Destined to be yours!!! Episode 5

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Friends, as I said this episode will be dramatic mostly you could have seen in cinemas…please bear with it…. Keep guessing the person who would have stopped until you find him … and please comment what name you have guessed even if it is wrong……ok let’s get into the story…

The episode starts with everyone looking in the direction where the voice came…..

A man was standing there along with his few friends…..he entered the hall…. [bgm…..sambo siva sambo song from nadodigal movie is playing]

{friends imagine the following songs : Shiv Shambho song from

Hindi : Rangrezz,

Telugu : Shambo Shiva Shambo

Kannada: Hudugaru

Malayalam: Ithu Nammude Katha [Sorry friends I don’t know song name. The will be playing while the hero helping his friends to elope]}

Ranganathan: who are you? Why you stopped the marriage?

Man: Sir, the bride and my friend were loving for years and he had consumed poison after knowing her marriage.

[Everyone in the marriage hall was shocked with his accusations]

Ranganathan: [Shouted in anger] Ennai dhairiyam irundha en ponna pathi ippadi pesuva [how dare you talk about my daughter like this].

Man: Inga paarunga sir, naan onnum summa pesala.. en friend suicide attend panni hospital admit panni irukom.. Unga ponnum dhan avana love panni irukanga… summa vandu yaarum kalyanatha nirutha maatanga… [Sir, we are not talking just like that.. we have admitted my friend in hospital after he attempted suicide.. Your daughter also loves him… no one will come and stop the marriage just like that..]

Suddenly a chaos aroused in the marriage hall. Pragya was in an utter shock hearing the man’s accusations. Suresh family started believing the man. Pragya didn’t utter even a single word. She was still sitting in the mandap stage even Suresh too.

The Man started,

Man: Look sir, I know it’s hard to accept. But this is true. My friend can’t live without your daughter Pragya. Think from his position and from your daughter position too. If you are forcing her for this marriage, she can marry this groom for your sake but she can’t be happy. Her happiness is with my friend Raghav. Please don’t spoil three person’s lives.

Suresh also started believing the man as he started connecting everything.

Her one word answers during their first meet. The way she avoided to spent time together before their marriage. He never saw her showing interest in the marriage. And of course, Pragya keeping silent even now.

Sarla and Bulbul become completely shattered. Tears started flowing from their eyes.

Ranganathan: Vaaya moodu. En ponna pathi enaku theriyum. Nee yaruda en ponna pathi pesa [Shut your mouth. I know about my daughter. Who are you to talk about my daughter]…before Ranganathan could continue, Suresh stopped Ranganathan

Suresh: Uncle, it’s enough. Before shouting at that man you have to ask your daughter.

Ranganathan: Illa mapillai [son-in-law], Pragya appadi ellam senji iruka matta. Ivanga dhan thappa pesuranga. [No. Pragya wouldn’t have done something like this. Whatever they are saying is not true.]

Suresh: Avanga soldradu unmai illana innerathuku Pragya kandippa naan appadi pannalanu solli iruppa. Aana Pragya eduvum sollama appadiye amaidiya irukrada patha avanga soldradu dhan unmainu thonudu. [Whatever they are saying is true if not Pragya should have said that she haven’t done anything like this. Look at her uncle, she is not saying anything and sitting silently, it seems like whatever they are saying is true.]

[he contd…]

Uncle it’s ok no problem. She has to be happy. Get her married to the guy whom she loves. I have no problem.

[Suresh mother started scolding Pragya and her family for ruining her son’s life and reputation. Suresh calmed her and further said ]

Suresh: Uncle we are leaving. I am sorry.

Ranganathan: Illa [No] mapillai. Whatever you heard is not true. Let’s talk.

Suresh: No Uncle. There is nothing to talk we are leaving and Suresh and his family started to leave.

At that time everyone hear Pragya asking everyone to stop [she almost shouted]

She came down from mandap stage and said,

Pragya: Suresh, you are just leaving for what that man said without asking me. You came to conclusions on your own. You doesn’t think about how I feel and how my family would suffer.

[Suresh protested to say something but Pragya cuts-off him and said]

Pragya: We heard enough from everyone. I don’t want to hear anything. Now I say, I don’t love anyone. I don’t know who these people are. I know even if I say you people won’t believe me. You all will talk bad about me. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone I need only my parents to believe me and looked at Ranganathan, Sarla and Bulbul.

The trio gestured her that they believe her completely. Pragya continued by looking at Suresh.

Pragya: But, I have to prove myself for the reputation of my family. I just have one request. Please wait for some more time and then decide.

Suresh agreed for that. Till this second Pragya didn’t cried. She moved to the man who stopped the marriage and asked.

Pragya: what’s your name?

Man: Abhi. [Yes, guys Abhi is the one who came to stop the wedding for his friend’s sake. Now tell me how many of you guessed him right. Varshavenkat, yes your guess is rightJ]

Pragya: Have you seen me before?

Abhi: No

Pragya: OMG. You are telling me that I am loving your friend for years. But you have never seen me, I mean the girl your friend loved.

Abhi: No, It’s not like that. He never told us that he is in love. Just now we came to know you both were loving each other and your marriage has been arranged with someone. We came to know everything after he attempted suicide.

Pragya: Just stop it. Don’t say that we are in love. I have never met your so-called friend in my lifetime. Abhi was about to say something but Pragya cuts-him off and contd..

