Destined to be yours!!! Episode 7

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Ammu – your doubt is correct. But in the tensions and chaos he didn’t noticed Pragya properly. And he didn’t noticed that as well. So only he didn’t asked about that. I will use that in future
Deepika – I posted the episode by 5:00 pm yesterday. But I don’t know why it was posted very late. I also kept on checking whether the episode was posted. But no. Morning only I saw the episode being posted. Thanks for waiting for my episodes. It really gave me lot of happiness while reading your comment.
Varsha – you want Abhigya’s separation. OMG . Will try .
Ok let’s get into the story…
The episode starts with Pragya and Abhi coming to Sarla’s home. Sarla did aarathi to both of them and welcomed in. Abhi and Pragya are sitting in the living room together. Everyone were sitting around them. No one had the thought about the post wedding rituals due to the problems that happened. Lot of things is running in their mind.
Sarla and Ranganathan started talking to Abhi. They felt Abhi being restless and that is the time Bulbul asked
Bulbul: Aththan, unga veedu enga iruku? [Where is your home?]
Abhi looked at Pragya and said Mumbai. Everyone is shocked at his answer. Because, Pragya has to leave them and go with Abhi. They thought if it is Chennai it would be easy to see Pragya frequently. But Pragya assured them everything will be fine. This is when Abhi started to think about his family. Truth started striking his mind.
Only Friends of Abhi were there. No one else is there for Abhi from his family. He felt bad. He started worrying about his family. Till marriage nothing was in his mind except Pragya. Now he started thinking about his family. He doesn’t have answers to give his family. His paati, Aaliya, mother everyone came to his mind. Their dream about his marriage. His engagement to Tanu. He started feeling restless. The only person he thought who can help him is his lovely sister Aaliya. He called her and asked her to come to Pragya’s home. He gave her the address.

He then talked to Sarla and Ranganathan… Pragya and Bulbul
Abhi: Uncle , Aunty I know you have lot of questions about me. It’s not that easy for you all. Please wait for few minutes aunty my sister is studying here only and I have asked her to come here. I will tell you everything about me after she comes..
Both Sarla and Ranganathan nodded…
Aaliya came after sometime. Aaliya came to Sarla’s home asked about Abhi to someone she saw at the door. They asked her to go in. She came in and saw the decorations in Sarla home and got confused. The next thing which saw made her numb. She saw Abhi and Pragya sitting next to each other and that too Abhi is in wedding attire. She went and asked,
Aaliya: Anna, what’s all this ? Who all are they? What are you doing here?
Abhi: I will tell you everything later. Come and sit here now.
Aaliya went and sit in a chair.
Abhi introduced Aaliya to everyone as his sister and introduced Pragya as his wife to Aaliya. Aaliya doesn’t know how to react.
Then he turned towards Pragya’s parents and said about his family, how they settled in Mumbai and everything. And he said about his engagement with Tanu. Everyone was shocked.

He get to know that they are worried from their reactions. He contd…
Abhi: I assure you aunty I will resolve all the issues. Please don’t worry about the engagement aunty. I will convince everyone. I will call my amma and paatti here and talk to them. I will make all the problems solved. Then I will take Pragya with us. Please don’t worry aunty.

He doesn’t know what else to say or convince them and looked at Pragya.. He saw Pragya’s confused face and he was sure that she was thinking about his engagement. He thought he will talk to her later about that.
Sarla and Rnganathan doesn’t know how to react, they just nodded as ok to Abhi but they are not still completely satisfied because they worried about how to convince Abhi’s parents.

Abhi asked Sarla about a place where he can talk to Aaliya alone. Sarla asked Bulbul to show Pragya’s room. Abhi excused himself from them and went along with Bulbul and Aaliya. Bulbul shows Pragya room and left.

Aaliya asked Abhi to explain what’s happening and clear her confusion. Abhi explained her everything and asked her to help him in resolving all the issues. Aaliya sat there in the bed without knowing what to do. She felt confused and looked at Abhi. He saw Abhi being helplessness. Out of everything she just wanted her brother’s happiness. She agreed to help him but don’t know from where they will start. They discussed about how to convince their mother and paati. After a while they just decided to inform them and asked them to come here.
Aaliya said we can call our paati and inform her, she can understand us. As discussed Aaliya called paati and informed everything. Paati didn’t said anything the only thing which she said is ‘we will come immediately’. Abhi and Aaliya looked at each other worriedly. By the time Pragya came to her room.

Pragya said I just came to ask you both if you need anything to eat or drink. Aaliya said no anni [sister-in-law] nothing. It’s fine. Pragya and Aaliya both started talking to each other. Both were talking like friends who are meeting after long time. Both were comfortable to each other. Abhi looked at both of them and felt relieved and happy. Then Pragya said,
Pragya: Let’s go down. Everyone is waiting for us for lunch.
Aaliya: Ok Anni. Let’s go.

Abhi: Yeah we can go. But Pragya I need to talk to you and looked at Aaliya.
Aaliya: [she understood what Abhi meant and said]. Ok anna, I will go and sit in the hall. You both come.
Pragya: Aaliya wait. And called ‘Bulbul’
[Bulbul came]
Bulbul: Haan akka
Pragya: Bubul, take Aaliya with you and show our home.
Bubul said Ok and took Aaliya from there.
Pragya turned towards Abhi..
Pragya: Sollunga Aththan enna pesanum.
Abhi was very happy to be called as ‘Aththan’ by Pragya and he said
Abhi: Pragya, I am sorry.
Pragya: Sorry? For what?
Abhi: For not telling you about my engagement before our marriage.
Pragya: I was about to ask you about that. I am now feeling guilty for ruining a girl’s life. She would have dreamed a lot about her marriage na. I am really feeling bad for her. If you would have told me about this before I would have not agreed for the marriage.
Abhi: Pragya I know. But I really didn’t remember about my engagement or else I would have told you. It’s true.
Pragya looked at Abhi.

Abhi: Don’t worry Pragya I will convince her. I will make everyone accept our marriage happily. It’s my responsibility. I just need your support for me. Will you support me and forwarded his hands towards her,
Pragya said always by holding his hand and they both stood like that looking at each other eyes for a while. After sometime they came back to their senses. Pragya asked him to come for lunch and that is the time he noticed Pragya. He saw her saree and thought to himself ‘this is the which I selected for my marriage. How she got this? I felt connected to that saree and wanted Tanu to choose this. But she said no. Now Pragya is wearing this saree means? Is this what has to be happened? Are we destined for being together? I need to ask her to confirm about this. But, this is not the right time. I will ask her later.’
Pragya saw Abhi standing there thinking something. She waved her hand before him. Abhi came back to senses and Pragya asked, ‘what?’
Abhi : Nothing
Pragya: Ok. Let’s go. Everyone is waiting for us.
Abhi nodded and both went together.
Everyone had their lunch. Sarla asked Abhi and Aaliya to rest.

Abhi: No aunty. It’s fine. And turned towards Pragya and said, ‘ Pragya you go and rest’.
Pragya: It’s ok. I am fine.
Abhi: No. You go and take rest. I know you will be tired. Please go and sleep for some time. Even my paati and amma will come only in the evening. We will talk about everything later. You go and rest.
Pragya agreed and went to sleep.
Abhi: Aunty, me and Aaliya have some work we will come in an hour. We have to do few things before they arrive.
Sarla said ‘Ok’. Abhi and Aaliya left.
Episode ends here…

How is the episode????? Yeah I know it’s a bit boring. Two to three episodes will be like that after Abhigya’s story will start. Friends let me know your comments…..Even if it is negative so that I can improve next time. Thanks again for your support friends…

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