Destined to be yours!!! Episode 8

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Ok let’s get into the story…

The episode starts with Abhi and Aaliya leaving from Pragya’s home and they reached their home at Chennai. Aaliya called Paati to check whether they have started from Mumbai or not but she is not able to reach them on phone. So she and Abhi understand that they should have got into flight.

And both started to discuss how to convince their family and Tanu’s family. Both decided to talk to Purab as they know he is matured and he is the only one who can understand Abhi’s situation. So Abhi called Purab and asked him to come to their home.

[Friends, I hope you remember Purab is Tanu’s brother]

After an hour Purab came to Abhi’s home and saw Abhi and Aaliya sitting in the hall. He came and hugged Abhi. He saw Abhi in wedding attire and asked Abhi, why he is in wedding attire. Abhi doesn’t know how to answer him so he stayed silent and looked at Aaliya…After a long pause he said,

Abhi: Purab, I got married.

Nothing get into Purab’s mind and he was is in a complete shock..He just looked at Abhi. After few seconds Purab was completely filled with anger and holded Abhi shirt’s collar and asked,

Purab: How dare you to tell me, that you are married? How can you marry someone else when you are engaged to my sister? saying this he slapped Abhi hardly.

Aaliya doesn’t how to calm down Purab. Abhi doesn’t even stopped him because he thought Purab’s anger is right. Anyone in Purab’s place will do this.

Purab again holded Abhi’s collar and said,

Purab: How can you cheat my sister? If you wanna marry someone else then why you got engage to her and gave her all the hopes for marriage?

Purab started beating Abhi. Aaliya tried to stop Purab but he didn’t listen. She asked Abhi to stop Purab, but Abhi was ready to accept whatever happens.

Purab: Why you didn’t told us before? If you said earlier we wouldn’t have arranged your marriage with my sister na. What answer do you have for my sister? What will I tell her? How will I convince her?

Purab was about to slap Abhi once again and that time Aaliya shouted, “Purab, stop it!!! First listen to what we say and then react.” Purab didn’t leave Abhi’s collar still. Aaliya asked him to listen to them once. Purab left Abhi’s collar and looked at Abhi with utmost anger.

[All the while Purab thought Abhi was in love with someone and he did a register (court) marriage.]

The trio sit in the sofa with Aaliya and Abhi sitting opposite to Purab. Still Purab is fuming in anger also tears started from his eyes thinking about his sister. Blood was bleeding in the corner of Abhi’s lips due to the slap he got from Purab.

Aaliya thought she should explain otherwise Purab won’t listen.

Aaliya: Purab, I know your anger is right. Any brother in your place will do this. I agree. We are really sorry for whatever happened Purab. Please

Purab: Aaliya, will your sorry make my sister happy. If anyone did the same to you will your brother keep quiet? Won’t he kill him?

[saying this he looked at Abhi in anger. Abhi bowed his head down without knowing what to answer him. Yeah Abhi knows, whatever Purab said is true. At least Purab agreed to listen to them but Abhi knows he won’t even give the chance to other person to explain if they mess anything with his sister.]

Aaliya contd…

Aaliya: Purab I agree whatever you say, please listen to me once. It’s not Anna’s mistake. He didn’t cheat Tanu.

Hearing this Purab boiled with anger and said,

Purab: Aaliya, your brother married someone else even though he is engaged to my sister. And he didn’t even had a thought about my sister and her life before marrying someone..still you are saying it is not his mistake.

Aaliya: Purab please listen.. before she could continue Purab cuts-off her and said

Purab: If he loved someone he could have told us before na. We wouldn’t have did the engagement right.

Aaliya interrupts him and said,

Aaliya: No Purab. You are mistaken. Anna never loved anyone. When he was engaged to Tanu he was not in love with anyone and this marriage is not a love marriage Purab..He did this marriage for the mistake he did…

Purab: [was in shock] what you are blabbering Aaliya. Is that a new story to save your brother?

Aaliya: No Purab. It’s really true. You know Raghav anna na? Abhi anna friend. He attempted suicide and she started telling him the complete story…

Purab was listening to her and sat there motionless. Purab understand Abhi’s situation. He doesn’t know what to say or how to react? He can’t completely blame Abhi for the marriage but at the same time he felt worried about his sister Tanu. His anger towards Abhi subsided and tears started rolling from his eyes thinking about Tanu and his family.

Abhi and Aaliya were looking at Purab. They know how it will hurt Purab…Tears continuously rolling down from Purab’s eyes and he said.

Purab: How I will convince her Abhi? She is always dreaming about you and the life she gonna live with you. My parents asked her whether she is okay to marry you and I am the one who convinced her to agree for the marriage. What I will tell her now? The only thing which she talks to us is about her marriage with you. How I am gonna tell her the marriage she dreamed will never happen and it will be a dream always.

Saying this he break down… Abhi doesn’t know how to console Purab. He just went near Purab and hugged him. Purab reciprocated the hug and Abhi caressed his back. After a while Purab consoled himself and released himself from the hug…

Purab: I am sorry Abhi. Without knowing the truth I hit you.

Abhi: No Purab. I am the one who have to say sorry. If I were in your place I will also react the same way.

Aaliya gave water to Purab…

Abhi: Purab, I need your help. I can convince others. But to convince Tanu I need your help. I know it’s not appropriate to ask your help but I had no other way. I have to convince her and ask sorry because she is the one who is affected more. Purab please help me because you only know your sister well.

