Destined to be yours!!! Episode 4

Abhi and his family went back to Mumbai and Aaliya went back to hostel……
Days rolled……
Ranganathan, Sarla and Suresh parents completely engaged in the preparations of marriage.. Starting from the flower decorations, catering service till booking Kalyana Mandapam [Marriage hall]…
Everything is all set…
It’s one month left to Pragya marriage….
Both Pragya and Suresh family went to purchase wedding silk sarees at Kancheepuram…
And Abhi and Tanu family also came to Kancheepuram for wedding purchase to Kancheepuram…
{Guys – Kancheepuram is famous for pattu sarees [silk sarees] in Tamilnadu}
Even though three months is there for Abhi and Tanu wedding Patti thought to complete the purchase now itself as Abhi may not be able to find time for the purchases later….Yes guys Abhi also came for purchase…
And of course Pragya too came for shopping… Even Suresh and Tanu too…..
All the families came to same shop…..
Everyone is looking for the muhurtha pudavai [saree to wear on wedding]…
Elders left it to the bride and groom to choose the saree….
Abhi and Tanu were sitting in a particular counter and choosing sarees….Abhi saw a maroon saree….He asked the shopkeeper to show it……… it was really awesome….he caressed the saree for some time and felt connected to it…….he was so happy…. He doesn’t know what is that feel…. And also don’t know why he feel so happy….In the meantime Tanu was looking at other sarees….Abhi wanted to purchase that saree for their wedding so he showed that to Tanu…
Abhi: Tanu, look at this..see it’s looking awesome..pls try this na…u will look good at this… pls
Tanu: No Abhi,, I don’t think so it will look good for me
Abhi: Pls…I like it a lot..let’s take this
Tanu: No Abhi, I don’t like it… And she shows him another saree and said I have chosen this….have a look at it..
Abhi: (felt disappointed but didn’t show that on his face. Finally he made my mind by thinking anyway she has to wear she has to like it) yeah ok. If you like it then it’s fine Tanu…
Tanu: Let’s show it to our parents and left the place..
Meanwhile, Pragya and others were also in the same shop but in a different counter.
Pragya is not satisfied with the sarees whatever the shopkeeper shown to her not even the ones selected by Suresh…she kept on saying ‘no,no,no’ to all the choices…. The shopkeeper asked Pragya and Suresh that if you do not like the sarees here please come to other counter I will show you different sarees…..
Both nods ‘Ok’ and left to the counter [guys, if you guessed your guess is right. They went to the counter where Abhi and Tanu chose their wedding saree….]
Once both sit on the chairs immediately Pragya’s eyes fell on a saree..she asked the shopkeeper to show that saree…. She got the saree from the shopkeeper and caressed it and have a complete look at it… she had a smile on her face..she felt connected to that saree…..she asked whether she can try it….sales girl in the shop helped Pragya in wearing that saree over her and Pragya looked at the mirror….she looked so beautiful and complete…she felt so happy..She thought to herself ‘why I am feeling happy just for a saree’ but she doesn’t have answer to it…she gave the saree back to the shop keeper and asked to pack it and said to Suresh ‘I liked that Saree, shall I get it?’ Suresh said ‘Ok’ and felt relaxed because Pragya spent more than an hour choosing saree but she didn’t chose any. But, within few minutes she chose this saree. So he felt relaxed….
And friends, yes it is the saree which was selected by Abhi…..Indirectly Abhi selected the Saree for Pragya without both knowing it…..
All the preparations started….. Invitations have been distributed..
Finally the day came…it’s her marriage day…
Suresh and his family arrived at the marriage venue…
Bulbul did aarathi using kalasam to Suresh and welcomed him. Suresh gave money to Bulbul….. After her twenty girls did aarathi to Suresh with differently decorated aarathi plates [some with fruits, some with flowers, some with candles…] and Suresh gave money to everyone…. After this Ranganathan did the rituals to welcome Suresh and welcomed him and his family to come in…
Before getting inside, Pragya’s aunt did the regular aarathi and welcomed him in …Everyone went inside the venue
[Friends, this is the custom which we follow during the wedding..]
All the rituals started… Suresh sister Rachna went and gave the muhurtha pudavai [wedding saree] to Pragya followed by their relatives [ladies only] providing her thatu/thabmulam having chocolates, fruits, sweets, flowers , make-up related things etc.. [Yes friends all the things the bride used to wear in her marriage has to be provided by the groom family including flowers..]
Now Suresh was sitting in the wedding medai [mandap]and was doing the rituals said by the pandit… Pandit asked to bring bride…
Pragya felt so happy..this is the second time she is so happy after choosing her wedding saree… apart from these two times she never felt happy for this marriage…. She doesn’t know why…she thought may be due to her marriage..
She came and sits next to Suresh… Both started doing the rituals instructed by the pandit…
Pandit gave the thattu [plate] where they kept the Thali [mangalyam/mangalsutra] to Ranganathan and asked him to get blessings from everyone there… Everyone present there blessed the Thali by touching it and Ranganathan gave it back to pandit….it’s time to tie the Thali…Pandit said ‘gettimelam, gettimelam’ and asked Suresh to take the Thali and tie it around bride’s neck… Suresh took the Thali and about to tie it around Pragya’s neck.. at that time they heard someone shouting… ‘niruthunga, inda kalyanam nadakadu’ [stop it..this marriage won’t happen]…
Everyone was shocked and turned to see in the direction from where the voice is coming….
The episode ends here at the shocking face of everyone….
Friends, thank you so much for your support. I hope I haven’t disappointed you.. I was not able to post the episode yesterday due to some upgradation activity done by the site admin….
As I said earlier, the coming episodes will be dramatic… please bear it for me… I thought to reveal the person and the reason for the marriage being stopped..but before that I thought of asking you guys,,
Friends do you have any idea, who would have stopped the wedding or the reason behind it…. Please guess friends…..
Please review and let me know your comments. If you felt bored or dragging I am sorry friends… please let me know these as well so I can improve next time… Thanks for your support once again……