Pragya: If you never see the girl then how you came to know that’s me.

[Friends, all the time Pragya is talking Abhi in complete anger holding her frustration to burst out]

Abhi: He gained conscious and said your name and mandap name. Think once if we don’t know you how come we came to know your name. Remember, before your father could say your name we told your name right.

Pragya became speechless….she doesn’t know what to do… Abhi contd….

Abhi: Listen Pragya, I know it would be difficult for you to accept your love before everyone. I know, your life, your family’s reputation everything is involved in this. I promise I will help you to make everything normal. Don’t think about others. Just think about you and Raghav.

[everyone in the marriage hall started murmuring..] Abhi contd…

Abhi: If you marry someone else for your parent’s sake they will be happy. Think once, you are ruining three person life, I mean yours, the groom’s and Raghav life. Don’t say anything like sacrifices and all. That won’t help you in future.

[Pragya was not able take any more of Abhi’s words and asked him to stop]

Pragya: Enough…enough.. I had much.. Even now I say I am not the one who was in love with your friend. You are mistaken. Don’t play with my life.

Suresh interrupted..

Suresh: Pragya, enough this is too much. Even after hearing all these we can’t believe you. You just agree [he said in anger tone]

Pragya stared at him with an unbelievable look…. She turned towards Abhi and looked into his eyes and stayed like that for some time. It gave her some support. All her anger towards Abhi started subsiding and she doesn’t know the reason. She started thinking for a while…

Abhi also started feeling like he did a big mistake by stopping her marriage…

Pragya thought, “why I felt so happy today before the marriage started. Why? Why I have to be so happy if my marriage have to end like this? I was now in such a situation where I need to prove myself but not getting any idea? I don’t have enough strength now…”

She is still looking into Abhi’s eyes. Abhi also looking at her. He also felt so strange…

Pragya said to Abhi,

Pragya: Can you tell me the mandap name?

Abhi: He was looking for his friend who shown him the marriage hall but he was not there. He said I am sorry he is not around here.

Pragya: what I will do!!! [she started thinking] I need a help from you. You said na your friend is alright now. May be you can’t have the girl’s photo but definitely your friend should have right. Please ask him to forward the photo to you once, so that I can prove myself. She requested Abhi with her pleading eyes.

At this time, Abhi doesn’t know why he started feeling guilty. He started to think that, ‘Pragya can’t be the one.’ Without knowingly, he wanted that ‘Pragya shouldn’t be the one’ not for Pragya’s sake but for his own sake.

Abhi said ‘Ok’ and called Raghav. Raghav’s mother picked the phone.

Abhi: Aunty, Abhi speaking?

Raghav Mom: Haan, tell Abhi

Abhi: How is he? Did he woke up?

Raghav Mom: He is fine now. He is talking to his father.

Abhi: Aunty please give the phone to him. It’s emergency.

Raghav Mom: Abhi, what happened? Any Problem?

Abhi: Please Aunty. Give the phone to him.

Raghav Mom: Ok Abhi. I am giving. And she passes the phone to Raghav.

Raghav: Abhi, what happened? Did you stopped the marriage?

Abhi: I will tell everything later. Please send Pragya photo to me.

Raghav: Why Abhi? What happened? [he asked in panic]

Abhi: I will tell you. Please send it first.

Raghav agreed and forwarded the photo to Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya were eagerly looking at his mobile to receive message from Raghav. Message came. Abhi downloaded the photo and looked at it and saw Pragya…and he fell on his knees…

Pragya got the phone from Abhi and shows that to Suresh and said

Pragya: Suresh, you accused me and not ready to believe me. But see it’s a different girl and asked everyone to have a look at the photo.

Everyone become speechless…

Abhi was feeling remorseful for his act. He is not able to console himself. He doesn’t know how to pacify Pragya’s family. Overall he doesn’t know how to face Pragya. He know he can’t come out of this guilty for his lifetime as he disturbed the life of a girl.

Suresh is the one to start the conversation.

He went to Ranganathan and Sarla and holded their hands and kept on asking sorry for not believing Pragya. Then he went to Pragya and said,

“I know Pragya sorry a single word can’t take back whatever I said. But I am really feeling guilty for whatever I did”

Pragya looked at Suresh, and Suresh contd…

“I am really sorry Pragya I can feel the pain what you should have went through just now. I know I am not worth of you. But I request you, please give me a chance. I promise you I won’t repeat this mistake again. I will keep you always happy. I will never let down your trust on me. Please Pragya please give me a chance” Suresh pleaded her..

Suresh parents also said sorry to everyone and Pragya also. And they asked Sarla and Ranganathan, let them get married. Let’s forget whatever happened so far. Let’s believe only good will happen. They consoled Sarla and Ranganathan.

Sarla came to Pragya..

Sarla: I am really proud of you and happy for you. Now I am happy that your marriage will happen.

Abhi was shattered to hear that. When Sarla said this Pragya looked at Abhi once again and looked at Sarla. No one is able to predict what Pragya is thinking…

Ranganathan came forward and asked Suresh and Pragya to get back to the mandap stage. Suresh started to move…even Pragya started to move…..

Episode ends here…..

How is the episode????? Is that good ? or bad? Friends let me know your comments…..Even if it is negative so that I can improve next time. Thanks again for your support friends…

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