Purab agreed for that because he thought if Abhi convinces her she can accept the reality rather than others consoling her. Abhi contd…

Abhi: Purab don’t tell anyone about this now. Patti and Amma are coming here. I have to convince them first and then I will come to your home to talk about this. Please don’t tell anyone about this until I tell them.

Purab just nodded him ok. After a while he left.

Abhi and Aaliya felt relieved a bit after convincing Purab. Now they have to convince their Paati and Amma.

Abhi: Aaliya, did they informed you about the flight ?

Aaliya: Illa Anna.

Abhi: When they will reach here? We need to receive them na.

Aaliya: Anna, we don’t know anything? There are angry on us. Don’t worry Anna they will come here only. We can talk to them later.

Abhi: Yeah, I hope so Aaliya. (and he contd.. saying)

Abhi: It’s been two hours we came from Pragya’s home. They doesn’t know about our address and they don’t even have our phone number’s. They should be worried. I will go and talk to them. You stay here. I will come back in an hour.

Aaliya: Ok Anna. Come soon.

Abhi: Should I need to bring Pragya or will bring her after convincing Amma and Paati…

Aaliya: Anna I too don’t know which is better. But what I think is let’s convince them first as we don’t know how Amma and Patti will react…

Abhi: I think you are correct. Let’s convince them first then we can bring Pragya and her family here. Go and take rest. I will come soon. Call me immediately if Patti and Amma comes, ok ?

Aaliya: Ok Anna.

Abhi left to Pragya’s home. As he expected everyone was worried. He went in and said sorry to Sarla and Ranganathan for making them worried and asked them about Pragya. Sarla said she is in her room. Abhi asked them,

Abhi: Aunty, shall I go and see her?

Sarla: What is this question mapillai [son-in-law]? You go and see her.

Abhi smiled and went towards Pragya’s room. When Abhi entered Pragya’s room, Bulbul and Pragya were talking to each other. They saw Abhi. Bulbul and Abhi smiled at each other and after that Bulbul left the room to give them privacy.

Abhi came and sit next to Pragya. Pragya asked Abhi about the wound and he explained whatever happened. Pragya felt bad as Abhi is facing so many problems because of her.

Pragya: Aththan, oru nimisham [excused herself from Abhi and opened the cupboard and took something from there. It’s a first-aid kit]. She took a cotton, dipped it in some antiseptic liquid and pressed it against his wound.

Back Ground song while Pragya treating Abhi’s wound,

Unnale Mei Maranthu Nindrene [I stood mesmerized because of you]
Mai Vizhiyil Maiyaludan Vanthene
Idai Vidatha Nerukangal Thodaruma Uyire [will the closeness continues without space between us]
Mozhi Illamal Thavikiren Mounamai Inge [I am struggling silently without words]

Un Tholil Saainthu Kolla Vanthene
Ithu Pothum Oh.. Eppothum Oh..

Abhi said,

Abhi: Pragya I need to go again. My Paati and Amma are coming. They will reach in the evening. I will convince them and bring them here.

Pragya: I will also come.

Abhi: No Pragya. I don’t know how they will react. If I take with you my Amma may scold you. I can’t see that and I can’t talk against her now as mistake is mine.

Pragya was about to protest, but Abhi cuts-off her and said,

Abhi: Please Pragya. Listen to me. You stay here. I will convince them and bring them here to take you with me. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright and I will make everything right.

Pragya: Illa Aththan. If I am not there with you by that time then it will not be good. I will also come. If Athai [mother-in-law] scolds me, no problem we will make her understand. Please take me with you please.

Abhi: Pragya, how your parents will agree for taking you alone. I can’t take everyone now. First I need to talk to them and I need to convince them. Whatever the result if they agree or not, today definitely I will take you to our home…Please understand… Here, save my number and give me your number so that I can save it in my mobile before Abhi could continue his phone beeped…

He saw his phone and it is a call from Aaliya. Abhi received the call..

Abhi: Aaliya? What happened?

Aaliya: Anna we are on the way to Anni’s home. Paati and Amma came immediately after you left. Paati asked me what happened. I explained them everything. They asked about you, I said them you just left to Anni’s home and the reason. Paati asked me to take them there. We will reach there in ten minutes. I called you to inform you.

Abhi: Why it’s happening like this Aaliya? How will they react now? I don’t know how I am gonna manage them. Kadavule [OMG]. Aaliya tell me one thing, how Paati and Amma reacted to you?

Aaliya: Anna I am not able to guess anything from their reaction. They just asked to take them there. They were not talking anything else.

Abhi: [scratched his forehead with his finger and said] It’s ok Aaliya. You all come here safely. I will do something.

Aaliya: Ok Anna. Bye.

Pragya saw Abhi’s worried face and asked ‘what happened?’. Abhi explained her everything.

Pragya: Don’t worry everything will be alright.

After that both went to the living room where Pragya’s family is present and explained them everything. Everyone is worried and started thinking about how to convince Pragya’s family.

Episode ends with the worried face of everyone…

Hi friends. Please let me know your comments. Hope I haven’t disappointed you. Please let me know your negative comments too, so that I can improve them in my future episode.

Thank you all once again for the support☺☺☺

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