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  1. I want next episode today itself who stopped the marriage I want to see who is that u make me restless but I loved it

  2. I wanted to know who stopped the marriage pls please update it today krishnani

  3. Really nice episode yaar thn plzzz update NXT part too by today itself I’m eagerly waiting for next part thn it’s really not boring r dragging it’s really interesting

  4. sheerapthinisd

    So nice but want long episodes yaaar please I plead u and soon too

  5. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Come Fast with the next episode pls

  6. Hi Krishnai I’m also from tn
    Neega super Tamil culture and rituals sonniga
    Super??? I like u’r story too
    Waiting pragya and abhi marriage
    Pls post soon….????

  7. Awesome! epi dear its not all boring but u didn’t reveale the person who stopped the marriage thats not all fair.pls update nxt epi as soon as u can

  8. Thank u. It’s really simple. Reason only dramatic but person is easy. Guess na.. ok i will give a clue.. it’s a boy…. and related to the destiny’s path…

  9. eagerly waiting 4 ur next update dr…….
    It just awesome….
    Who is that????????????????????

  10. Ammu

    Superb writing style
    You explained beautifully the Tamil marriage ceremony
    Saree concept of abhigya superb

  11. superbbb yar……………………………can’t wait for next episode

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    pls soon abhigya meeting pa..

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  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwww!!!! Its Superbbbbbbbbb……. Plzzz post the next one soonnnnnnnn

  15. Superb

  16. VarshaVenkat

    It was juz lyk how it hppns in all d tamil cinemas……hahhaha….”niruthinga”it was d most used word….its ok……guess it is Purab…..r Abhi…..anyone of them……r may not b…..I wanna tell….I juz felt attending mrge after 5yrs…..hahhaah…not mine but others…..I’m d same Varsha who gives idiotic guesses for others ff…..hihih…

  17. Nice epi eagerly waiting for next one pls update next part soon i can’t wait… First time in this site im reading tamil rituals during marriage ceremony… Its really superb im also frm TN. Keep rocking dr… Update regularly

  18. Soo nice..Krishnan..just keep going on…so intresting…eagerly waiting for next episode

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