Destined to be yours!!! Episode 9


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Ok let’s get into the story…

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya’s family waiting in the living room for the arrival of Abhi’s family…It’s been 15 minutes and they finally came. Abhi stood up and then everyone stood up. Ranganathan welcomed them. Sarla greeted her. Paati came near Abhi. Abhi said

Abhi: Paati, adu vandu [it is]

Before he could say anything Paati slapped him hard. Everyone is shocked. Parvathi was in a hell shock as Paati never slapped him before. Never scolded him harshly. Not even allowed Parvathi or Abhi’s father to raise their hands against him. But today, she slapped him.

Abhi is also in a shock because he expected this from her mother not from his Paati. The least he expected is harsh scoldings from Paati not more than that. He felt really bad as they got extremely hurt. He doesn’t know how to convince them.

Sarla and Ranganathan came forward and asked Paati to calm down.

Ranganathan: Amma, we know it would be really very difficult for you to accept this marriage. But please..please forgive him.

Sarla: Amma, please we won’t say mapillai didn’t do any mistake. But we are elders na please forgive him. He actually saved my daughter’s life.

Patti: Yes, I know. I know everything happened here. And I know whatever happened can’t be changed. [she turned towards Abhi and said…]

Patti: You thought to save a girl’s life. That’s good. But who gave you the rights to stop someone marriage. How dare you? If you friend attempted suicide means you have to make him understand or you should have thought thousand times before taking next step. You stopped the marriage of an innocent girl. You married her now that’s fine. If you are already married then, what you would do that time? Will you repent for your mistake for your lifetime?

Then, you thought to save this girl’s life. What about Tanu? You didn’t even had a thought about her once. What you are gonna do now? Who will save her life now? What you will do if she takes wrong decision?

[Paati shouted at him in anger]

Abhi doesn’t have even a single answer for Paati’s question. He just looked at Paati with a helpless face.

Paati: Abhi I am asking you, answer me.

Abhi: Paati [he don’t know what to answer. He just stood there without saying anything else]

Paati: Abhi, tell me. Don’t we even come to your thoughts? Oh, you don’t want us right that’s why you got married like this. If you need us and if you really respect us, at least you would have informed us na?

Abhi: Paati, please don’t say like that. In that situation, I didn’t know what to do. The only thing which was in my mind is ‘I have messed up a girl’s life. And I need to make it right’. I am sorry Paati, whatever I did is not right but please don’t say that I don’t need you. Without you people I can’t live, you know that na Paati.

Sarla: Amma please, don’t talk like that. We all were in a big confusion and we were worried about the problems, we even didn’t thought my daughter will be married now after the problem. It’s because of maapillai only our home is in peace now. We only have to tell you sorry. Because for helping us, he took this decision. Please don’t take him wrong.

Paati: Illa ma. I am not angry on you or your daughter. You didn’t do any mistake. Mistake is all Abhi’s. Please don’t say sorry. I am angry on him only. And my only problem is how to convince Tanu and her family. Tanu is none other than Parvathi brother’s daughter. I don’t want any family problem to arise due to this marriage. Parvathi’s only relative apart from us is her brother. I don’t want her brother to break his ties with us due to this problem.

Sarla: Amma naanga vandhu pesi puriya vaikirom [We will come and make them understand].

Paati: Illa ma vendam. [It’s ok.] If you come and talk they will definitely say something bad we will convince them. Hope we would be able to convince them. Abhi, what you are gonna do now? It’s your responsibility to convince them.

Abhi: Paati, kandippa [definitely]. Please Paati forgive me.

Paati: Leave it Abhi, if it has to happen this way then no one can change it. I am really hurt because of what you have done. But, I just hope everything will be normal.

Abhi: He don’t know what to say. He just hugged his Paati.

He didn’t thought his Paati will forgive him and accept him so soon. But he knows he has lot of things to do. Then he called Pragya and introduced her to Paati. Both get blessings from his Patti.

Paati: Don’t worry for anything Pragya. Everything will become alright. Abhi is so good. He will take care of you. And we are also there for you. Don’t worry and hugged Pragya.

Sarla and Ranganathan were happy.

Abhi and Pragya then went to his mother.

Abhi: Amma, I am sorry. I know I hurt you. Please forgive me.

