan :- no paan we will go that’s it .

Thapki called her parents
Thapki :- ma papa I got this job
Thapki’s dad :- I know my daughter will get this job
I so happy for you
Thapki ‘s mom :- ya my daughter is talented
Who will say no t er and I am so happy for you
Thapki :- thank you ma papa I will call you later
I have works to do now
Her parents blessed her and hanged the call
Thapki mom informed aditi that thapki got this job
They all were happy
And the screen freezes on our thapki smiling happily

Precap :- its thaapki’s bday

Guyz please tell me ur views
If my ff is not good please frankly tell me
Thank you

Credit to: jesse

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