Destined to be yours!!! Episode 6

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Ok let’s get into the story…

The episode starts with Ranganathan asking Suresh and Pragya to go and sit in the mandap to get married.

Meantime, Abhi was thinking,

“I have really done a big mistake. I should have enquired properly before creating problems here. Even though she is gonna married I have really disturbed her life. Even if she forgives me I can’t forgive myself. Why I felt so happy before coming here. ‘Yes friends, while Pragya felt happy the same time Abhi also felt happy. He doesn’t have words to describe about his happiness.’ Why I felt happy? Is that to spoil the life of a girl? Oh my god! I have really did a big mistake in my life. Even if the groom agreed for the marriage I am not able to feel sure he is the right person for Pragya. I believe he can’t give her happiness.” All the while Abhi looked at Pragya…… He wanted Pragya not to get married to Suresh. He felt strange to think like that.

Sarla asked Pragya to go and sit in the mandap.

Both Suresh and Pragya started to move. Suddenly Suresh stopped and looked back and find Pragya is moving towards in opposite direction from the mandap stage. Yes, she was moving towards Abhi. Everyone was shocked looking at her.

Pragya went and stand near Abhi. Even Abhi was shocked with her move. He stood numb. He doesn’t know what she is gonna do. What he expected was a tight slap from her to play like that with her marriage. But he was taken aback by what she said.

Pragya: Thanks for everything. I know I have to be angry on you for whatever you have did today. If someone else is in your place I don’t know what I would have done. But I don’t know why I am not getting angry on you. And thanks for saving my life.

Abhi got confused with her words,

Pragya: Yeah, you heard it right. Thanks for saving my life from Suresh [she looked at Suresh while saying this]. And then she walked towards her parents and said,

Pragya: Appa, I don’t want to marry Suresh. Even though he said he realized his mistake he can’t give me happiness. He is not the only one who will marry me. I believe you will find a better person for me. Please let’s leave.

Suresh interrupted…

Suresh: Pragya, I said sorry right. I promise you that I will keep you happy for ever. Please give me a chance.

Pragya: Suresh, life’s base begins from trust. I don’t have the belief that we can lead a happy life. If we marry, then it will become marriage built without any trust. You didn’t believe me when he[pointed towards Abhi] came and accused me. You just believed what he said and stopped our marriage. You didn’t trust me.

Suresh: Pragya think from my point of view, I don’t know anything about you. Our parents arranged our marriage and we never talked to each other. And moreover, he was telling everything including his friend attending suicide. How you are expecting me to trust you blindly.

Pragya: Exactly, we never talked to each other. We don’t know about each other. There is no need for you to believe me blindly. But did you asked me about it? Did you give me a chance to speak? No right. You know me and my family for more than three months. You don’t even know him [Abhi] at all. You directly jumped into your own conclusions believing what a stranger said, but not your wife-to-be. How you are expecting me to marry you?

Suresh, doesn’t have any words to say…

Suresh: I agree Pragya. It’s my mistake. If you are able to forgive him [Abhi] who spoiled your marriage can’t you forgive me?

Pragya: I forgave him because he helped me in identifying who you are? And also, he came to help his friend. And.. and there is nothing like I have to give you explanations.

Suresh: Please Pragya, I am just asking you for one chance.

Pragya: Sorry Suresh, It’s my life. And I can’t take any chances. Saying this she removed her engagement ring and gave it back to Suresh.

Amma, Appa please don’t ask me to marry him. If I marry him I can’t be happy. If I marry him, I have to spend half of my lifetime to prove myself to him. In future, if some other person said something bad about me he will believe that too. May be I can get chance to prove I am good… May be I won’t get chances to prove myself. My life will be at risk. May be he won’t suspect me.

But I can’t lead my life thinking whether he will trust me or not, or thinking whether he will believe my words or someone’s words. Please amma don’t force me. Sarla and Ranganathan are not able to say anything. They understand their daughter’s condition.

Ranganathan turned towards Suresh parents and said, sorry sir this marriage will not happen. We can’t force our daughter. Ranganathan went towards Abhi and said, “Please don’t do anything hastily in future. Because of you my daughter life is ruined. Think thousand times before you do something. Don’t repeat to others whatever you have done to my daughter” and started moving.

Pragya and her family started to move from the marriage hall. Bulbul was crying. Sarla was continuously crying and said, “How I am gonna settle your life? If everything would have happened correctly without any problem you would have married by now.”

Abhi heard everything. He was feeling guilty. Sarla’s word, Ranganathan’s word and Pragya’s word kept on echoing in his ears. He thought about Pragya. If some other girl was in her place, maybe she would have cried without knowing how to prove herself or even proved herself maybe she would have married Suresh. As for Abhi, Pragya looked different in his eyes. He felt that, ‘he is the one for Pragya’ but not sure whether they will agree for this after being reason for whatever happened just now.

Abhi just thought, maybe he should ask once and he called Pragya. Pragya and her family turned back to see him. He came to Pragya and said ‘I need to talk to you’.