Parvathi: I had lot of dreams about your marriage. You shattered my dreams completely. I am not even able to see your marriage [saying this Parvathi cried…]

Abhi also had tears in his eyes. He just hugged his mother. Parvathi composed herself. Abhi break the hug and introduced Pragya to his mother. Both took blessings from Parvathi. Parvathi blessed them.

Parvathi: Pragya, I know you haven’t done any mistake. But please, I can’t accept you completely immediately. It will take some time for me.

Pragya: Athai [she said worriedly]

Sarla: Sammandhi [referred to the in-laws of their son or daughter’s], please don’t say like that.

Parvathi: Illa Sammandhi. Please don’t worry. I just said I can’t accept her immediately. But I assure you soon the differences will be solved and I will accept Pragya completely. I just want them to live happily that’s enough for me.

Sarla was about to say something but, Ranganathan stopped her.

Paatti: Don’t worry ma. We are there to take care of your daughter. Parvathi needs some time to accept everything.

Sarla nodded ‘Ok’.

After a while they introduced themselves and all talked for a while. Patti said,

Patti: Abhi, we have to go and convince Tanu and her Parents.

Abhi: Yeah Patti we can go.

Patti: [turned towards Sarla and said]. We have to go and convince them. Then Abhi will come here. As per rituals you bring Abhi and Pragya to our home. We can think about the remaining things later.

Ranganathan: Amma, we are also coming with you to convince them.

Paati: No. We don’t know how they will react. We will go and talk to them.

Ranganathan and Sarla nodded ‘Ok’.

Abhi: I will come back soon Uncle and waved bye to Pragya and they left to Tanu’s home.

At Tanu’s home…

Paati explained everything to Tanu’s Parents. As expected they shouted at Abhi and his family. Purab sat there silently. Paati and Parvathi tried their best to convince them but all in vain. Purab tried to calm them but his parents shouted at him back for supporting Abhi. Finally…

Tanu’s Father: Parvathi, you have accepted your son’s marriage then what about my daughter. You came here to convince us, haan? Listen, from now there is no relationship between you and my family. I forget that you are my sister. You also forget that you have a brother. For me my daughter is more important than anyone.

Purab tried his best to convince his father, but his father is not at all ready to listen to him.

Tanu: Appa, leave it na. There is no mistake with Athai. Even Abhi haven’t done any mistake. It’s all fate. We can’t do anything now.

Tanu’s Father: But, Tanu what about your life

Tanu: Please Appa forgive them. You are the one who have to support Athai. If you break your ties with her then what she will do?

Tanu’s Father: Tanu what you are saying? Don’t expect me to forgive them.

Tanu: Please Appa, for my sake.

She pleased her father and asked him to calm down. She contd…

‘Maybe Abhi is not the right person for me. Everything will happen the way it has to happen. Whatever we try we can’t change anything now. Definitely I will get a better person than him. Please Appa don’t say anything. Pls…’

Everyone is surprised at Tanu… Because they thought it would be hard to convince Tanu but now she is supporting Abhi…

Tanu’s Father: Ok Tanu, I forgive them just for you.

Parvathi: Anna I am sorry Anna. Please forgive us. You are the only family I am having except Athai, Abhi and Aaliya. Please Anna…

Tanu’s Father: It’s ok Parvathi. I am forgiving you not for your sake but for my daughter’s sake.

Parvathi went to Tanu and said, “Tanu I don’t know how to Thank you, because of you only I got my brother back. I am sorry for the marriage Tanu.”

Tanu: Illa Athai leave it. No problem. I am fine. Don’t say thanks, sorry and al.

Parvathi hugged her.

After that Abhi came to Tanu and said, “Tanu, thanks a lot. I thought it would be really difficult to convince you. But you helped me in convincing your parents. Thank you so much Tanu.”

Tanu: Ayyo, what is this. Everyone is saying Sorry, Thank You to me. After al you all are my family. I helped my family only. Don’t make me an outsider.

Abhi smiled.

Tanu: Anyway, Congratulations for your married life Abhi.

Abhi: Thank you Tanu.

Parvathi: Anna, you should come to our home

Tanu’s Father agreed and all left to Abhi’s home. While starting Patti said, “Abhi you go in separate car. We will go with Tanu’s family”

Tanu: Why Patti? He can also come with us na?

Patti: No Tanu. He has to bring Pragya from her home.

Tanu: Oh, ok Patti.

