Destined to be yours!!! Episode 29

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Let’s get into the story….

Its next day morning… Both are behaving crazily. Even though both confessed their feelings to each other but don’t know how to act normal with other being around. Till now they were friends… Both waited to know about other response… At a point Pragya thought Abhi loves Tanu and decided to sacrifice him… But now the tables turned completely. They love each other and both know that. They doesn’t know how to react…


Pragya is the one to get up first… She saw Abhi sleeping still.. She kissed his forehead and Abhi smiles in his sleep. Pragya goes to get ready.

After sometime Abhi got up and searched for Pragya… She is not there. He went to take bath. Pragya came inside the room to give Abhi his coffee… She searched for him but he is nowhere to found. Abhi came from bathroom in his towel. Water droplets are dropping from his hair. As she felt the presence of someone, Pragya turned to see who that was. She was dumbstruck to see Abhi in his towel. She doesn’t know how to react. So as Abhi. Both felt uncomfortable. Pragya immediately turned to the opposite side.??? Seeing this Abhi run back to the bathroom immediately.???

Pragya turned completely red. She is continuously blushing. Unknown smile formed in her lips. She felt very shy to see her man like that. But she didn’t left the room. She stood at the place rooted to the ground.

Abhi to himself, ‘You are really mad Abhi. Why don’t you knocked the door before going out. You know right this room is not only yours. It belongs to Pragya also. She will be there na. What I will do now? OMG, how I will face her? Wait a second…. She is not a third person. My love. My wife. Why I have to feel embarrassed before her? I have to check whether she had left the room or not.’

Abhi called Pragya… But she didn’t replied…. Abhi thought to himself, ‘She went out. It’s ok. Let’s get changed.’ Abhi came out only to see Pragya still standing there.

Abhi to himself, ‘Madam is still in shock.’ He went near her and patted her shoulders. She didn’t responded. He hugged her from back and asked her, ‘Darling what are you doing?’

Pragya : ‘Admiring you!’

Abhi: what ? [asked surprisingly without leaving his hold]

Pragya came back to her senses and mentally slapped herself for what she said. She pushed him and turned to see him. She was shocked to see him again. She turned back and asked, ‘Haven’t you dressed up yet?’

Abhi: I will tell you that. Darling, first tell me what are you admiring? [he asked her mockingly..]

Pragya: Nothing. Athai will search for me I am going. You get ready and come for breakfast.

She wanted to escape from him. She tried to go out of the room. But Abhi caught her wrist and pulled her towards him. He holds her by her waist. Pragya struggled to come out of his grip but she is not able to do that.

Pragya: leave me please. [still now she didn’t looked into his eyes]

Abhi: Pragya look at me.

Pragya nodded no. Abhi made her look at his eyes and said, ‘I love you’. He kissed her cheeks. She closed her eyes and hugged him in response. She didn’t protest him. Pragya’s senses gone haywire when he kissed on her nape.???? He broke the hug, made her look at him and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. He kissed her eyes.

Both distanced themselves before Abhi proceed further when they hear Parvathi calling for Pragya. They didn’t look at each other. Pragya left the room. Abhi to himself, ‘Bad time mother…’

After some time Pragya came to their room for calling Abhi for breakfast. Abhi is doing something sitting in their bed. Pragya stood at the door step.

Pragya: Maams, come for breakfast.

Abhi: Ok I will come, but why are you standing in the doorstep itself.

Pragya: Nothing. Just like that.

Abhi: Really?

Pragya: Haan

Abhi: Really??? (Saying this he moved towards Pragya)

Pragya: why are you coming near me? Stand there?

Abhi: You only called me for breakfast right, then ………. Oh madam is afraid of me….

Pragya: no, not like that…

Abhi: let me see… (he moved further towards Pragya)

Pragya: stop!!! stop there. Ok I agree. I am afraid a bit that you will do something…

Abhi: Me? What I did that you are afraid of me?

Pragya: something you did before na… that!

Abhi: what is that something? I am not getting it….

Pragya: in morning you did na, that!

Abhi: I am not getting which one… Bujji, tell me what is that something otherwise I will ask you which one by doing everything again! [He winked at her]

Pragya: (shockingly) what?

She tried to move from there. But Abhi caught her again. Before Abhi could kiss her again Pragya pushed him and asked him to come for breakfast and ran from there immediately to escape from Abhi.

Abhi smiled at her reaction. Pragya while running collided with Tanu. Tanu saw her smiling and see the doorstep of Pragya’s room where Abhi is standing.

Tanu was able to understand what could have happened…..

Tanu: Pragya, I am really happy. Seeing Abhi smiling I know you can make him fall in love with you. I am glad that he forget me and move on in his life. Thanks Pragya. Thanks for making MY Abhi happy. [Tanu stressed the words MY Abhi]

Pragya stared at her angrily??? and smiled again. Pragya said her,

Pragya: There is no need for you to worry about him Tanu. Because he is mine?. No one else’s. I am there for him. I know how to keep him happy, don’t think about that. I think, you are the one to move on with your life not him. Because he is always mine. And I am his only love. Better you concentrate on your life that ours. Anyway, come for breakfast Tanu.

Tanu got angry. Before she could move from the place, Abhi came to her for talking. Before she could talk, Abhi stopped her and said,

Abhi: Tanu I don’t know what kind of prank is that. I helped you just because I felt guilty. But, not anymore. I am out of my guilty now and I won’t mind how you would feel about everything from now on. Better stop all your pranks… otherwise you don’t know how I would react… And, you know one thing?

Tanu looked at him to continue…

Abhi: Well, there is no need for you to know that….???

Saying this he left the place without giving a damn about Tanu’s reaction. Tanu’s anger raised to peaks. She stared at him angrily.

Episode ends here…

Precap: Abhi slap her hard… Pragya holds her cheeks and looked at Abhi shockingly…

What’s gonna happen now? Did the destiny wanted to play with their life????????

Friends I thought to end this ff by 30th episode. But some other thing came in my mind and wrote today’s episode. Hope I haven’t disappointed you. Please let me know your comments. Thank you all once again for the support….

And one more thing, in few episodes the ff will be over… But I don’t know which episode it would be. Thanks a lot for your support.

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