Destined to be yours!!! Episode 3


Hi everyone thanks for the support. I have replied to your comments in the previous episode itself. If I have missed to reply to anyone of your comments I am really sorry. Thank you so much for your support friends. Here is our story…..

Abhi and his family reached Chennai. They are staying in their home at Chennai and Aaliya too joined them. Engagement preparations are going in full swing at Pragya’s home and also in Abhi’s home. Even though the function will happen at Bride’s place, lot of shopping has to be done by Groom side as well na. Patti, Pavithra and Aaliya are really tired with shopping. Aaliya is the one who gone crazy with shopping. Engagement is for Abhi but she is the one who got lot of dresses.In Pragya’s home, Pragya didn’t show much interest in shopping. Here, Bulbul is that crazy person.

Both the house is filled with joy, happiness, surrounded by relatives….. full of decorations…sweets…full of songs….not able to see even a single person sitting idle…… everyone is busy……
All the preparations were done…Finally the day came…. It’s engagement day….

Bulbul is running here and there….Enna irundalum avaludaiya akka nichayadartham aache. Avaluku evvalavo velai irukum [It’s her sister’s engagement right… She will have lot of works to do na..]

Finally the groom’s family arrived at Pragya’s home…

Sarla did aarathi to maapillai [groom] Abhi stood still for the aarathi to complete ….
Sarla welcomed the maapillai to come in…
Abhi entered the bride house along with Pavithra, patti, Aaliya and all his relatives and he was given a decorated chair to sit and others sit in the mat which was spreaded near his chair…
The whole place was occupied by relatives of both bride and groom family and relatives….

Aaliya: Anna, unaku ponna paakanumnu thonalaiya? Venumna veeda suthi pakanumnu solli permission vaangi tharen poi pathutttu varlam, variya ???? and winks at her brother [Bro, don’t you wanna see the bride. Shall I ask them permission to look at their house and we can go and see her] Abhi: Aaliya vaaya moodu. Yaaravadu ketta enna pathi enna ninaipanga. [Aaliya, just shut up. If anyone hears what they will think about me] Aaliya: appuram un ishtam, enaku enna.. [then your wish, what bother me] And they started speaking random things……

Finally the bride came……..
Bulbul and Sarla brought Pragya downstairs…

Pragya sabaila vizhundu vanakam korinal. [she did respect to everyone by taking blessings from everyone as a whole ] {Guys I don’t know how to explain in English properly} Sarla made her sit near the groom… till now Pragya didn’t see the groom…

Abhi and Aaliya kept on talking even after the bride came and sit next to him.. He didn’t look at her…
All the rituals started…. Prohidhar was doing all the rituals.. [pandidhar- the person who will do marriage rituals] Sarla and Ranganathan are sitting opposite to groom’s parent and family..
Pavithra, Patti were sitting opposite to bride’s parent and family….
The rituals are completed and the prohidhar said ‘thatta mathikongo’ [exchange the thamboolam] Both the bride and groom family exchange the thamboolam they brought with each other. The families asked the bride and groom to exchange the rings…
Abhi took ring from the plate held by Aaliya and make the bride to wear it.
Pragya took ring from the plate held by Sarla and make the groom to wear it.
After exchanging the rings, Pragya and Abhi thought to see their groom and bride respectively..
They lift their head…Finally both of them see their life partners……..
Pragya saw a smart guy standing next to her wearing the ring she gave just now….
Similarly Abhi saw a good looking girl standing next to him wearing the ring he gave just now….
They are none other than Suresh and Tanu….. Yes, Pragya got engaged to Suresh and Abhi got engaged to Tanu……. And yeah, the engagement is happening in the bride’s home… For Pragya and Suresh at Pragya’s home… And for Abhi and Tanu at Tanu’s home….
After exchanging the rings, both the couples took blessings from their respective families.. The marriage of Pragya and Suresh is fixed after two months. But, in Abhi’s case after four months….
Finally Pragya and Abhi are allowed to talk to their respective partners.
Suresh: Hi Pragya
Pragya: Hi
[Both started talking about their schoolings, colleges etc.] {Guys, I have no idea what they will talk. Most of my friends told me what they talked to their fiancé initially when they were allowed to talk. So I thought this would be fine}
Suresh: Do you like me?
Pragya: Hmmm
S: You accepted this proposal because you like me or your parents forced you.
P: Nothing like that.
During the complete conversation Pragya mostly gave monotone answers except few questions. The same with Abhi, he gave only monotone answers mostly.
S: Pragya I think we can use these two months to know about each other. We can talk and understand about others. We can meet if [before Suresh could complete Pragya said…] P: I am sorry. Enaku kalyanuthuku munnadi pesuradu, purinjikuradula ellam nambikai illai. Namma rendu perum kalyanathuku appuram pesikalam pls. Enna thappa eduthukadinga. [I don’t believe all these. Let’s talk after our marriage. Please don’t mistake me..] During the whole conversation Pragya didn’t look at Suresh and for Suresh, Pragya looked like she doesn’t have interest.
Suresh said ok, no problem. They came back…
Here for Abhi and Tanu,
Abhi said, I am sorry Tanu I can’t afford time for you now. Because I have lot of concerts, ad’s and songs to compose.. I will be busy.. But, I promise u I will take care of u very well after our marriage and I will spend lot of time for you. Hope you understand… Tanu said, ‘Ok, no problem…’
Finally, it’s time for the groom family to leave.. and they left…
It’s night time….
Both Abhi and Pragya were thinking…why they are not interested in their respective marriages… they even don’t know why they both said ‘No’ to spend time on calls or to roam during the marriage gap…whatever the reasons they gave to their partners are valid only…but…they only know that’s not true…….both felt strange…

[BGM ……………………………………………]

Imaye Imaye Vilaguum Imaye
Vizhiye Vizhiye Piriyum Vizhiye
Yethu Nee, Yethu Naan.. Ithayam Athile
Puriyum Nodiyil Piriyum Ganame..
Paniyil Mudipona Paathai Meethu Veyil Veesumo
Ithayam Pesugindra Vaarthai Unthan Kaathil Ketkumo
Adi Manathil Erangivitaai..
Anu Anuvaai Kalanthuvitaai…

[Eye and eyelid…pans of a whole
Now severing…out of control
When idea dawns of you and me as we
just then dream dissolves abruptly
Will the sun shine to renew the path covered with dew?
Tender words, can you hear spoken by your heart, dear?
Into my soul you percolated Drop by drop you relocated
Into my hean you pervaded In units of time you saturated]

Wedding preparations started……………………..

Precap : Pragya and Suresh wedding was stopped by someone

I know you will scold me for the enagement, so only I gave the pre-cap. Hope you guys won’t get disappointed.. And the coming few episodes will be dramatic as fars as I believe. Please bear it for me na…. Thank you so much for your support guys…..

Hope you liked the episode.. Please let me know your comments……….

Credit to: Krishnani

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    So sad news guys. As the team is doing some enhancements to the site, article submission has been restricted for two days. Let’s meet on Monday….

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