Sarla: Is there anything you have left with you to give that to my daughter? No need. There is nothing to talk.

Abhi: Please aunty, just give me one chance.

Before Sarla could say anything, Pragya asked him ‘what do you wanna talk’.

Abhi: Please five minutes I need to talk to you alone.

Ranganathan was about to protest, but Pragya agreed for that too. Ranganathan and Sarla were not able to do anything.

Abhi and Pragya came alone. Abhi doesn’t know how to start the conversation. Pragya just looked at him. After few minutes, Abhi asked her

Abhi: I don’t know whether it is correct to ask you about this at this moment. But I just want to ask you.

Pragya: What?

Abhi: Will you marry me?

Pragya: (she was taken aback with his question). No need for you to marry me. You are speaking out of your guilt. I don’t want to get married to you just because you have stopped my marriage. See, there is nothing like you have committed big crime. Just forgive yourself you will be ok. Don’t spoil your life in a loveless marriage.

Abhi: No I don’t wanna marry you out of my guilt. I really wanna marry you. I don’t know why. Really I like you. I won’t say I fell in love with you immediately seeing you or for your boldness. I felt like I will be the one who can keep you happy. No one else can understand you. If you say loveless marriage, it is nothing like that. Anyway you gonna marry the person whom your parents find for you right. Think that I am that person.

Pragya: No [Abhi cuts-off her and contd..]

Abhi: Even I am gonna marry an unknown person and will start my life without any love. I believe I will deeply fall in love with my wife. I believe we will love each other after our marriage. Don’t think I am sacrificing or something. I am not sacrificing. I want to marry you for my own purpose. Yes, I believe you are the only person who can make me happy, care for me and love me more than myself. Don’t think these are all filmy dialogues. I believe all the things whatever I have said just now. Because I felt these. I didn’t said we will start our life immediately. Let’s get married now. And let other things happen their way.

He didn’t even gave chance for Pragya to protest. He contd..

Abhi: Yeah you should be worried to believe me because you don’t know about me na. I am good I can assure you that. [Pragya stared at him] He said Pragya believe me na I am really a good boy. [A smile formed on Pragya’s lips hearing this]. Abhi contd..

Regarding my work and salary, suddenly he had a thought ‘if I say I am a rockstar doing concerts what she will do? Will she reject me? No I shouldn’t give chances for that’.. leave this answer Pragya , I am earning more than enough for a family, trust me. My family is Me, My Patti, Amma and my sister Aaliya. We are living in Mumbai. If you wanna do job you can do, if not you can happily stay at OUR home. [He stressed the word OUR].

He continued like as she agreed for that. And also, he doesn’t fail to create trust for him in Pragya.

Finally he talked to her and convinced her. Yes, Pragya agreed to marry him.

They came back and Pragya said her decision to her parents. Her parents were shocked even Suresh. Yes, friends Suresh is still there.

Sarla: No Pragya, this can’t happen. How you thought that we will agree for this marriage? How you believed him

Pragya: Amma please. I don’t know why I trust him. But I trust him completely. Please amma believe me.

After they started talking about this. Abhi convinced everyone for their marriage. Finally after a long discussion, everyone happily agreed for Abhi and Pragya marriage.

It’s marriage guys…their marriage….

Sarla and Ranganathan made Abhi and Pragya to sit in the mandap stage. Friends Abhi is wearing silk dhoti and silk shirt. [Please don’t ask me where he get that from. I just want him to marry completely in Tamil tradition JJJ]. All the rituals started. It’s time to tie the Thali. Abhi took that from pandit and looked into Pragya’s eyes for a moment and tied that around her neck… Finally they are married..

BGM song for marriage….

Ubhayakushala chirajeevana
Prasuthabharitha manchulathara
Sonnaare Sanchaare

Adhararuchitha madhurithabhara
Sudhanakanaka prasamaniratha
Baandhavye Maangalye

Mamathavasabha samathasasatha
Mukhamanasubha sumanalayiva
Susuthasakhitha dhaamam
Viraharagitha bhaavam

Aanandabhogam aajeevakaalam
Paashaanubandham kaalaanukaalam
Deivaanukoolam, kaamyaardhasidhim

After that, Abhi placed Kungumam[kumkum] in Pragya’s forehead and in her Thanli. They exchanged their garlands. It’s time for phreas. Abhi holded Pragya’s hand and walked around the holy fire three times.

Then he holded her leg and kept in ammi [I don’t know the exact meaning in English. It’s made of stone and we use in home to grind things.] and put metti [toe ring] in her toe.

Then they took blessings from Sarla and Ranganathan. Suresh and his family left the marriage hall.

Pragya introduced Bulbul to Abhi and Bulbul was happy for her sister. Time for family photo…….

Finally they got married. But are they destined to live together and lead a lovely life????? Let’s see their journey together from tomorrow…..

Friends, yes Abhi is a big rockstar only!!! He is famous. But Pragya family doesn’t know him.

How is the episode????? Is that good ? or bad? Friends let me know your comments…..Even if it is negative so that I can improve next time. Thanks again for your support friends…

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