Paati: Abhi start from there after 6:00 PM.

Abhi: Ok Patti. You all go safe. I will bring Pragya to our home.

[Saying this all started to their places.]

Abhi came to Pragya home. [Friends it’s 5:00 PM now]

Abhi: Uncle, Patti asked us to start by 6:00 PM from here. So you all please get ready by that time.

Ranganathan: Ok, Maapillai. You go, fresh up and come. I will ask everyone to get ready and I will make the necessary arrangements.

Abhi: Thanks Uncle. [Pragya is there in the same room].

Pragya: Aththan go and fresh-up in my room. I will come.

Abhi: Smiled and said ‘Ok’.

Pragya came to her room with filter-coffee for Abhi. Meanwhile. Abhi came out from the washroom. Pragya gave coffee to Abhi and asked him to drink.

Abhi: Where is coffee for you?

Pragya: I will have it later.

Abhi: It’s ok let’s share. Bring one more cup.

Pragya: No it’s ok. I will have later.

Abhi: I am telling na. Go and bring one more cup.

Not being able to protest further Pragya went to take one more cup. After she came, he put half of his coffee in the other cup and gave it to Pragya. [Pragya really liked his concern for her☺☺.]

They enjoyed the coffee with an enjoyable silence… After finishing the coffee,

Pragya: Happy??

Abhi: Double Happy☺☺☺ [saying this both smiled at each other]

It’s 6:00 PM now. Everyone started to Abhi’s home. They reached there.

Tanu’s mother did aarathi to Abhi and Pragya and welcomed them in… And everyone went to Pooja room.

Patti: Pragya, Kuthuvilakku ethuma ma [light the diya].

Pragya lighted the diya and everyone prayed for their happiness.

Everyone came and sit in the living room. They talked for some time. Sarla, Ranganthan and Bulbul had dinner at Pragya’s home [Now Abhi’s home is Pragya’s na]

Tanu and her family left after some time. It’s time for Ranganathan family to leave… Sarla said to Paati and Pavithra..

Sarla: Please take care of her.

Pavithra: Don’t worry, we are there for her.

Patti: We will look after her like our own daughter, you please don’t worry about her.

Sarla nodded and went to Pragya. Sarla had tears in her eyes. Seeing Sarla tears Pragya cried.

Sarla: Pragya, you should be a good girl. Be a good wife and daughter-in-law. You should be responsible. Take care of them…Take care of you…

Pragya without saying anything just hugged Sarla and cried a lot… Abhi felt bad for her.

Then Bulbul and Pragya hugged each other and cried for some time.

Ranganathan: Mapillai, please take care of her.

After some time Ranganathan and his family left from there. Tears are running from Pragya,s eyes continuously. She looked at the way her family went. Paati convinced her.

Paati asked Abhi to go to his room and Pragya to fresh-up in Aaliya’s room. After freshen-up Patti took Pragya to Abhi’s room and said, ‘this is your room from now. Go and take rest.’ Saying this she left. Pragya went in. Abhi was sitting in sofa doing something. He has already changed to his night dress. On seeing Pragya he asked her to go and change showing the direction to closet. [While coming from Ranganathan’s house they brought some stuffs of Pragya and those were already kept in Abhi’s room]. Pragya came out after changing her clothes.

Abhi: Pragya, I know we have lot of things to talk. But not now. We will talk later. I know you should be already exhausted. Sleep now. We can talk tomorrow.

Pragya was blinking as she don’t know where to sleep ‘in bed or in sofa’. Looking at her confused face, Abhi said, “You sleep in bed I will sleep in sofa”. Before Pragya could say anything Abhi said, “Good Night” and laid on the sofa.

Pragya smiled and replied ‘Good Night’

Both didn’t slept immediately. They thought about, ‘the way they got married? how to start their life? What will happen next? Whether they will be able to keep each other happy?’ with lot off thoughts soon both drifted to sleep.

Episode ends here….

Is Tanu really a good and matured girl? How she accepted the marriage so easily. Will she move on with her life? Or still she is thinking about Abhi? – I too don’t have answer for that now… Let’s wait for what to see destiny holds for them…

Hi friends. Please let me know your comments. Hope I haven’t disappointed you. Please let me know your negative comments too. If I am dragging or boring please let me know, so that I can improve them in my future episodes.

Thank you all once again for the support☺☺☺

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