Destined (intro)


Hello guys…I’m new here…This is my first fan fiction on Aara..I am a great Aara Shipper so I decided to try my luck here …
This is just the intro and if you guys are interested only then will I proceed further with my story
Characters are the same:
Aryan -spouse of Aradhya Rao and a C.A. by profession .Loves his lady to the level of infinity & a very caring hubby..

Aradhya – -Spouse of Aryan Tulsi.Adores and loves Aryan.Presently is a housewife but previously she was working with an esteemed hospital as a dr.

only two additional
characters are there:
Aarav-works in Aryans company, considers Aryan as his elder brother and is a trustworthy person and is like a family to aara
Aditi-is Aradhya’s best friend &also a very good
friend to Aryan.A gynaecologist by profession and worked in the same hospital where Aaru worked.A complete package of energy.She lives in the same society where Aara live.A loving girl by nature.

There is one change as well that
Aara live in Mumbai apart from their families
There families often come to meet them…

Hope u guys like it…plz do Leave a comment….
If you guys like it then I will be proceeding with it
only after a few days as my exams are going on.Byeeeee

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  1. Intrestinggg ahana…All the best for ua xamination..?

    1. Ahana

      Thanks Rebba

  2. Manya

    Hey Ahana u can call me ayushi and intro seems interesting ?❣???????ready to read and post soon ?

    1. Ahana

      Thanks Ayushi

  3. Which episode is your cover image

    1. Ahana

      It’s when kumudini purposely tried to make Shravani a krishnadasi ….. somewhere near that only?

  4. All the best. ☺?

    1. Ahana

      Thanks Vismaya

  5. Seems interesting… all the best??

    1. Ahana

      Thnx Meghna…..?

  6. Ahana

    Thank you guys …means a lot for me ???..n ya I’ll try posting soon

  7. Interesting dear

    1. Ahana

      Thanks Vavachi

  8. Thanks Vavachi

  9. Intresting? waiting for episode??

    1. Ahana

      Thnx Aishoo

  10. Very interesting. Keep going. And all the best for exams! ?❤️

    1. Ahana

      Thnx Elaf

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