destined to love (EPI 11)


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Destined to love
Epi 11
Paan :- bihaan let me drive bike today u sit
Bihaan :- ok paan
Bihaan sat behind paan
Bihaan started thinking
Each and every memory in sequence came in front of him
How he met her, muni and how he saved her
How they became friends and promised to meet each other
And stay together always all flashed in front of him
And also how she suddenly didn’t recognise him and
How she left without informing him
Tears rolled down from his eyes
He cant forget any of moments with her
Because he felt a strong bond with her
As if they knew each other for a very long time
As if it was not just this two months but
More than that they know each other
They knew everything about each other
He knew obviously
He remembered how alone he was
left again first his parents and now her
He was alone then she came but now
Even she left
He was not able to cope up with it
He knew it was going to happen
Someday she will go
But did not expected it now
How many nights he silently cried
when she left she took some part of him
along with her
He was incomplete without her
Because he understood he was destined to meet her
But he could do nothing now
All he could do was wait
Some day she will come
Cause the bond they shared was not that much weak
He taught
He also remembered how
When roaming around found bauji
Fighting with goons
The goons over powered bauji and was going to stab him
With knife
at last moment how he pushed the goon
And ran along with bauji
He took bauji to orphanage and first aided him
Bauji was impressed by him
Ya anyone will
Bihaan is such type of person
Bauji along with vasundhara adopted
And named him bihaan pandey
Bihaan was happy with his family
Everyone loved him very much
Due to his kind and loving nature
Bihaan was happy but still was missing her
One part of him missed her
But he didn’t show it to others
Every year he visited the orphanage
Along with bauji or paan
Why he visits every year
Only bauji and paan knows
All this flashed in his mind
He felt weak and numb by the reality now
She never came back he taught
He taught paan and bauji told right
She may will never return
I should forget her
But his thoughts were interrupted
By paan
Who asked him to get down as the reached office
They both entered office
Ashiwn (PA) :- bihaan dhruv sir is waiting for u in
Conference room
Bihaan :- ok Ashwin , paan come lets go

In conference room
Dhruv :- good morning every one
All staffs stood up and nodded their head as if wishing him back
Dhruv asked them to sit
Dhruv :- so guys I called you all here because
According to the sources
And he stopped as bihaan entered the cabin
Dhruv :- bihaan come and take ur seat
Bihaan nodded his head and sat
As soon as bihaan sat he saw in opposite
They both were shocked
Thapki cant believe it
Nor bihaan
They both starred each other
Dhruv continued
Dhruv :- so as per our source we got a info
That many childrens are kidnapped near the railway station
Now a days kidnapping is one of the major problem
Many childrens are kidnapped and their parents are filing
Complains in police station
I think if we do a sting operation on this kidnapping
We can let the public know how the children are kidnapped
And who the culprits are
Which could make then conscious as well as
Will help us increase our trp
So what u guys say
Staff 1 :- sir it’s a good idea
Even yesterday we got a news of a 4 yr boy kidnapped
And his parents were blackmailed for money
Dhruv :- please give me the details
I want a special team to work for this operation
And I name it operation c
Bihaan :- it’s a good idea dhruv
We should start working now tell me the details
Such kidnappers should be punished
Dhruv :- yes bihaan , ok the members of the team
Will be the new interns thapki and sudha
Along with bihaan , Ashwin and paan
So bihaan collect all the details and plans
And come and meet me in my cabin
I want all the details today itself
We have to do this operaion c successfully
Bihaan nodded
Dhruv left
Bihaan asked the members to stay
And rest all to leave
When he turned
He was shocked to see thapki standing there
And thapki was also shocked to see him
Both together asked each other
Bihaan :- you here
Thapki :- you here
And the screen freezes on their shocked face

Precap :- bihaan and thapking going to railway station for Info

Credit to: jesse

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